Dumpukht Episode 7 – Atish-e-Ishq

Dumpukht Episode 7 - Atish-e-Ishq
  • 1 year ago

Defeat may be a strange feeling- Tahira became more and more aggressive realizing she was defeated by the ability of affection and Meher Nigar compromised on her life-long beliefs and overburdened to the Murshid for the sake of her son. I had detected early that Bibi Sahiba enjoyed taking part in games with Habibullah however we’ve got nonetheless to find the extent to that she will manipulate things to her advantage. whereas gleefully rejoicing concerning uniting Bilal and Kulsoom, Bibi Sahiba had one thing else in her mind right along. will Kulsoom bear a putting likeness to the lady Habibullah sacrificed? Bibi Sahiba once nearly owned up to having feelings however quickly fired them as emotional sentiments. On the surface, Bibi Sahiba plays the devoted adult female however behind closed doors, she is clearly the dominant one within the relationship.

Tahira’s hate for Meher Nigar is therefore intense that she arranged down some terribly questionable conditions for Kulchu’s wedding. Tahira has no selection however to just accept this proposal nonetheless she needs to make sure that Bilal remains submissive towards Murshid Sayeein as a result of in her eyes, that provides her a way of false management. She is aware of however Meher Nigar has rejected these peers all her life and to visualize Meher Nigar losing her son to at least one is that the final slam on her face. Yet, isn’t it ironic that Tahira is burning informed the within whereas Meher Nigar has accepted her fate.

Billu and Kulchu are extraordinarily convincing as 2 determined souls WHO area unit able to beat the percentages. I found Billu’s “ghuss ke phat jaoun ga” comment too kitch for my feeling however still it did end in a chuckle. The previous couple of minutes of the drama convinced Maine that it’s time to bid adios to Billu as his fate is sealed currently that Habibullah has arranged eyes on Kulchu. Was this Bibi Sahiba’s arrange all along? Out of all her mureeds why did she take such interest in Kulchu? Why did she perpetually mock Habibullah for his unrealised needs and mention Kulchu with such passion? Why did she place forth her request for Kulchu to gift her kalaam?

I really liked the histrion taking part in Nimmo and that i like her character too- she might stumble upon as immature however I feel she’s really quite clever- she knew Kulchu’s mum was prepping her to belong front of Bibi Sahiba and he or she conjointly caught Peer Habibullah falling into a trance whereas hearing Kulchu recite the kalaam. Knowing however simple it’s to control their mureeds, it won’t take a lot of of a shot to persuade Kulchu’s family that the groom is being replaced. That too once the potential groom happens to be somebody they worship. I can’t wait to visualize what happens next. Dumpukht is popping intent on be my weekly fix and I’m in love equally of it. The acting has been spot on and each scene transitions swimmingly into subsequent. area unit you feeling this the maximum amount as I am?

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