Deewana Episode 29 and 30 – Slow and Repetitive!

Deewana Episode 29 and 30 – Slow and Repetitive!
  • 1 year ago

Ohkay so, this week’s episodes of Deewana did not keep my interest alive as a result of everything that happened appeared quite repetitive. It looks that the story is on the loop and there’s not even an in. of a progress that’s being created. i actually suppose that they must move the story forward if they’re still not in a very mood to wrap the drama up. a minimum of some progress can let the viewers fancy the drama while not wanting forward to the ending already.

I really suppose the story loses the grip and the drama loses its charm once the facet characters come back to the foreground and the most characters area unit pushed to the background and this can be precisely what has been happening in Deewana from the previous few weeks. For me, Shama and Subhan area unit the facet characters too and currently i’m at such some extent wherever I don’t feel abundant for them as a result of the each unfold such a lot of negativity and provide such negative vibes that I don’t relate to their suffering any longer. Yes, sometimes Shama’s rants is understood however Subhan has become a burden to observe. Subhan’s heart failure was another negative issue that happened however it sounded like Mehru didn’t feel abundant concerning it as a result of she was engrossed in her own thoughts too.

I likeable that Mehru took a symbolize herself another time and told her mother that if she needed Mehru to forget Falak, then she is going to need to surrender on the thought of seeing Mehru and Haris along too. i prefer Mehru for the actual fact that she has been through a great deal and at the moment, she has not solely snatched a glimmer of hope for herself, however she has conjointly created her mind clear concerning the items, folks and relationships that she desires in her life, that is why she has firmly told her mother that she will kiss the concept of seeing Mehru and Haris along sensible bye.

I don’t very perceive what will Shama need now? She isn’t permitting Falak and Mehru to be along and even once Mehru has clearly told her however she is going to ne’er settle for Haris back in her life, she remains dead set creating things right between them, however she isn’t budging, in a very sense that she doesn’t conceive to get on talking terms with Amtul, then however is she attending to fix everything? It’s like Shama doesn’t need Mehru to maneuver on in her life and she still desires Mehru to suffer the maximum amount as she will as a result of she fell for a loser like Haris.

I did fancy looking Gaiti and Shabnam’s scenes a great deal however I feel they’re obtaining far more coverage than needed. Falak has purpose blank refused to keep company with Gaiti and currently it’s like she is coming up with on taking a revenge from Mehru by attempting to be friends along with her in order that she will get all her secrets and then use them against her. Shabnam on the opposite hand could be a bit too centered on obtaining Gaiti and Haris married, such a lot in order that she can’t see what type of an individual Amtul is and what type of a loser Haris is. i assumed that Haris had just about created up his mind that he can currently build Amtul suffer and he can obtain cash off her as he is aware of that she is unsighted by her urge of revenge, therefore why was he seen all confused by the tip of the episode? once he has created up his mind then he ought to keep on with the set up and do what he deems right.

Falak has taken the rear seat and there isn’t abundant happening regarding him. i feel it’s concerning time that his reality ought to be exposed on everybody around in order that we have a tendency to get to check what Mehru’s reaction and call would be.

Overall, these 2 episodes appeared a small amount haphazard and didn’t take the story forward in the least. i’m really obtaining uninterested in Shama’s repetitive rants and the coverage that Shabnam and Gaiti have gotten as a result of it’s nothing to try to to with the most story and {they area unit|they’re} simply the fillers WHO are getting used to pull the drama. i feel it’s time that the director ought to begin wrapping this drama up within the next few we have a tendency toeks as we’ve just about seen it all and the story is stuck and hasn’t given North American nation what we needed to check. Please share your thoughts concerning these 2 episodes of Deewana.

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