Dil Banjara Episodes 2 and 3 Review – Tragic Turn Of Events

Dil Banjara Episodes 2 and 3 Review – Tragic Turn Of Events
  • 12 months ago

These two episodes of Dil Banjara gave more of an insight into all the characters which were introduced in the first episode. Phupo and her son’s character were also introduced in these episodes. Nida is apparently one of those girls who only dream big, otherwise she cannot even give a firm reply to someone who belittles her every chance she gets, yes, I am talking about the “aapi”! The primary reason for this is that she was brought up in a household in which someone who is older than you can say or do anything they want. Watching Taya abu showing willingness to help out with Nida’s wedding and accepting her as his own daughter gave a relatively softer feel to his character but that particular image did not last for long. Apart from Nida and her parents everyone else in that family has a very closed view of life. Also, Nida’s fiancé Zaman turned out to be a spoiled brat who it seemed had never lived in his mamo’s house before. Zaman has zero respect for people around him which is something Nida’s father notices too but he is majboor because of all the family pressure.

Shama’s accident and its tragic outcome was the most important development in these two episodes. Sikandar’s character appeared to be completely irresponsible in the first episode but in the second episode watching Sikandar trying to clear the misunderstanding between him and Shama and later on blaming himself for what had happened to Shama went to show that he was a sensitive person who cared about the feelings of people he loved. There were many times in both these episodes were Adnan Malik appeared to be trying too hard.

Nida’s relationship with her mother is one of a kind because of her mother’s unique personality. Nida’s mother just like her father is the only person in the house who respects and loves her dearly. Both these people might not meet the standards of outward perfection but inwardly they are beautiful and perfect people who love their daughter greatly and will do anything to make her happy.

Shama lost her mobility but did not question why she could no longer feel her legs! I would think that someone who lost all movement in their legs would notice that as soon as they regained consciousness. Watching Sikandar trying to show her the bright side of the picture showed another side of his personality. Even though he was shown as someone who believed in living his life on his terms and conditions, he is the sort of person who would pause his life for someone who matters to him.

Adnan Malik’s shaky performance was the worst part of these two episodes. He did not make it easy for me to relate to his character, on the contrary every time he was shown getting upset because of what happened to Shama, he looked quite awkward. Sanam Saeed was very convincing as Nida in both these episodes. The director could however have used a little more lighting especially in the scenes which showed day time. Most of the scenes were recorded indoors therefore use of proper lighting could have helped the viewers distinguish between day and night. The overall atmosphere of Nida’s house is depressing enough as it is, the closed windows and the dull lighting did not help.

It remains to be seen how Nida will manage to leave the country when her father is having a tough time convincing his brother to let her go to the college even! This latest episode ended with Shama thinking about how it would feel to live her life moving around in that wheelchair. So far Mira Sethi has been pretty likeable as Shama.

The preview of the next episode showed Nida’s father trying to convince his brother to let Nida go abroad for her debating competition.

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