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Aangan Episode 11 Review – Very Sweet!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting & very sweet episode of Aangan. This time around the focus was on selflessness for the sake of other’s happiness & it was so touching to see a few people suffering but still faking a smile to enjoy other’s moment of glory!

Once again Hajra took the crown for being the best family member because she not only curbed her own happiness but picked up herself immediately because she knew that she had to understand the situation & act accordingly. It was sad that Hajra had to pay such a huge price for a small misapprehension but I will say, more than Hajra, I felt a lot for Sajjad because Hajra had a lot of people by her side to vent out but Sajjad couldn’t bring himself to share anything with anyone. Sajjad & Hajra are two people who put everyone else ahead of them without expecting anything in return, so them expecting a little pat on the back was totally justified. Obviously, Sajjad & Hajra couldn’t tell Abba Jee & Zaitoon that they were wrong in feeling overjoyed for Zoya but yes, they did think that their parents will be aware of their disappointment because were expecting Aqdas’s proposal for Shaina but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

I loved Anila’s stance when it came to Zoya’s marriage. At least she stopped being a villain because this time around it was her sister who was in the limelight. Anila knows that Allauddin demands a lot of attention & validation to forget about his complexes, that is why she always makes sure that her family goes out of the way to accommodate Allauddin & his unreasonable call for attention but this time around, she exactly knew what Zoya’s proposal meant for everyone, therefore she put her foot down. To be honest, I couldn’t stop laughing at how childish Aalu looked when he compared himself to Aqdas? I mean seriously, he is full of complexes & it’s funny that he tried to make Anila a part of it too by guilt tripping her but Anila stood by her word!

Faseeha obviously is not over the moon with Aqdas’s decision of marrying Zoya & being a mother she could feel that Shaina was a better match as she fitted the bill perfectly but then it was sweet of Hajra to talk Faseeha out of it as she could see that everyone was happy for Zoya.

Zoya & Hajra’s scene was another highlight of the episode because Hajra actually treated her like her own child & told her that she shouldn’t feel burdened because of Shaina. It obviously took a lot for Hajra to come to terms with what was happening but just because she did, it showed how big hearted she was especially when it came to Sajjad’s family.

So, Laila has finally started her business but I guess a challenge bigger than establishing her business would be working with Zahid who is not only not ready to budge but also doesn’t understand his responsibilities. I am sure by working with Laila, he will become responsible & will realize that his family should come first.

Overall, it was a very interesting episode. I love how it has been shown that every single matter affects the family dynamics completely. Zoya’s refusal but then acceptance was shown beautifully. It is nice to see all of them being so considerate & thoughtful of each other but I still feel Hajra & Sajjad should have been praised for what they did. It is amusing how Zaitoon is still under the impression that her amulet has worked on Hajra & she is carrying a child, lol! Loved this episode & looking forward to more. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan.

Dramas Review

Khamoshi Episode 16 Review-The Big Proposal!

The big bomb finally dropped today and I do not even have to mention this that Shahram made the viewers happy. With Shahram’s efforts to bring Arsala and Atif together and the never-ending marriage of Naima, it was a relief to watch Arsala’ track moving towards its destination. Shahram has always been shown as a guy who is kind and humble and does not talk back to anyone. But hold it guys! Because today he was on fire. He not only openly demanded Arsala’s hand but also defended her when Zubiya and her mother started saying nasty stuff about her. The only thing odd about this character is that he has been shown as a very intelligent guy and still he was not able to comprehend what his aunt and cousin wanted from his end? He also knew that they hate Arsala but he still went out to ask for her hand in marriage from the lady who is the grandmother of the girl eyeing him for years.

Zubiya and Nasreen were hysterical as was already expected. They put all blame on Arsala as she was the one trapping Shahram and Shahram was an immature little child who was trapped by her. They started misbehaving with Arsala and Bee Jaan, on the other hand, is not even sure what she wants to do now. She wants to do everything well for Arsala but the choice is now between blood and love. Arsala was again the bechari who does not know what is happening around and was apologizing to every single person on planet earth even before becoming sure about the whole story happening around.

Naima and Atif’s track has now become the ultimate saas bahu ordeal with rifts breaking out on making rotis and cleaning the house. Shehnaz was again being irrational when she was shocked by Atif’s behaviour towards Naima and him making her do the chores. Of course, he is not a very rich man and will expect his wife to do work. And she also knows that he wanted to break off the marriage on the day of Nikkah, so it was not something to get shocked over. Sabir is busy in his pity party again and Naima is still feeling happy by making Atif talk bad about Arsala, not to forget, the same Arsala he was crying over while looking at his chotay shehar ka chand!

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Shayyad Episode 12 Review – Weham!

Tonight’s episode of Shayyad focused entirely on Saad; all the scenes covering Saad’s track showed how even after all these years he had not moved on. Even though he termed his feelings for Hani as infatuation, his mohabbat a “weham” and kept on saying things to prove that he was incapable of feeling anything for anyone any more but the fact is that his past is still an important part of his present. Saad only refused to get married to Bubbly because he had still not forgiven his mother for the logic she gave him so many years back when she told him why she didn’t want him to get married to Hani. The situations covering Saad’s feelings were written really well but they could have been translated on screen more effectively. Uzair Jaswal’s acting wasn’t as impressive tonight as it has been throughout perhaps because some of the scenes were stretched.

Tania’s role is interesting; a cute and cheerful girl who comes from a liberal family and has no idea what she is getting herself into. Her character is poles apart from that of Saad but bears a striking resemblance to Saad’s past life and personality. However, the actress playing Tania’s role has a long way to go and her make-up also did not compliment her looks at all, the heavy contouring was actually distracting. She is cute and has tons of confidence but her acting left a lot to be desired. This episode opened with Tania trying to find out if Saad was in love with anyone and very soon she proposed to him. Even after Saad rejected her proposal, Tania’s reaction was too “cool” which killed the overall impact this scene and Saad’s dialogue could have had! There were a lot of dialogues tonight which were short, perfectly timed and beautifully written but they were not covered potently which was a huge disappointment.

Dada Ji’s scenes tonight were entertaining as usual and provided some light moments. Irfan Khoosat is absolutely adorable as Dada Ji and it is great watching him play a role like this one since he has been continuously playing serious roles in dramas recently. Mahpara yet again tried to convince Dada Ji that the family’s dignity was at stake because Saad’s wife-to-be was someone who had spent her whole life abroad but just like always Dada Ji’s approach was open-minded as well as non-serious which was refreshing. I liked the way Saad’s mother’s reaction and later on her resignation was covered, I have always found it really easy to connect to her character.


The overall pace of tonight’s episode was slow, some of the scenes could have been wrapped up more quickly. After the powerful episode last week, I was expecting tonight’s episode to be more emotionally charged. This episode also didn’t have the kind of flow which keeps you too engaged and interested. The fact that Salar and Hani were completely missing from this episode also left a vacuum. The flashback scenes however were used effectively throughout. Uzair Jaswal’s performance tonight wasn’t as powerful as it has been previously but Saad’s journey was penned down perfectly; a man who was trying really hard to break free from his past but was constantly reminded of the love of his life especially after he came back to the house. This episode ended with Saad ultimately giving into his feelings. The preview of the upcoming episode looked promising and I am looking forward to it. I am really curious to find out how Hani’s life has been like all these years and what turn Saad and Hani’s relationship will take now.

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O Rangreza Episode 26 Review – Torture At Its Peak!

Seriously, who would’ve thought that behind such colorful, attractive & vibrant promotional posters, there would be a story which would make no sense & become torturous to tune to. This episode was nothing but a filler. I read somewhere that Sajjal Ali told about O Rangreza ending at 26th episode? So why didn’t it end tonight? Hum TV has really gone downhill & the quality of their dramas has deteriorated a great deal. It is unfortunate that this drama didn’t end at a right time & is further going to test our patience!

Well, Saji Gul might have been unsuccessful at conveying whatever he wanted to but he surely has succeeded in making a point about how kids should NOT BE raised because both Sassi & Tipu are any parents’ nightmare & even Mumtaz & Khayyam as parents are any child’s nightmare too!!!

This entire Meena being a perfect wife scenario is so forced & it is way too evident because they decided to extend the drama. I am sure this whole track was added unnecessarily because how is it contributing the story is still not clear. Qasim changed from Kurtas to Suits but his personality remains the same – dud!

Sassi’s getting mistreated & I feel this is what she deserves but then again, her spat with Wajih was so unconvincing. Sassi has been giving Khayyam a hard time so it is absolutely ridiculous to show that she would flip out at a single comment that Wajih made about her father not doing a good job at script writing. Seriously? Sassi ke dil mai Khayyam ke liye itni mohabbat aur izzat kaisay? Also, Wajih telling Sassi later that she succeeded in proving him wrong had me yawning because it was so bizarre. Like why was he even testing her in the first place? Koi aur kaam nahi tha kya!?!

I am glad that Mumtaz is going to go to police station in the next episode because that’s what she deserves for being brain-dead. Kya pata 1 2 danday kha ke inki ankhain khul jayein & she would then be able to stop Tipu from fooling her? I swear abb inki haveli bikkay ya zewar, I really don’t care!

Qasim is still allowing Sassi to boss him around. Also, like I predicted, she won’t miss a chance to create misunderstandings between Qasim & Meena & this is exactly what she did. Not sure if anyone is going to take charge of the situation & call spade a spade by stopping Sassi from ruining other’s lives. It looks like they all are pathetically obsessed with getting tortured & live for it.

Uf! Sorry but in stead of feeling sorry for Sonia Jahan, I ended up feeling annoyed matlab ke ye kya hai, ufff! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this hideous episode of O Rangreza, lol as if bara masterpiece tha jisay extend kar diya gaya hai! Bizarre!

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Teri Raza Episode 29 Review – Ridiculous!

Ohkay so, yet another ridiculous episode filled with filler situations. I really do not understand why this drama hasn’t ended yet? Or are they aiming for 30+ episodes? The story (if there was one) has been going around in circles & everyone’s fixation with Suhana is bizarre. I still do not understand what the writer is trying to convey here!?!

It is absurd that every single time Suhana lets Rameez fool her? She is shown to be someone who is quite mature & analytical (supposedly), so why can’t she see that Rameez is a good-for-nothing who can only take loans to make her happy? Suhana cried a bucket & immediately Rameez arranged funds for her boutique, so why didn’t she even bother finding out how did he do so?

Seema closed the chapter of Suhana from her & Imtiyaz’s life, so what was the need to tell Jeena to invest in Suhana’s business? Jeena who got rejected by Rameez & insulted by Suhana time & again decided to help Suhana of all the people? If she had so much spare money, she could’ve invested it in a more lucrative business in stead of Suhana’s which is basically running on donations!

The way Suhana speaks about HER boutique as if she invested her money in it & ran the show without anyone’s help makes me laugh a lot. She really is delusional I must say. Time & again she gets taunted by Rameez yet she believes in him, but then it serves her right. I must say, the way the writer has shown zero growth in all these characters is something. The drama is about to end but Rameez stays good for nothing till now. Suhana stays a bechari & Imtiyaz stays andha. Commendable isn’t it?

I must say the writer should never take a pen in her hand & attempt writing again if this is what she has come up with. I am sure this is going to turn into Halala story only to show that Suhana finally accepted & chose Allah’s raza over her own raza which is Imtiyaz over Rameez. Please don’t tell me the writer is trying to justify Halala here & glorifying it by showing that if your second marriage doesn’t work, you always have an option of going back to your ex-husband? It is sickening that the writer is showing Suhana as a victim who is now suffering so much due to her wrong decision & in the end she will have a happy ending with Imtiyaz, without paying for all the wrongs that she has done. It is ridiculously cheap & petty!!! Anyways, the only best thing that happened in this episode was Rameez’s mother’s comment about Suhana, that she is a zehni mareez, couldn’t agree more! Share your thoughts.

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