Aabro Episode 21! Review

Aabro Episode 21! Review
  • 1 year ago

This episode of Aabro was good however I would like I might say that concerning the note at that it complete. I really am entertained at myself that i believed could also be this drama can prove one thing by showing however a lady chooses to empower herself against all odds however guess what, the writers are therefore fixated with SHADI that they set to opt for it as associate degree final resolution to all or any the issues that Ali & Aabro have round-faced until date, leaving American state completely unsuccessful. Wah, what a logic I must say!

Ahmed has confessed his feelings to Afsheen & this is for the primary time that i used to be happy about Fauzia eavesdropping on them as a result of she might hear it herself that it absolutely was Ahmed UN agency was confessing his love & the one UN agency was expression NO was Afsheen. Ahmed took a stand for Afsheen by fighting the guy who was harassing her & that issue positively created a disturbance in their family. It is quite amusing that in stead of patting on Ahmed’s back for having such morals & values that he set to safeguard his loved one & a lady at that, who happens to be the family’s izzat most of the times, he was being rebuked for his action & things blew out of proportion once everybody found out that it absolutely was Afsheen UN agency Ahmed fought for.

For once I want to ascertain a mother or a grandma holding the guy to blame for his actions & not covering them up by golf stroke a blame on a lady UN agency has nothing to try and do with however the fellows feels concerning her within the 1st place. I really cannot comprehend that however will Zubaida & Fauzia be therefore blind to not see however Afsheen has been raised & what style of a lady she herself is. She has always been a bookworm & obtaining a guy’s attention is the last item on her mind, therefore why will’t Zubaida & Fauzia question Ahmed & not place a blame on Afsheen for luring him once? If Fauzia & Zubaida suppose they can browse people’s intentions so well, then why aren’t they worried concerning Aima whose solely motive in life is to have a man at the age of fourteen i feel, lol!

I should say Farah monarch must be obtaining plenty of hate for Zubaida’s character, which positively is her success as associate degree actor & I honestly hate Zubaida, so congratulations to Farah monarch for taking part in this character cleanly. So, talking about Zubaida currently, I must say i’m affected at her artful skills, where she turned everything against Aabro & Afsheen & used it to brain-feed Ali. Placing a slap on Afsheen’s cheek was one mistake however the larger mistake that he committed was questioning Aabro for failing as a mother once it involves Afsheen’s upbringing as a result of if there’s somebody UN agency is aware of what Aabro’s plans area unit for Afsheen & however aware she is once it involves her, it is Ali. Ali has seen how strict Aabro has been therefore what was he making an attempt to imply by questioning Aabro? Did he very suppose that Aabro was utterly fine with the truth that thereforeme random guy was harassing & following their daughter? Before even speaking concerning it & acting so without reasoning, Ali should’ve thought things through that Afsheen was a victim here & all the things that Zubaida said were solely as a result of she hates his married woman & female offspring to the core.

I liked the means each the grandchildren of Zubaida waged a war against her & gave her a abundant required reality check however it would’ve created even additional impact if it had associate degree have an effect on on her however she being dheet positively tells that nothing that Afsheen or Ali same created her notice however wrong she has been. Zubaida blames Aabro for ruining the peace & harmony of this menage whereas if she appearance in the mirror & asks this question another time, the answer are going to be in her favor telling her that she’s the one who has ruined everyone’s life. I must say i’m astounded at her rigidity & consistency wherever she still has didn’t acknowledge the {very fact|the actual fact} that her son Ali was even as guilty as Aabro was for eloping however very handily, Aabro is still the culprit & Ali isn’t, similarly, Afsheen is the culprit currently & Ahmed is not!

Oh well, let’s talk concerning the ending of the episode with a heavy-heart however before expression something, I did like the incontrovertible fact that Aabro spoke to Afsheen like she was her friend & confided in her after terribly|a really|a awfully} very lasting then again came the curve-ball & destroyed everything on behalf of me. Aabro thinks Afsheen can redeem the ‘aabro’ of this family by kerb her want of educating herself & creating a sacrifice by obtaining married so she will be able to persuade Zubaida that she isn’t like Aabro??? HAIN!!! wherever did this come back from & why did the author provide this angle to Afsheen’s track? Like excuse me??? notwithstanding Afsheen gets married, she will attend somebody else’s house, so however can Zubaida see & expertise however Afsheen has been raised & however well she is treating her sartaj & in-laws? If Zubaida needed, she would’ve changed her opinion years agone once she saw what a well-mannered, decent & good very little woman Afsheen was however once she selected to overlook it, how can Afsheen’s wedding modification ANYTHING? additionally, if this is what the author was saving for the last, then why was there so abundant stress on Afsheen’s education within the 1st place, when the author solely had her wedding in her mind? Like education is supposed to be sacrificed for the sake of wedding simply to persuade the planet particularly the Cruella Daadi that her mother schooled her female offspring however all the menage chores area unit performed? Seriously??? simply before the start of this scene after I saw Afsheen sitting on a bed, crying at what her family was going through & how her father was treating her, I really was thinking that will be this may persuade be the turning purpose in Afsheen’s life wherever she is going to focus tougher on her studies so she will be able to get an honest job & facilitate her folks & persuade everybody else that her folks had some larger & totally different dreams for her (like Rafia had for Kashaf) however the instant the spoken communication complete, it literally ruined everything for American state & the preview left American state sighing in disbelief after I saw Afsheen in an exceedingly chamkeela dupatta & serving chai ahead of her tez tarrar saas-to-be. Ufff the irony! Seriously writers, I assume that you guys are educated yourself, so why area unit you creating a nineteen y/o get married in your drama, when all she desires in her life is to educate herself? however will her wedding modification something & hearing those words from a mother like Aabro UN agency solely needed her female offspring to specialize in her education left American state in an exceedingly heap of shock! i’m therefore therefore unsuccessful that I can’t explain!

Anyways, the confession of Ahmed was something that I found quite sweet & the means he stood by Afsheen’s facet was additionally nice. Other than that, the note at which this episode complete & the preview of the next episode has left American state in an exceedingly nice shock that I don’t suppose I’ll be ready to snap out of it anytime before long. If they really needed to reach the twenty four (or more) episode mark, then they could’ve showed how eminent Afsheen became on the basis of her education however could also be her shadi & through her a rise in Pakistan’s abaadi was the arrange that author had in her mind!!! Please share your thoughts concerning this shocker of associate degree episode of Aabro.

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