Deewana – Episodes 1 and 2 Review

Deewana – Episodes 1 and 2 Review
  • 1 year ago

Ohkay so, the writing of Adeel Razzaq, direction of Ahsan Talish and the production of Moomal Productions; ‘Deewana” hit our TV screens in the week on Wednesday and Thursday at 9PM. This is aiming to be a series and i feel we square measure sure quite ride kind of like HUM TV’s Muqaddas that was ventilated last year. This drama has a mystery and fantasy feel thereto and i have to say I enjoyed watching the primary 2 episodes and they introduced all the characters in an exceedingly nice detail.

The story is about the families of 2 brother Subhan and Tabrez (Waseem Abbas). Subhan’s family includes his wife Shama (Saba Hameed), his son Shayaan and his daughter Meher Sultana (Iqra Aziz). Tabrez’s family includes his son Haris (Junaid Akhtar) and daughter Rabeea. Shayaan and Rabeea were married and similarly, Haris and Mehru were engaged to be married too. Rabeea and Shayaan were never in love nor they each shared a good relationship with one another.

Rabeea obviously wished a lot of from life however simply as a result of her father Tabrez had larger goals in life, he married her off to Shayaan without her consent as he had his sights on the family wealth and property. Unlike Rabeea and Shayaan, Haris and Mehru were totally in love and that they had nice plans for his or her future that they unreal of achieving along. Mehru did feel that Rabeea and Shayaan’s rift can cause damage to their relationship however Haris assured her that he wouldn’t let something return in between and pull them apart as his solely concern was leading a peaceful life along with his woman love Mehru.

Rabeea and Shayaan had a tiff once once more that went out of hands. Rabeea ended up shooting her husband to death and then she committed suicide too as she was done with her life. In the bewilderment, Mehru ends up holding the gun owing to which Tabrez puts a blame on her that she was the one WHO shot Rabeea to retaliate her brother Shayaan’s death. Things get nasty and Tabrez along with his son Haris decides to wreck Subhan’s life. Shayaan’s death takes a toll on Subhan’s family and Tabrez also leaves no stone unturned in backbreaking them for the crime they didn’t commit. Subhan has lost his voice and Shama is still finding it hard to come back to terms with the very fact that her female offspring in law Rabeea killed her solely son.


One fine day, Tabrez decides to show up at Subhan’s door step all apologetic for a way wrong he was and what he did to them. It wasn’t shown however it absolutely was sent through the dialogues that Tabrez filed a case against Subhan’s family but couldn’t prove that it was Mehru WHO killed Rabeea. Tabrez and Haris apologize to Subhan time and again however Shama makes a purpose that she is going to ne’er forgive this father and son pair attributable to what they place their family up with. Mehru does say that she can ne’er forgive Haris however deep within she loves him until date and thinks that each Haris and she aren’t guilty of something so that they shouldn’t face the forcefulness for what Shayaan and Rabeea went through. Shama and Subhan give in to the pressure of Mehru and they permit Mehru to induce married to Haris and obviously, Tabrez’s apology turns out to be nothing but a farce as sounds like he still hasn’t forgiven Subhan’s family and currently desires to torture their female offspring to retaliate the death of Rabeea that he still blames them for.

I must say the direction of the primary 2 episodes was wonderful. The camera work was brilliant and I liked lots of shots and angles, especially the manner they place the window to sensible use in one of the scenes within the second episode. Mehru’s character is good however encompasses a heap occurring for her. She hallucinates and only the maid Chanda Bee (Anita Campher) has seen Mehru speaking to herself time and once more. Mehru hasn’t realized that she has a drawback occurring as a result of she has such a lot of emotional trauma to handle that will be her mind ne’er allowed her to select au courant this truth. I most definitely liked Shama’s character too and feel for her as a result of Saba Hameed did justice to Shama’s role and gave that character such a temperament that elaborate the pain and sufferings of a heart-broken mother utterly. Shama still hasn’t come to terms with the truth that her son is not any a lot of and currently her female offspring goes to induce married to Tabrez’s son. Shama is quite skeptical but she is aware of that she will not win against Mehru as even Subhan is on Mehru’s aspect. Well yes, let me inform you guys that there was a heap of screaming and yelling within the initial 2 episodes and the initial a part of the second episode particularly was solely dedicated to the racketiness, so brace yourselves. I wish Waseem Abbas and Iqra Aziz offer their vocal cords some rest as a result of to hear them screaming on high of their lungs was quite arduous to tolerate.

I feel the director succeeded in giving this drama quite a mysterious and fantasy feel which really appeared esthetically conciliatory , however a few of the scenes appeared to a small degree too long and stretched like Tabrez’s apology and Mehru’s depression pangs and screaming sprees however aside from that, both the episodes were quite fascinating. The dialogues were written decently too and all the actors did a tremendous job. I also liked the OST and a lot of significantly the manner it was accustomed add a lot of depth to the scenes. I feel acting comes naturally to Iqra Aziz so she ought to let the natural talent take its course as she ends up making an attempt too arduous every now and then. Also, I think she ought to go simple on the hair-extensions as a result of they were everywhere the place and didn’t extremely add a lot of ‘beauty’ to her temperament that she maybe was aiming for. I am actually wanting forward to Shehroz Sabzwari’s character as a result of that was the sole issue that really sparked my interest within the drama. The preview of the next episode was a déjà vu of Muqaddas where Iqra Aziz gets abducted at the night of her wedding, so appearance like Haris can do one thing of that kind too however Mehru can shake off his lure to form things totally different. Anyways, let’s see what do they have future for us. Please share your thoughts about these 2 introductory episodes of Deewana.


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