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Babar Khan’s Interview & Shaista Lodhi’s Overacting!

I am certain I am not the only one who tuned into Shaista Lodhi’s talk show for the first time ever only because Babar Khan was going to talk about his battle with depression, how he lost the love of his life and so much more. Even though I did not have high expectations from Shaista Lodhi and only tuned into this show to hear what Babar had to say but even then Shaista Lodhi’s overacting which I am certain wasn’t part of the “script” and the kind of questions she asked Babar made my blood boil. All of our morning show hosts have one thing in common – they love the sound of their own voice – but you expect better from a host when their guest is someone who mustered up the courage to talk about the most tragic incident of his life after so many years. Shaista’s made-up expressions every time the camera zoomed into her, the inappropriate words she used during the show, trying to play the counselor in a live show and digging so deep into every minor detail made her presence the worst thing about this entire show.

Babar Khan was more than willing to share everything with the viewers, the psychologists also believe that sometimes sharing something so traumatic with people on this level can help a person heal further therefore I commend his courage and wish him the very best. I am however sure that after the gruesome manner in which Shaista interviewed him and his family he is probably more hurt now than he is healed!! Shaista pretended that she was giving Babar and his family respect and her words suggested that she even understood the gravity of the situation and knew she needed to be responsible but guess what actions speak louder than words!! I have never understood why our hosts make the most of other people’s pain to get TRPs. We have seen it happening time and again on many shows. The main objective of the host is not to make the guests comfortable or to help them heal in any way but the main aim is to make the guest who is already going through a difficult phase even more emotional so that they give in and shed a tear or two!

The format of the show itself was strange and highly insensitive. Yes, we all know that Bisma (Babar’s second wife) sacrificed a great deal and she came in Babar’s life when he was still madly in love with Sana but rubbing that fact in and putting a person like her in an awkward position by asking her questions she had no answers for was just plain sad. I am sure everyone out there feels for Bisma just as much as they do for Babar but if the producers of the show and Shaista Lodhi herself had an ounce of respect or empathy they wouldn’t have been so irresponsible when it came to the kind of questions Bisma was forced to answer. Shaista’s questions and the format of the show made it one of the most awkward and painful shows to watch till the end. It was dramatized and sensationalized by the producers and the host for ratings. Forcing someone to reveal the most private details of their personal life on television is just as ruthless as leaving those judgmental comments on social media which Shaista criticized over and over again. I am wondering when our hosts will learn to truly respect their guests and understand what they are going through instead of using their tragedies for personal gains!

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Babar Junaid Jamshed Gets Nikahfied

After Junaid Jamshed’s sad and unexpected demuse, his legacy was carried on by his three sons, especially the older two, Taimoor and Babar.

Babar is the second child of Junaid Jamshed and in his own words the one whom he was closest to. Babar just had his nikah ceremony today and posted a picture of him and his wife on his social media account.

The ceremony was attended by family and close friends and Babar’s picture with his two brothers, Taimoor and Saifullah from the nikah ceremony was posted on Junaid Jamshed’s Official page which keeps his fans updated about his family.

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Zubaida Aapa Passed Away!

Zubaida Aapa has been an integral part of each Pakistani household for years now. She made a special place in the lives of every Pakistani who cooks with her delicious recipes and brought a lot of her totkas to solve the everyday problems in our households. She started working as a chef and later her recipe books and shows were one of the most loved ones for every Pakistani kitchen.

The celebrity chef, the lady who showed the world that yes cooking is an art left this mortal world today at the age of 72 years. Innalillahi wa Ina Illaihi Rajiun!

May Allah grant her a place in Jannah! Ameen!

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Pakistani Actresses Make It To 50 Sexiest Asian Women List!

50 Sexiest Women from Asia is a list running from around 14 years in UK based magazine Eastern Eye and is based upon millions of votes. This year many Pakistani beauties also made to the list with Mahira Khan even reaching the top 5. This is the third time Mahira has gotten on the list. The other names are Momina Mustehasan, Humaima Malick and Armeena Rana Khan. Here are the ladies who got on the list with their ranks:

Mahira Khan on the 5th spot:

Armeena Rana Khan on the 22nd spot:

Humaima Malick on the 33rd spot:

Momina Mustehsan on the 37th spot:

Mehwish Hayat on the 50th spot:

And just to clear the curiosity Priyanka Chopra topped the list!

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Aamina Sheikh Reveals Her First Look From ‘Cake The Film’

‘Cake The Film’ is set to release in spring next year and the movie revolves around the lives of two sisters being played by Aamina Sheikh and Sanam Saeed. The film also stars the Sadqey Tumhare star Adnan Malik.

Aamina Sheikh took to her insta and shared the illustration of the first look of her character, the 021 actress will be playing a badass baker’s role named Zareen.

Talking about the movie, the director Asim Abbasi previously revealed,

“It’s about two sisters, one of whom lives abroad and the other is left behind here. It showcases their conflicts in dealing with their relationships and parents,” 

He went on to add,

The story is something we all can relate to in some way. We have seen globalisation, children moving away and the rivalry between siblings. It’s a story about love, loss and life and death – all the things that we are familiar with.”

We are absolutely in love with Aamina’s character already, do tell us how you like the first look of the actress.

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Beautiful Video of Zara Noor and Asad Siddiqui After Wedding Shoot

Beautiful Video of Zara Noor and Asad Siddiqui Lovely Photo Shoot After Wedding.

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Top Models Amna Ilyas & Hasnain Lehri Sizzling Fashion Shoot

Top Models Amna Ilyas & Hasnain Lehri Sizzling Fashion Shoot  

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Can wait to watch this sizzling chemistry between two of our favourites SajalAly and ImranAbbas

Can wait to watch this sizzling chemistry between two of our favourites SajalAly and ImranAbbas  

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Beautiful Mermaid Photoshoot of Mahira Khan for Divani Pakistan

Beautiful Mermaid Photoshoot of Mahira Khan for Divani Pakistan   She is a mermaid. No fear of depths, great fear...

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Mahira Khan’s Latest Photo Shoot Will Take Your Breath Away

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Promotional Photoshoot of Upcoming film Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Latest photoshoot of Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat for promotions of their Upcoming film Punjab Nahi Jaungi.

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Sarwat Gillani Sizzling Hot Pre Birth Photoshoot

Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani recently appeared in a pre-pregnancy photo shoot for Good Times Magazine. Her husband, Fahad Mirza, was...

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Areeba Habib Sexy Shoot For OK Pakistan Magazine

A mermaid theme shoot of Model Areeba Habib for Ali Xeeshan in the latest issue of OK Pakistan Magazine Summer...

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Glimpse of The Hot Photo Shoot of Sana Javed For TGIF Magazine

Sana Javed photographed by Ayaz Anis Styled by Raana khan in an outfit and studio by Wardha Saleem. Photoshoot for...

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Hareem Farooq PhotoShoot for Miss Veet Pakistan

Hareem Farooq has joined Pakistan’s biggest reality show ‘ Miss Veet Pakistan ’ as a judge for this season. She...