App Ke Liye Episode 17 and 18 Review – Wrap It Up Please!

App Ke Liye Episode 17 and 18 Review – Wrap It Up Please!
  • 12 months ago

Ohkay so, these two episodes of App Ke Liye were all about planning & plotting that Nishat was transpiring against Areesha & Omar. Even though I know there isn’t much to the story, by the end of every episode, I am still left with the feeling to see something more, like no doubt that the characters have been established properly & their stances are pretty clear by now but I wish there was more to the plot on the whole.

Well Nishat has now started targeting Areesha & Omar because she doesn’t want Areesha to get married to him. Nishat had to accept & agree Areesha’s demand because she wanted to defeat Washma & prove her wrong but now, she is doing everything to call their wedding off, that is why she is fabricating one lie after another. Nishat knows that no matter what she will say to Shaheer he will accept it without a doubt in his mind, that is why very conveniently she lied that Omar’s family was demanding a house as Areesha’s dowry. Shaheer is right in assuming that Omar’s family is being greedy & I do like Shaheer’s simplicity, but I wish he wasn’t so plain headed to not being able to read people properly. I find it a little hard to digest that just because Nishat tells something to Shaheer, he has to believe that she is being honest, so much so that his trust on Nishat has cost him his marriage & he still is unable to figure things out a bit. Yes, he does trust his sister but I wish they had shown him analytical to such an extent where he could have read between the lines himself too.

Washma has started confiding in Maryam & it is good to see that they both have come to terms with each other & are now sharing a very special bond. Washma goes to her sister in law everytime she feels she needs to talk to someone & Maryam not only gives her the right advice, she ends up being all ears to Washma’s problems.

Washma’s intuition tells her that something for sure is wrong in the office & because of that she decides to cancel her business trip to Europe with Shaheer which both of them were looking forward to. Washma could clearly see Shaheer’s disappointment but she does it only to save Shaheer from a bigger loss. Washma has not been able to put a finger on what is it & who is behind everything that is happening in the office but it is good that she is wise enough to take the measures before something on a bigger scale goes wrong. Washma has not only sensed something fishy in the office, but after listening to Shaheer, she realizes that Nsihat is once again trying to drift Omar & Areesha apart, that is why she decides to take this matter in her hands & contacts Omar.

It is actually good to see that Washma has fallen in love with Shaheer, not just because she married him, but because after being by his side, she learned more about him & found out that he is a very sefless person who is being exploited by his family members especially Nishat & Imdaad. I am glad that Washma has started to take control over things because that way she will not only save her marriage but will be able to open Shaheer’s eyes too. Shaheer has also fallen for Washma, but he is too hesitant to admit as Maryam said, he doesn’t believe in sharing his feelings.

Overall, these two episodes were again on the slower side. I hate seeing the coverage Imdaad & Nishat get, their unnecessarily long scenes literally spoil the pace of the drama. Also, I am not sure what was the director thinking while shooting Nishat & Imdaad’s flirtatious lovely dovey scenes, like seriously, please don’t tell me that the director thought the viewers will be thrilled & ecstatic to see a couple in their 60’s being chummy with each other (insert puking sound-effect please). I am actually a little sad because I have a feeling that this drama is far from being over. It looks like they will now introduce some issues in Shaheer & Washma’s relationship too where Shaheer will let his insecurities get the better of him & he will doubt Washma for being unfaithful to him. I think they should increase the air time of this drama from 2 to 7 days a week, it surely will be a better option & the drama won’t end up looking this slow. Till date I was unable to figure out what the director was doing with the camera but now I got it, the camera swings because I feel the director was half asleep while directing this drama, that is why he had no control over his head & the camera due to which it ended up swinging in every single scene, but then it is given as anyone will fall asleep seeing Waseem Abbas & Samina Peerzada’s over-acting & mind boggling 100 expressions/second. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these two episodes of App Ke Liye!

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