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Faltu Larki Episodes 26 Review – Meltdowns and Showdowns!

Oh my! As if the lives of all these characters were not happening enough, these past four episodes unleashed further mayhem. Yes, I know the haveli characters are quite absurd but I like how each track in general is dealt with and one is not bored while watching the drama. This drama has wit, masala, heartbreak, revenge – each character is fighting its own battle in its own way.

Where do I begin? Probably with Paro for she seems to have lost her carefully maintained composure. She wavered when she felt Bhaijaan may end up marrying Paro but dealt with that aptly and nipped that story in the bud. Or so she thought. But Bhaijaan and her showdown had me on the edge of my seat. Watching Paro lose all control and Bhaijaan speak (!!) with the whole scene ending with the slap was definitely a scene to watch. That seemed to set the ball rolling with Paro being reminded of how she scorns love or so she feels she believes she does and unleashes all hell on Paashi when she is called to school by her teacher. Paro’s love or obsession, whatever you may call it seems to envelop her where she cannot see or feel anything else. She was blinded with rage when beating Paashi but the way her demeanour changed when Bhaijaan grabbed her arm made me recoil and be drawn in at the same time. If that is possible. It seems as if that conversation with Bhaijaan has made her lose all control for she hurls insult upon insult at Anwaar Sb and him grabbing her throat (yawn) did not garner such an intense reaction from me as did what he said about how he knows she has her sight set on Bhaijaan. I mean, what?! Raaska knows, Jahan Ara has it figured when she says to Paro about having a ‘chor’ in her heart, even Anwaar knows so why has everyone kept mum about it? And talk about facades, why was Anwaar Sb so lovely dovey then if he had the truth figured out? Making the most of the attention from a younger woman?! Mind Boggling.

And Bhaijaan. Bhaijaan is like a bear just rousing from a deep slumber. He has found his tongue and also figured out how to use it. So to speak. Which is actually what he is doing, ha! I liked how he wrestled with himself internally wondering whether he should intervene to save Paashi or walk away to avoid another showdown with Paro – and chose the former option. I am a bit curious though – where is Paro’s anger coming from? All because she loved Bhaijaan and he did not reciprocate her feelings? How did they first meet? Did he give her any false ideas or hopes? That is one part of the story I am still waiting for to unfold.

I am a bit amused by Anwaar Sb’s personality – his leniency and relative open mindedness with the next generation. He tells Paro to leave Paashi alone saying children make mistakes. He admits to Raaska later that Jahan Ara is most likely innocent. Paro’s verbal diarrhoea has sent him running into Raaska’s arms and she is not complaining either. Even though he has been so unfair to Raaska, she has always cared for him so the kitchen scene, in spite of everything, still felt sweet.

Jahan Ara is consistent – she continues to confuse me. Like a flower billowing in the wind, she bends towards whichever direction the wind blows. Yasir approaches her and the viewer is left unsure whether she loves him or not. Bhaijaan speaks to her and you think she wants nothing more than to be married to him. This woman is the doe eyed look personified. So if she has seemingly ‘friend zoned’ Yasir, then why give him those looks and accept small tokens of appreciation and all the handholding! Then the tentative small smiles accompanied with holding her dupatta as in the picture below when he calls out to her. Also the same doe eyed look and the small smile she gives Moazzam Ja when she sees him. No, do not get me wrong – not being the moral police here. Mera Jahan Ara say koi laina daina nahin except that she is confusing Yasir, Bhaijaan – and moi!! Although – her latest conversation with Yasir when she seemed to be admitting her feelings for him made me wonder if that is what she really did? So jaatay jaatay is that what she has done – admitted she loves Yasir but must go ahead with this marriage because that is what his parents want? Help please!

Enough of Jahan Ara. Things are only worsening for Erum and I can only wonder why she is just taking it all? She seems to have enough of a backbone so why not pack her bags and leave? Yes, I get she felt that maybe in some way, Taabish may still care for her and that hope does not let her leave but still! Her retorts when she is yelling at Taabish and the three musketeers (his mum and sisters) appearing made me laugh out loud.

Anwar returned and left. And I will also leave it at that. Moazzam Ja seriously gives me the creeps and I thought he finally gave Faiza the creeps too when he told her his white sari and chocolate (err what?!!) stories but the way her head jerked up when Yasir mentioned the upcoming marriage made me think she might snap out of her momentary leap into Moazzam Ja – free state and wreak havoc all over again. Sigh. And Moazzam Ja – uggh can we please call him MJ? I guffawed when Tajwar Bi promised him a bride prettier than Faiza and he agreed like a toddler who is crying over a lost toy and is promised a brand new one. A better one. Guilty of having used the same tactic myself with my children when they were toddlers, I could not believe it was being used here and the irony of it being used to ‘replace’ one bride with another was not lost on me. But then MJ is confused and although seemingly smitten when he saw Jahan Ara, he is still meeting Faiza. And MJ’s mum?!! I spoke too soon- rather thought too soon when after these three episodes I sighed with relief at being spared any of her scenes and then in the fourth episode, smack, there she was in all her glory. Literally.

I said it before and I will say it again – Faltu Larki is not the kind of drama that we all tune into at 8pm and then rave about. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but yes it definitely is mine and that too a kadak one! I love the humor, the wit and the insults which hit quite close to reality. Jahan Ara being openly labelled as prettier than Faiza, extra ‘charbi’ on Nimo, Mushtari not being a judge of prettiness – it makes me marvel at the actresses too who have taken all this in stride in the name of the drama. Like most of us (I think), I too have outrageous thoughts and sometimes retorts at the tip of my tongue which I do not utter which is why it tickles me and amuses me no end when all these characters blurt out whatever they think and feel – with no filter! I can not explain how really but after these four episodes I was left with this strange thought that all the women in this drama are strong in a way yes, but all faltu in a way as well. As in their place in life. I had pinned Jahan Ara as the faltu one, but Erum is a misfit in her in laws, Faiza in her desperation to be married has made herself look so desperate and useless, Paro with her revenge and unrequited love has chosen a path that makes any of us question her purpose in life, women of the haveli – enough said.

I wrote an overview because I was honestly quite taken with this drama. I had not planned on doing a weekly review but one of the comments on the overview stating that Faseeh Bari Khan’s dramas are normally wrapped up within 30 episodes and then the events of these episodes made me really want to share my thoughts and hear everyone else’s. At this point I am very unclear about where things will lead for Jahan Ara. Will Bhaijaan step in for Raaska also seems to feel bad for Jahan Ara. But if that happens then will she agree to marry Bhaijaan for I feel she cares about Yasir now? And how will Yasir’s parents snap out of their greed? What will become of Paro? Next week’s episode’s promo gave us an insight to the ‘young love’ that is also part of this drama and that did not seem to be a very promising end. Will that finally break Paro? With the drama airing two days next week I am definitely looking forward to seeing what will happen. This drama is in a league of its own and each actor and actress has performed their character so well. In my opinion, Hina Dilpazir, Samiya Mumtaz and the actress playing Paashi are hands down the best. I am still chuckling over ‘uloo ka gosht’ and ‘laraayi shuru nahin huee aur yeh teen a jaatay hain (Erum to her in laws). What did you all think of these episodes – would love to hear your thoughts.

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O Rangreza Episode 24 – Review!

Ohkay so, I think it’s about time that this drama should end because it is becoming a task to sit through its episodes. The writer has conveyed what he wanted to & now its up to the viewers to interpret & decipher it however they deem fit & to be honest when it comes to me, I am still struggling to find out the purpose. Is this drama different? Yes! But is it going to stay with me after it ends? No!

For the last time Sonia tried to stop Sassi from falling into deep pit of fame & show business but Sassi chose to overlook her sincerity. Since Sonia has touched the fame & has also seen the emotional & mental destruction it causes up close, she wanted to save Sassi because she genuinely is concerned about her but Sassi is someone who would even get destroyed on her own terms & conditions!

The way Sassi got back at Sonia was sickening & at first it did seem that may be her rebelliousness & boistrous nature will win her something but seriously, after getting to know her more & more, I feel she will end up exactly like Sonia Jahan or may be worse. At least Sonia had a heart & despite touching the fame, she was still humane but Sassi leaves me speechless. I think the writer got confused & forgot that being strong doesn’t mean one is heartless or emotionless but sorry, Sassi might be strong but she is shallow, empty from within! Kya expect kiya tha aur ye kya nikli! I remember I was totally up for Sassi’s character when this drama began & even understood her but not anymore, I am unable to connect to her character seeing how cold & inhumane she is!

This Tipu being the owner of Haveli scenario is absolutely forced & serves so purpose whatsoever. First Tipu tells Meena that they’ll move back to London, then in order to convince her, he makes her the owner of the Haveli & proposes her? Matlab kuch bhi? To be honest, Meena’s cluelessness when Qasim told her about Tipu’s intention was cringe worthy. Meena has spent enough time with Tipu to know that he is nothing but a liar. Meena has spent enough time with Tipu to know that he doesn’t have a soft corner for his family members so how did she assume that Tipu was telling her the truth that he was going to take care of the family? Meena knew about the clause in the contract, yet she chose to believe Tipu? The way Meena behaves seriously makes me feel she comes from a small town or a remote village to not have a know how of how things roll or to see through someone’s clear yet evil intentions because if she was educated or as suggested that she comes from London, she would’ve known better considering the exposure she must’ve had. Meena lets Tipu fool her every single time & she acts like his puppet! Seriously!

So, Khayyam gave up in front of Sassi, he surrendered because he can see that she is a gone case & there’s no point in taming her. Khayyam has lost everything, he lost at being a good father, a good husband, he also almost has lost those reasons for which he fell in love with Sonia Jahan & he has also lost his respect. The only reason why he is still taking care of Sonia is because his courtesy has overtaken his love for her & that’s about it!

Even though they gave it away in the precap of the next episode, but seeing Qasim’s agitation, I actually thought to myself that he might get married to Meena to save the entire family from Tipu & his evil plans & that’s exactly what is going to happen. Now that I am thinking about Tipu’s character, I still stand by what I said earlier that this drama would’ve been excellent without his addition. What a waste of time & screen space!

This entire tossing & teasing equation that Wajih & Sassi share is boring. Sassi is out to prove something to Wajih which she time & again does, still he makes a point to let her know that she is falling short of one thing or the other. Boring!

Going by what Sassi said to Qasim in the preview of the next episode tells me that she will now find herself a new job of pestering & guilt-tripping Qasim because her ego won’t allow her to accept that he got married to Meena & that he chose Meena over her! Also, I won’t be surprised IF Qasim will leave Meena because he’ll be like Sassi said so! Whatever! Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza!

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Teri Raza Episode 27 Review – Cringe Worthy!

Ohkay so, to be honest, I enjoyed this episode for a weird reason & that was because Suhana was getting bashed from every side. I loved how Suhana was getting exposed & on top of that she was being mistreated by Rameez but then again, the writer has made her this royalty who can get away with everything that is why, the punishment that she was getting had less or no impact!

Suhana claimed that she was not in contact with Imtiyaz, but did she really think people are going to buy that since she runs a business owned & financed by him? I literally cringed so hard the moment Suhana called & cried in front of Imtiyaz? Why is it that the oh so Khud-dar Suhana only now cries in front of Imtiyaz because she knows that he will take care of her financial burdens? It was just so typical of her to call & shed a few tears saying Seema was insulting her? If Suhana had an ounce of dignity or respect, she would have kept things to herself & had tried taking care of the business on her own. Just because Suhana knows she has Imtiyaz’s support, she thinks no one is entitled to say anything to her, not even her father! It is amusing that Suhana didn’t mind estranging her father because she got another Godfather who now deems her as his responsibility!

The writer is now trying to present Suhana as a damsel in distress because Rameez is totally different to what she expected him to be but then again, that is her own fault isn’t it, because she very well knew what sort of an irresponsible person Rameez was, so why did she get married to him expecting him to change? It is funny, Suhana was unhappy with Imtiyaz even after he was taking care of everything that she ever wanted & now she is again unhappy with the man of her dreams because he is not what she expected him to be & he isn’t changing? To be honest, when I see her mother in law scheming with Rameez so that Suhana keeps on working makes me think it definitely serves her right!

Imtiyaz really should have known better. It was sad that Suhana ended up ruining Seema & Imtiyaz’s relationship once again & what’s bizarre was that she chose to play innocent saying she had no idea why Imtiyaz took such a decision, like really? Seema did the right thing by barging into her home & insulting her because this is exactly what she deserves but unfortunately, Suhana is beizzati proof! Talat leaves me speechless, she insults Suhana & then scurries back to pacify her, no wonder why Suhana is so messed up, because her parents failed at parenting!

The preview of the next episode was filled with cringe alerts too. Suhana will once again come face to face with her father, seriously? We are done with Suhana’s mohim of seeking izzat for her good-for-nothing spouse jiss ki wo khud izzat nahi karti. Also, in the preview Suhana was heard saying ‘Imtiyaz ne mujhe chora, tum to mujhe nahi choro ge na’, seriously? Is she really implying that Imtiyaz was disloyal & not sincere with her? Is she using that card to play the victim again? Has she actually forgotten that she created a havoc in Imtiyaz’s life & cheated on him because of which he set her free basically doing her a favor so that she can be with Rameez but oh well, what can be expected from such a conceited, arrogant & selfish character. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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Baaghi Episode 24 Review – Overload of Majbooris

Every week I tune into this drama hoping that it will give me something interesting to watch and talk about but Baaghi has turned out to be one of the most overrated dramas of this season. The script isn’t just dull and repetitive but also lacks depth altogether, the dialogues are too plain, the scenarios never have anything new to offer, the focus has been entirely on Kanwal’s character yet her character is one-dimensional just like all the other characters in the play and the fact that the writer has left no stone unturned to plead Kanwal’s case makes this drama even more unappealing. The cautious approach of the writer is the biggest reason for this lackluster script. Also, the pace of the drama is painfully slow and the scenes covering Kanwal’s videos are stretched for no reason. Kanwal’s character is more annoying than interesting and the screenplay does not have the kind of flow you would expect it to have since I expected better from a writer like Umera Ahmed. There are dramas in which every character has a story to tell and then there are dramas like Baaghi in which even the leading characters don’t have a definite story. Kanwal for instance has been tagged as “baaghi” for some reason yet her life is constantly being driven by the people around her, her strengths have been relegated to the background and her weaknesses have been accentuated to such an extent that her character has lost all its appeal.

This episode showed how Kanwal’s younger brother had changed over the years and it is easy to tell where this track is leading. Kanwal and Shehryar have grown closer in all these years but their conversations still revolve around the same issues! Even after all this time Shehryar still asks Kanwal the same question he was asking few years back!! Kanwal’s pappi pait dialogues fell completely flat since the overload of majbooris in every episode doesn’t help her track in any way.

At the end of the day we all watch dramas because we want to be entertained and there are a lot of dramas with serious storylines which keep the viewers engaged but for me Baaghi is definitely not such a drama. Saba Qamar has given better performances in her career and has definitely played more meaty roles as well. Watching her mimic Qandeel Baloch is just plain sad because she is capable of so much more. I feel that the producers completely failed to tell Qandeel’s story in an impactful manner because they were too busy “covering up” for some reason! This drama is definitely a winner in the ratings race but personally I have always found it really difficult to sit through almost all the episodes of Baaghi. It is getting more annoying with every passing episode and therefore this will be my last review of Baaghi. I would like to thank all those wonderful readers who read my reviews and gave me their feedback even when they were not following the drama.

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Dar Si Jati Hei Sila Episode 9 Review – Right On Point!

Dar Si Jati Hei Sila continues to be one of the most intelligently written plays on air at the moment. The variety of characters, impressive screenplay and realistic performances make this drama a must watch. The drama has also picked up pace and unlike before every episode offers something new. Tonight’s episode focused on Bari Aapa’s bizarre proposal which was readily accepted by those members of the family who thought that Sila and Joi’s marriage will help further their interests in some way. Everyone’s reaction was different and interesting in their own way. All these reactions were covered impressively as well.

I am glad that it wasn’t a Sila against the word kind of a situation but there were plenty of people who could see just how inappropriate and unfair this decision was. The fact that the writer has told this story without any reservations and has allowed the viewers to draw conclusions from different events makes it more attractive. Raheel and Zaini once again did whatever they could to help Sila, Sadia did whatever she thought would make Joi change his mind and Tullo and Noshi supported the decision because both of them want to see Raheel and Zaini getting married. Sikandar’s reaction did not come as a surprise as well since he trusts Joi and he would be happy to hand over his responsibilities to him.

Zaini’s father’s character is another one which is being revealed gradually and is fast becoming my favorite since he is the only one who can see that Joi isn’t as harmless as he appears to be and also someone who truly values his daughter although that is not the norm in Noor Manzil! His reaction when Noshi told him what was going on in the house was priceless. Also, when Bari Aapa told him all those lies, he chose to trust his own daughter. This went to show that how a father’s trust and faith in his daughter can shape up her personality in a good way. Although everyone blames Sila for the “flaws” in her personality but no one except Zaini can see that her father is the one who is actually responsible for them. This could be because Zaini knows what it’s like to have a father who loves and supports you. The only reason why Sadia and Sila are in this situation is that the man in their lives who is supposed to look after them hasn’t only abandoned them but also holds them responsible for whatever goes wrong in his life.

Like every other episode of this drama, this episode too had many meaningful conversations which revealed a little bit more about the characters. Zaini feels frustrated now because she thinks that Sila is not even trying to change the situation she is in and at the same time she also feels that Sila is stronger than Raheel since she had the guts to tell her father that she did not want to get married to Raheel. While Raheel has “forgiven” Sila, his mother has not been able to do so. It was ironic how Bari Aapa made up so many stories after seeing Raheel and Zaini together but she can never tell what kind of a person Joi is even when she watches him do something which is anything but normal! Bari Aapa’s “blind love” for Joi is the main reason why even those people in the house who can see that he is a twisted character decide to keep their opinion to themselves. Joi constantly devises plans to put Sadia in difficult situations and he always executes them confidently because he knows that he has the support of his Aapa!

Overall, this was another brilliant episode of Dar Si Jati Hei Sila with some exceptional performances to its credit. The director Kashif Nisar has done complete justice to Bee Gul’s script and the honesty with which all the actors have translated their characters on screen clearly shows in the final product. Noor-ul-Hassan’s solid performance as Saleem in this play and his brilliant performances in Aangan and Meeras have completely won me over. Nauman Ijaz, Sakina Samo, Saman Ansari, Aamna Malick, Munazzah Arif and Yumna Zaidi’s performances have been faultless throughout.

The preview of the next episode was powerful. Looking forward to how the story unfolds from here on.

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