Dil Lagi – Episode 12 Review

Dil Lagi – Episode 12 Review
  • 1 year ago

This episode centered on Sabiha’s track even as very much like it did on Mohid and Anmol’s. It sounds like there’s finally attending to be some development in Sabiha’s track. the foremost vital side of tonight’s episode was that Anmol unconcealed her true intentions behind ‘helping’ Sabiha. Anmol’s selfish reasons for asking Sabiha to require a symbolize herself and do one thing against her mother and brother’s needs were obvious within the previous episode still however during this episode she created it quite clear that she failed to need Sabiha to be happy, she solely needed to check Mohid and his mother suffering. it’s ironic that Mohid has been ready to convert everybody else in Anmol’s house that he solely needs to create his wedding work and doesn’t need to play games however Anmol is that the only 1 United Nations agency remains dubious. Mohid failed to achieve creating Anmol confess that she was lying right along however it absolutely was positively smart to check her feeling irritated and pissed off.

Anmol’s mother’s character must be one among my most favorite characters within the play. She perpetually makes certain that she tells Anmol why she is wrong with logic and reason. The viewers realize it simple to attach to her as a result of she is one among those only a few on-screen mothers United Nations agency don’t need their daughters to create their marriages work as a result of they’re afraid of individuals or what they’ll say. She is aware of that her girl is guilty which is that the reason why she needs to create her understand that things don’t seem to be the method she sees them.

The ‘supporting characters’ during this play have positively been taking part in terribly|a really|a awfully} vital role right from the beginning and apart from Sabiha all of them ar very fascinating. Mohid’s mother has taken a backseat when realizing that Anmol can ne’er hear her – fortunately this track isn’t one among those typical saas-bahu tracks within which the saas feels that it’s her mission in life is to create her bahu’s life hell!! I cannot praise Dastagir and Imran Ashraf enough; his love and sincerity for Mohid in addition to his wonderful sense of humor makes his character one-of-a-kind. he’s the kind of friend /brother/partner everybody needs for and he comes with a awfully pleasant temperament. Imran Ashraf’s acting has been top-notch right from the beginning. If he had gone overboard, this character wouldn’t are as likeable because it is currently. For the primary time tonight, the viewers have to be compelled to see Mishal and Dastagir having a ‘normal’ voice communication and that i should say that these 2 have made-for-each-other written everywhere them!!

Anmol continuing to justify her actions supported everything that had happened within the past. whereas Mishal and her mother have forgiven, forgotten and captive on, Anmol finds it not possible to try to to thus. the truth checks from her mother create her want a victim – she cannot tell why her mother cannot see that Mohid deserves to be miserable. These scenes within which Anmol’s mother tries to create her perceive however wrong she is and Anmol reacts by crying or justifying her actions are written superbly and directed beautifully. Mehwish Hayat is often terribly convincing in these scenes attributable to that I ne’er have a drag regarding however Anmol feels, her expressions say it all! Anmol hasn’t questioned her actions ever even once thus she finds it not possible to believe that her mother finds everything concerning her actions thus wrong.

“Tumhare dil ki murad apricot aise kisi sahare ke beghair puri kr du ga.” The scene within which Mohid gets up to induce water and each different scene within which Anmol feels pissed off and frightened was hilarious! i’m certain i’m not the sole one United Nations agency loves Mohid’s new found confidence. Hamayun Saeed causes you to sorrow his character and therefore the indisputable fact that this character is thus well written helps too! The gap scene at the shrine was superbly shot another time, the director Nadeem Baig created the foremost of this location. “Maaei tu sub ki sanjhi hoti hei” scene another time proven that an honest director Associate in Nursingd an honest script will bring out the simplest in an actor! The actor we have a tendency to all found extremely humble as Asher in Gul-e-Rana manages to steal the show on {every occasion|anytime} during this play! For the primary time we have a tendency to saw a person being ‘accused’ of not having the ability to offer his adult female youngsters – currently that was one thing fresh that might solely have return from somebody like Sabiha’s mother! island Hameed continues to be perfect in every scene. Asma Abbas manages to suit into each role adore it was written for her, she is incredibly versatile and vastly gifted.

This episode of Dil Lagi was entertaining; this drama has it all, the correct reasonably emotions and it causes you to laugh! It isn’t simple writing or directive a play that is dead serious and funny at identical time. The emotions of the individuals during this drama don’t seem to be a joke however the things will be thus funny most of the days. Mohid is fighting a true battle and he has to win it, Anmol takes her ‘struggles’ terribly terribly seriously nevertheless their scenes along ar perpetually funny in a way. thanks team Dil Lagi for an additional exceptional episode.

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