Besharam – Episode 01! Review

Besharam – Episode 01! Review
  • 1 year ago

Ohkay so, the production of Six Sigma Productions, direction of Farooq Rind and the writing of Sarwat Nazeer; ‘Besharam’ hit our TV screens tonight and honestly speaking, I enjoyed watching the 1st episode plenty as a result of it unbroken my attention intact throughout the episode and albeit there have been plenty of characters that were introduced int he introductory episode, their plots were established properly.

We have a family of Haider (Zahid Ahmed) United Nations agency lives along with his mother Khadija (Shahista Jabeen) and sister Humna (Sundas Tariq). Haider is a social activist who believes that getting into politics can bring a modification that the state needs to ascertain and being a frontrunner of his self-formed party, he takes his passion quite seriously. Haider believes in going out of the way to facilitate the individuals around him in order that they will kind a bond of trust with him which is able to facilitate his party and career plenty. Haider is aware of that the path that he’s walking on isn’t progressing to be straightforward and he can got to face repercussions time and once more however he’s not terrified of any of that as he knows that something price having doesn’t come back simply.

On the other aspect, we have Haider’s uncle Sikandar (Mehmood Akhtar) whose family includes his woman Shakira, son Qadeer and daughter Saba. Qadeer is engaged to Haider’s sister Humna and Sikandar wants Saba to get married to Haider too. Sikandar runs a shop that was below the possession of him and Haider’s late father too however he doesn’t believe giving Haider’s family a good share of their property as a result of he thinks he has been taking care of their expenses all his life, therefore he is not absolute to provide them what’s theirs.

Then we got introduced to the family of Tahir leader (Rehan Sheikh) a politician, who married double and has a girl Mishal leader (Saba Qamar) from his Second woman (Atiqa Odho). It looks like Tahir’s second wedding lasted for under half-dozen years and he went back to his 1st woman, leaving his five y/o girl and second woman on their own. Mishal is now a high model and she takes care of herself and her mother. Mishal’s mother still gets depressed about the kind of life she lead attributable to her husband and Mishal must face the strength once her mother gets these depression pangs. Mishal lives a glamorous life on the surface however deep down she may be a straightforward lady United Nations agency believes in compassion and creating individuals round her happy. She doesn’t mind apologizing to her helpers for her mother’s behavior and also doesn’t hold back in serving to those that might share their issues together with her. Mishaal’s mother is going out with Jamal (Faisal Rehman) and i’m interested to ascertain how their track are developed.

in the initial a part of the episode I got slightly too overwhlemed by the number of characters that were being introduced but by the tip of the episode, everything fell in its place and things got clear easily. I liked however they didn’t solely introduce the characters however they showed US bits and bobs of their personalities too. Mishal is independent and robust, may be that’s why her mother depends showing emotion on her slightly quite she ought to. Haider is a misunderstood one that doesn’t bother abundant regarding what individuals think about him, because he is aware of that as so much as he can be honest, nothing can happen to him. Haider is honest to the point of being blunt, that is why he features a rocky relationship along with his Uncle Sikandar, as he doesn’t allow him to build selections for Haider any longer. Haider is focused and he is aware of what he needs to attain and on the opposite hand, Mishal is leading a happening life but she is unquestionably missing one thing and there’s a void that she feels that was created evident throughout the scenes during which she is all by herself.

I must say the direction of this episode was very good. I liked however all the scenes were short and to the purpose, the editors did a great job too as a result of such Associate in Nursing written material created this episode quite attention-grabbing and unbroken the pace excellent still. The camera work was brilliant and I likeable however the director used plenty of various angles to capture the scenes. I must say I enjoyed the conversations plenty too as they were written showing intelligence and I found myself guffawing every now and then too. All the actors did a wonderful job however i need to say I enjoyed the scenes of Atiqa Odho, Faisal Rehman and Mehmood Akhtar the most, may be it’s the expertise that gave them a upper-hand and they performed convincingly within the fewer scenes that got to them. I also likeable the character of Atiqa Odho as well, she is more like a kid that Mishal is baby-sitting since forever and it’s like she is aware of that her girl is kind-hearted, therefore she makes the most of it by showing emotion blackmailing her every now and then too. Looks like Haider’s fearlessness affected another Politician (Baber Jatoi) and he can come back up with a proposal for Haider to hitch his party. I must say i favor however each the most characters square measure shown to be doing well for themselves and if I place it in easier words, I like how it’s shown that each of them have a ‘life’ of their own. Also, before concluding the review I should add that Saba Qamar and Zahid Ahmed each have absolutely custom-made the perspective needed for the characters that they’re enjoying. Saba Qamar appearance glamourous and stunning whereas Zahid Ahmed looked robust and manly. Let’s see what do they have future for us. For me, the first episode worked utterly and I powerfully suggest it to those who’re reading this review to search out out if they must provide this drama a go or not and for those who’ve watched it already, please share your thoughts about the terribly 1st episode of Besharam.

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