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Besharam Last Episode Review – Definitely a Unique Love Story!

Review Besharam Episode 17 – Intelligent Piece of Writing!

Ohkay so, tonight our favorite drama came to an end & I am really happy with the overall journey of Besharam. It is actually quite good to know that we still have such drama makers who believe in keeping things short & to the point. Isn’t is refreshing to see such an approach of the drama-makers who when feel that they have covered everything, they decide to end the drama at the right time despite all the ratings that they are getting? I will commend ARY Digital for changing how things used to work when it came to their dramas because the unnecessary dragging ruined a lot of good dramas so this thing has definitely improved & may I add, for the better definitely. This drama actually conveyed everything & I guess it was for the first time in years when I felt that the last episode was slow because they didn’t have so much left to be wrapped up & chipped in the very last episode. They gave this drama a complete ending by revolving the last episode around the main characters only, which is a bonus!

I actually awed at the conversation Sara had with Mishi. It was like they saved the best for the last because all the viewers were waiting to see Sara’s change of heart & she proved it that it was her children who taught her the importance of relationships & how one should value them. I loved how the writer subtly touched on the fact that the parents can be wrong too & when they realize it, they can be dignified enough to gracefully accept their mistakes. The writer also hinted a lot on the fact that the children do learn from their parents mistakes, that is why while Sara was the one who miserably failed at 3 marriages & some relationships, all her kids stayed true to their commitment to their partners. Even though Sofia & Wahab were poles apart, Sofia ended up accepting Wahab with all his flaws & shortcomings, which is actually a very sweet message that the writer put forward. Wahab definitely didn’t fit the bill of an ideal husband personality wise, but Sofia was the center of his universe & he loved his wife to bits, which is why Sofia also chose to stay with him. Similarly, despite knowing that Haider might not be able to afford the lifestyle that Mishi was used to, Mishi chose to stay with him to prove to herself, to her mother & the entire world that despite being a model, she can make her marriage work. Then came Manan, who without even bothering about his mother’s objection & disapproval, chose Humna & made sure to have everyone accept her. This was definitely the best message that the writer saved for the last which once again reinforced the importance of valuing your relationships, against all the odds. It also reinforced the fact that one should have a confidence in oneself because then everything starts falling into its right place!

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Finally, Mishi got to share the moment with her mother that she waited for all her life. It was actually quite beautiful how this time around, it was Sara who was reminding Mishi about Haider & everything that he has done for her. Sara was right, she was a depressed soul because she chose such a fate for herself thinking that she will be able to survive but it was actually quite heart-warming to see her warning her daughter Mishi using her experiences as an example, to stop her from committing such a mistake that Sara herself committed when she was young & still hopeful that she will find that someone special. Sara could see that Haider was Mishi’s someone special & he was her Mr. Right, that is why she stopped Mishi from ruining something so beautiful!

Finally, Haider learned the truth about Asfand Sultan. Asfand himself had to admit that his optimism, his drive to bring a change didn’t do any good to him & his party, that is why he tweaked with his ideology a little & voila, there he was, a very successful & powerful politician. Asfand thought he will keep on manipulating Haider by using money as a bait but little did he know that the model he was looking down upon had completely won Haider over. Being a very judgmental outsider, Asfand actually underestimated the strength of Mishi & Haider’s relationship, but Haider didn’t take much time in letting Asfand know how wrong he was & what his wife meant to him. Haider finally left Asfand’s party with a promise that he won’t allow the people of his locality to commit a mistake that Haider did by trusting a corrupt politician like Asfand Sultan.

Mishi forcefully accepted the modelling offer & Haider decided to bring her back in his life. Mishi realized that she couldn’t go back to her old life & Haider realized that he was nothing without Mishi & they both had a happy ending!

Overall, the last episode was great but I wish that in stead of leaving it on the viewer’s imagination, they had covered a little bit about the professional lives of Mishi & Haider after they got back togther, because even though it is obvious that they both will make a living for themselves, it would’ve still been nice to see something at least. Also, I wish they had also showed that Wahab Sunyara realized his mistake & chose to return the shop to Haider & Sikandar because now he had no reason to hold a grudge against Haider. Well well well, I am actually falling short of the words of praises for the entire team of Besharam. When I decided to review it, I had no idea what I was getting into & I had no idea that it will end up becoming one of my favorite dramas of all times. Besharam has become one such drama that I actually find myself recommending to all those who ask me which drama they should watch next because it is that good. I will commend Sarwat Nazir for coming up with such a unique yet simple plot which she made sure to fill with positive messages without making it look preachy. In an era where we only get star-studded disasters with no story-line, zero entertainment value & such dramas which are aired only to generate the revenue, Besharam was a breath of fresh air, it actually was because of being absolutely simple yet so different.

The writer Sarwat Nazeer told everyone that showing a marital relationship in a drama does not mean that all the negatives of that relationship have to be highlighted. We saw a daughter in law (Mishi), a sister in law (Humna) & a mother in law (Khadija) who actually changed the perspective of the viewers & forced them to see things differently. Sarwat Nazeer also showed how being emotionally strong, level headed & independent doesn’t mean that one should not & can not budge or compromise for the sake of their spouses. The entire journey of Mishi & Haider revolved around trust, love & respect & most importantly, some space & time that they both gave each other to understand each other over the period of time & when they did, they couldn’t live without each other, which is actually a rarity in our dramas. How often do we get to see such husbands who trust their wives blindly while they themselves are learning more & more about them? How often do we get to see such wives who happily sacrifice everything for their husbands because they want to nurture & strengthen their relationship? It is actually quite amusing that we as viewers alwayssss were scared that something bad will happen. We as viewers were always waiting for a storm to take over Mishi & Haider’s lives because sadly, our drama writers have gotten us used to the idea of ‘sazishi’ & ‘negativity ridden’ dramas so much, due to which we were unable to grasp that we were actually getting to see a drama which had honest & straight forward characters & we were getting to see a drama where things got sorted before turning into ugly misunderstandings! Besharam always took the viewers by surprise because they got to see such characters who actually ‘talked’ to each other like normal people do, they actually got see a couple doing all those things that normal couples do, like discuss the happenings of an entire day, share a cup of coffee, motivate each other & most importantly, empower each other! I loved loved loved how the writer gave us such a beautiful & unique love story which will be remembered for a long long time.

I will thank the director for directing such a brilliant script beautifully. This drama didn’t have any loopholes in terms of direction & everything was conveyed brilliantly. The OST was beautiful & what made it even better was the appropriate usage of it to add more depth to the situations. All the actors, irrespective of the coverage their characters got did a wonderful wonderful job. I thank the writer for introducing us to Wahab Sunyara, where just his presence in the frame made things light-hearted. Malik Raza elevated the level of Wahab Sunyara & I am sure no one else could’ve portrayed this character with such flawlessness like he did & undoubtedly Malik Raza made Wahab Sunyara a memorable character too! I absolutely enjoyed watching Mehmood Akhtar on screen, he was brilliant as a selfish Uncle who also had some niceness in him & occasionally felt bad for his late brother’s family. Atiqa Odho, Fia, Sundus Tariq, Shahista Jabeen, Farah Nadeem, Ghana Ali, each & every actor did a wonderful job & gave their best shot. I must say, I love the fact that the writer didn’t make all the characters completely black & white because of which they seemed quite relateable & admirable as well. I will also thank the writer for the subtle humor which she added in the drama through the dialogues, which actually made Besharam a complete package which had some filminess, some drama, some family politics, some heart-warming moments, a lot of emotional moments & a comic relief as well. Now, talking about the Stars of the show; Saba Qamar & Zahid Ahmed, I am sure if it wasn’t for them, Mishi & Haider might not have made a place in our hearts. Both Saba & Zahid are the reason why the interest of the viewers never faltered in this drama & it was their acting & their beautiful chemistry on-screen which actually forced the viewers to tune to this drama every single week. It is amazing that the credit for the success of this drama goes to both Saba Qamar & Zahid Ahmed because it was their joint effort & both of them gave a 100% in their performances. Thank you so so so so much Team Besharam for giving us such a beautiful drama, sadly our Tuesdays won’t be the same anymore but all good things come to an end. Thank you so much once again.

I thank all my wonderful Readers ‘Jaan’ for keeping the discussions so happening, alive & fun under Besharam’s reviews. You guys made it worthwhile & enjoyable. Please share your final thoughts about the beautiful journey that we all experienced named Besharam!

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Meri Gurya Episodes 3 & 4 Review – Highs and Lows!

These two episodes gave further insight into the personalities of all the central characters and their relationships with each other. It was just as disturbing as the first two episodes because it was shown in detail how a paedophile’s mind works. Dabeer’s scenes were the most frightening element of these two episodes. Mohsin Abbas Haider has once again nailed a character which isn’t easy to translate on screen. However, I must say that because lately we have seen a few really good dramas which highlighted the mindset of such sick people you can’t help but compare this drama with Udaari in particular and Dabeer’s character with that of Imtiaz. While Imtiaz was a more clever person who knew how to manipulate others and his personality characteristics definitely fit in more with the general profile of such criminals, there are certain aspects of Dabeer’s personality which are difficult to understand. It was shown that Dabeer always liked playing with dolls and still owned dolls, I am wondering how does this aspect of his personality fit in the whole picture and why is it considered “not normal” for a little boy to play with dolls. I feel that it would have made more sense if he kept these dolls to allure little girls as opposed to showing that because he played with girls as a child there was something wrong with him since he was little. I could be wrong but that is the impression I got from this scene.

Overall however the writer has intelligently conveyed how such people get all the details they need and the fact that this is someone who is really close to the family also hits home. In these two episodes, Dabeer made up his mind that Abida was going to be his next victim and he did whatever he could to get all the information he needed to execute his evil plan. All his interactions with Abida were terribly frightening and when Abida went missing I found myself hoping that she was still alive. I am glad that the writer didn’t rush things and I also hope that Abida is somehow saved in the upcoming episodes too. In these four episodes, Abida has been introduced as a sweet girl who unlike her sisters goes to a madrassah because the education there is for free. Although, she is the third girl her grandmother never wanted and wished she was a boy but she is also the one who is relatively closer to her since she doesn’t go to school and isn’t “liberal” like her sisters. The child actress playing Abida’s role has played her part really well. Sania Saeed’s acting as usual has been effortless and effective. She is convincing and likeable as a mother who does whatever she can for her daughters under the given circumstances. Safeena’s character is likeable but Sonya Hussyn’s hairdo and overall outlook isn’t up to the mark. This character could have been far more impressive had it been translated on screen differently. Having said that, it isn’t difficult connecting to the kind of relationship Safeena and Abida share and the genuine concern Safeena has not just for Abida but for everyone else too. Big Bang should give up this hairstyle for good, it didn’t look good on Saboor in Meeras and it doesn’t suit Sonya either. The production house is coming up with better stories but the supporting actors and the overall feel of their plays needs a makeover.

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Although Safeena wanted Dabeer to divorce her whenever he could but now she has realized that she can fulfill her dream while being married to him therefore she has decided to make this relationship work. Dabeer’s withdrawn attitude around her made perfect sense. He was constantly planning his next step and thinking about all the information he had gathered so far. Safeena could tell that there was something wrong with him but she could never even imagine that the person who she thinks needs help, actually needs to be put behind bars. Dabeer mentioned that Jahan Ara’s father used to teach him Quran and he said so in a meaningful manner. I am wondering if he went through a traumatic experience in the past!

In this episode the viewers saw that Abida’s phupo Jahan Ara will ultimately end up “assisting” Dabeer without knowing it. Shehnaz’s close relationship with her daughters has been well established in these four episodes therefore it will be heart-wrenching watching her suffer in the upcoming episodes. The preview of the next two episodes was confusing and it was difficult to tell whether or not Dabeer will be able to execute his evil plan, which is definitely better than knowing exactly what will happen next! So far, Meri Gurya has been a decent watch and I am waiting to see how the story moves forward in the upcoming episodes. The way this drama shows that a murderer and rapist could be a seemingly harmless neighbor is yet another reminder that parents should not trust anyone with their children. Although, Udaari and Muqabil both gave the same message but I do feel that these things should be shown on television repeatedly since there are times when parents tend to overlook such aspects.

How many of you watched these latest episodes of Meri Gurya? Do share your thoughts about it.

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Ishq Tamasha Episode 18 Review-Revenge Begins!

This episode has started Mehrab’s revenge spree against Rushna and one more thing it has established is YES! RUSHNA IS SUPER EVIL. Rushna got to know about Arham’s death in the very start and has no reaction to it. She was still indulged in her chocolate covered dreams. Mehrab has also become a constant confusion now. Not letting Rushna’s mother bring breakfast is his idea of taking revenge for his brother’ death? He didn’t even confide in his Phupho who has also suffered an immense loss. Her decision to leave Mehrab was the sanest scene in the whole episode.

Mirha bechari kya kare? Thanda paani pi maray! Yes, Mirha’s situation just reminded me of this nursery rhyme. She just started dreaming about her saviour (kidnapper) Mehrab and all her dreams were shattered in a second. Mehrab’s scheme of sending her back is also non-sensical. Pressurizing your wife to send Mirha back is not going to get Mirha her reputation. And Mirha was s settled in Mehrab’s house. Parr ye bhi Rushna le gayi!

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Rushna is a mature girl who knows how to scheme, trap boys and insult anyone. So, she must behave like that too. Her whole behaviour after reaching Mehrab’s house was like that of a child. She had no interest left in Mehrab who was her dream prince. All she wanted was to redecorate and wander around the house. Most annoyingly, she did not even ask Mehrab that why his family does not know about their marriage? And why there are no preparations for a Walima. Rushna is still not miserable. She is still scheming and being a jerk. Hopefully, in the next few episodes, we could see her regretting her attitude.

The whole Palwasha episode is super-weird. The girl is a very good actress indeed but she is too young to get scoldings for Gajras and have affairs with her cousin who is too grown up for her I must add. Aqeela really needs to take a hold of her daughters. They are literally messing up the balance everywhere. And it is high time that Wahaj starts taking practical decisions instead of lounging around and throwing unnecessary sarcasm!

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Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka Episode 3 Review-Whateven!

This drama started like a high-speed roller coaster and deteriorated at the speed of the lightning. In just three episodes, the makers have forgotten what they were trying to go for. It started as a love triangle where two brothers fell for a single girl. Then we saw the scenario of adoption come into play. The adopted boy sacrificed his love for the sake of his mother’s satisfaction.

Dania is the worst I would say. First, you went blaming only Zaryab for the whole ordeal. She didn’t even try to take matters into her own hand. Then she is seen blaming Armaan. Armaan at least stuck with what he was going for. He divorced the girl and doesn’t want anything to do with her. But now the bechari Dania wants to keep living with a man who has divorced her. What kind of culture or mentality is being promoted here? Even if they wanted to show Dania as a bechari, they could have shown her ordeals after the divorce. But she is living with her ex-husband, making parathas for him. Like WHAT EVEN???

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Zaryab and Armaan’s encounters are too childish to bear too. When you have already openly said woh tumhari biwi hai, then at least complete the conversation. And Armaan, a guy who divorced a girl in a second and has no regards for the society is waiting to talk openly about it with his brother. Why is he not cleaning up the mess? He didn’t ask Dania when he was divorcing her. So, why is he waiting for her approval to announce it?

The mother’s character is also so poorly etched out. She is trying to make Dania behave as Armaan’s mother or nanny rather than a life partner. At the same time, she is concerned about Zaryab’s marriage. If you loved Armaan so much and you knew he is such a sensitive soul, why you married him off to his brother’s girlfriend in the first place?

Moreover, the performances are so bad throughout this episode. Alamdaar needs serious work on his dialogue delivery as well as his expressions. Even Hareem seemed lost in all her scenes. The lack of depth has literally destroyed this drama in only the third episode.

Yes, many would say I have come harsher on it but they are showing a girl who wants to live with her ex-husband which is ridiculous!

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Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka Episode 2 Review-Surprising!

Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka started at a rapid pace but I must admit, I was not expecting these many surprises already. We all saw the sudden engagement of Daniya and Armaan while Zaryab was pining for his lost love. The second episode featured the marriage ceremony of the two while Zaryab was crying in different cornersZaryab actually is a coward. Yes, the concept is that he is Ahsanon Talay Daba Larka and for this very reason he did not respect his love enough. But he should have given a thought to Armaan’s feelings. How could he do this to Armaan whom he loves more than anyone? Since the whole Islamabad is familiar with Zaryab and Daniya’s affair, why he didn’t think of the fact that someone will tell Armaan eventually? Daniya was also a very unreasonable person. She was begging Zaryab to do something on her mehendi. She could have tried a bit earlier or the simple way out was to talk it out with Armaan. Armaan told her how much he loves Zaryab, so Daniya should have told him the truth. But well, then there would be no drama.

Armaan knew about the situation suddenly after bringing Daniya home. The funny thing is they got Nikkahfied in the morning but reached their home at night. He was as quick in taking decisions as his brother is slow. Instead of handling everything like a mature person, he divorced Daniya. He didn’t even discuss it with Zaryab before taking such a huge step.

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