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Haalim Episode 11 – Review

Wah! Is the perfect description for this episode. Maza aagya sach main.. Number 11 “ Waqt Kay Us paar”…..who would have imagined all the events to turn out this way. Let’s get started Haalims..The episode again began with a weird dream of Taaliya where she is in her era that is the new Malaysia and that basket. I couldn’t connect anything from her dream maybe something from her ex-husband, her wedding stuff or something. It needs a lot of brainstorming but I am more interested in the first dream to be materialized.

I really want to talk about our favourite the ideal person in this novel Wan Fateh Ramzel first because there are some shocking revelations here.( Eyes popping out)

Fateh Ramzel

The most unexpected response from Fateh Ramzel just marked this episode for me.He finally said it yes he did and guess what’s that? He needs Taliyah and kudos to Taliyah’s confidence that she had in her vision that one day this” Mr. Needs Nobody” will need her. The jail part where he had to chose between his life and Taliyah he clearly chose the later it was also quite surprising for me but cute.

I must give credit to the political nature of Fateh Ramzel that even in front of Taliyah’s Father he had the guts to put his point first and that’s the true nature of this inspiring man.

Honestly, it tore me when I read that he was physically tortured ..Ouch
Aryana’s appearance and that potion drinking event was full of suspense but I have something to ask as well wait till the end of review.

Shehzadi Tasha

We move next to our Shehzadi Tasha who had some really amazing feasts and courageous steps to her credit that must be highlighted. The first one was the island, apart from being the most courageous moves taken by her I was repeatedly reminded about Fateh Ramzel’s prediction about Taliyah’s dismissal. She is smart and yes she is right wo apne liye akeli hi kaafi hai. In that Island everything marked the intelligence of Taliyah except that choari parts where she couldn’t resist and our Shareef Adam scolded her Lol.

The most emotional part for me was Taliyah’s come back from the Island and her care towards Fateh Ramzel…The girl is head over heels in love. Fateh Ramzel’s questions of what she will do after he will leave her hurt her but she courageously hid the pain and smiled. Such a brave girl! Taliyah’s steps to bring all the Slaves to pressurize her father were impressive and that was a smart move as u say in politics.

Shareef Adam

Adored his care for Taliyah in the island and of course his concern because he always thought Taliyah will go back alone and he will be stuck forever..Lol but deep inside he trusts Taliyah and that was amazingly put forth when he lets her go back. Pyaara insan Adam!

Loved the message of always having a pen and paper with you because after all he is a moarikh he must have it but the Islamic history portrayed made the whole scene much more meaningful and beautiful. So guys write if you can and if you don’t you truly are wasting Allah’s gift.

I didn’t know Adam was soft hearted to a limit that he wouldn’t kill the beast who was ready to kill them. Apart from his soft heart it was his training that taught him never to hurt them but to free them is the best option to get rid of their danger. Great message of humanity !

Now let’s talk about the most important event of this episode that potion part…
The suspense it created left me thinking even when ALL of them safely reached to their era.

The words of Fateh that Adam and Taaliya always put him first because they always thought he is above them.( Fan fever)

The appearance of Aryana and her sadness.

All these words kept the reader anxious as we all knew Taliyah’s father wouldn’t have left them without taking something back.ThankGod that Shart was also revealed in this episode otherwise the whole month would have been so anxious for us.

So Our Beloved Fateh Drank that Liquid because he thought that it was the best option at that moment but I don’t think so. Here is why

1- Fateh thought of drinking the liquid because he had nothing to lose. He was the way he was a Leader the only thing which changed for him was his feelings for Taliyah and he compromised on that.Fateh thought of not letting Taliyah drink this because if she did she would forget all the lessons and live the same life but even When Fateh drank this Taliyah’s father was satisfied it means there is something he knows that Fateh didn’t. For me if Taliyah would have drank this she would forget everything and she would have again chased that treasure and boom back to her father so in this case her father would have let Taliyah drank it But he chose Fateh and the reason was Taliyah’s lust for power will bring her back so there should be no one stopping her from coming back. But I think even if she had drank it she would have gone back. Why Fateh? Can anyone explain.

2- The time when Fateh revealed everything to Adam showed that he wants Taliyah to stay with her But he took a promise from her to never go back even for him.

3- Even Fateh knew that Adam loves Taliyah still he wants her. Do u think its selfish of him?

4- Do u think after reading that email Taliyah would go back for Fateh Ramzel?

5- After knowing that his heart has the same old hateful feelings for her would she forget all the moments she lived with him?

Or Taliyah’s father knew that for Fateh Ramzel She would come back because he knew Fateh used to say bad things about Taliyah ( A chor) yet he protected her ? just a thought

Last question what is that Aakhri samndari safar of Taliyah…Was it a truth?

Can’t wait for the new episode. I hope you all enjoyed the episode and the review as well.
Keep me in your prayers.

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Dar Si Jati Hei Sila Episode 19 Review – Meaningful & Deep

Just like every other episode of Dar Si Jati Hei Sila this one too was deep and meaningful. There are no trivial conversations in this drama at all, every single conversation serves a bigger purpose and has a hidden meaning. The contrast between the old and new generation was also highlighted in this episode apart from the mindset behind giving boys preferential treatment. Although treating boys like superior beings is a normal occurrence in our society but most often this fact is highlighted in dramas through the birth of girls and the problems the mother faces because of it. Dar Si Jati Hei Sila on the other hand points out the mindset behind such thinking with utmost clarity. This drama also raises some serious, intelligent and articulate questions about these norms in our society. While Joi, who isn’t even related to anyone in Noor Manzil, gets to enjoy all the luxuries of life and more importantly gets acceptance but Sadia and Sila are constantly belittled and are treated like they are not good enough because they are women! The most ironic part of this entire situation is that a woman is at the helm of affairs in Noor Manzil yet she cannot see past her mu bola bhai perhaps because she doesn’t have a son or brother to make her feel special or even complete!

This episode opened with Zaini giving Joi a piece of her mind and it was gratifying watching her confront him. Joi’s reaction showed just how weak he actually was and he was just as afraid of being confronted as Sadia. All the questions that Hatim asked today were innocent yet unintentionally he highlighted the shallowness of the entire concept that boys were superior to girls. I love how the writer has penned down the story since most of the situations are ironic in a really meaningful way. The only boy in the house who is treated like royalty never felt loved or wanted because his own mother made him feel unwanted right from the time he was born. Many of the conversations tonight drew attention to the fact that Sadia never even attended to Hatim when he was born. She wanted to terminate her pregnancy but it wasn’t meant to be, after hearing all this tonight Hatim’s character is more understandable than ever. There is a good reason why he is constantly looking for acceptance even though his father and rest of the family think highly of him. Also, it is ironic that Hatim isn’t even Sikandar’s son yet he is the only reason why Sikandar keeps on coming back to Noor Manzil! Hatim and Sila’s scene yet again were the highlight of this episode. The performances, dialogues, situations and direction couldn’t have been better.

Nadia’s character has been used by the writer to show a different perspective to everything. Although Zaini and Raheel too show a viewpoint that is poles apart from that of everyone else in the family but the difference between them and Nadia is that Nadia is not afraid to speak her mind. Also, since Nadia was not raised in Noor Manzil therefore she observes everything more than others. Sadia and Joi’s relationship was never noticed by anyone other than Sila but now Nadia can see that there is something going on between these two. Similarly, unlike others she has Joi wrapped around her little finger because she does not see him through Bari Aapa’s eyes the way Sadia and Sila do! She sees him for who he is – a lazy good for nothing man! Nadia’s reaction when she found out that she was pregnant was comical but just like every other situation in this drama it also raised some important points.

Zaini and Raheel’s scenes are always the best part of every episode. Zaini’s dialogues tonight about how Sila felt, reflected the thinking of every boy and girl out there who has ever been harassed. These dialogues were written beautifully and Aamna Malick’s performance once again was brilliant.

Dar Si Jati Hei Sila continues to impress; the script, the performances and the direction never fails to impress. I am waiting for the time when Sadia will finally take a stand for her daughter or when Sila will learn to be more brave because that is when things will start to change for the better. Will Hatim ever find out the truth? Waiting to find out!

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

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Tabeer Episode 4 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tabeer took the story forward but the overall pace of the drama is a bit in the slower side because there are not many characters or tracks which can make this drama a bit happening, but overall, it still is a decent watch!

Ajju’s character got a little detailed introduction in this episode. Ajju is an opportunist who puts himself before anyone else. Ajju is quite analytical when it comes to making money that is why he keeps on resorting to short cuts to double what he has. Ajju obviously has his sights on Tabeer but he is not doing anything for now which might make his intentions a bit more obvious!

Tabeer thought she had lost Daadi but fortunately, she just had a fever. Daadi & Tabeer’s relationship is sweet. It is also nice to see Ajju’s sister in law helping Tabeer & Daadi in the hour of need, whereas she is not aware of the fact that Ajju & his brother have decided to stay at Daadi’s house from now on!

I find Fawad’s mother’s obsession with her son & those tantrums that she throws when he is unable to give her some attention quite unreasonable & funny. Even though it was sweet that she wanted to surprise her grown up son on his birthday, it was hard to digest that she conveniently ignored that Zarnish was in hospital & probably on her death bed. No matter how unreasonable a person must be, I am sure no one can ignore someone who is terminally ill.

Zarnish arranged a little surprise for Fawad & that was the last time they both made a little memory together. Zarnish passed away after having a baby & on the other hand Tabeer had a baby boy too. Saniya is heart broken because of Fawad & she still is in love with him, because of which she sent him a bouquet on his birthday. Not sure what role she will play in Fawad’s life now. Let’s see how the story will unfold from now on. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tabeer.

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Khudgarz Episode 21 Review – Heart-breaking!

I am sure every single viewer must have watched this episode of Khudgarz with teary eyes because not only all the emotions were powerfully portrayed but also because everyone formed such a deep connection with Junaid’s character that his death left us all broken hearted!

Munawwar had a lot to say to Junaid but the sad part was, he was not going to listen to him the way he used to, all his life. Munawwar was left with nothing but regrets & that is what actually happens, when someone you love leaves & when you don’t get a chance to share what you have in your heart. Junaid also left in such circumstances that everyone is left with regrets for the rest of their lives as they know that they wronged him, except Aairah!

Hassan poured his heart out to Omar & even though Omar told him to, Hassan knew he had no courage to face his family, especially Junaid. All the things that Hassan said regarding everything that Junaid used to do for him was so realistic, this is how usually everyone remembers their dear ones when they pass away.

Unfortunately, because Hassan has left such a bad impression on everyone, both Raheel & Abeer were forced to misunderstand him because they felt he was being egoistic even after finding out about Junaid’s death. Abeer & Raheel have seen Hassan at his worst & because they have no idea that that he has changed, they both still believed that Hassan didn’t care much about Junaid or his parents to come see them in such a dark.time.

Abeer’s role during such a tough phase in Aairah’s life is praise worthy. It was also quite good to see Salma having Abeer by her side because she shared what was in her heart with Abeer, otherwise Salma didn’t have anyone who would listen to her. Abeer tried to give Aairah some courage & support but broke down because she couldn’t see her friend suffering. Abeer exactly knew that Aairah could harm herself & in order to fight her depression, she could once again resort to sleeping pills but sadly, Salma didn’t allow Abeer to take Aairah with her which would’ve been so much better for Aairah’s mental health. Rabeea’s reaction after seeing Junaid’s daughter was heart breaking too. So many people were affected by his death, which shows how well & truly loved he was but sadly, Munawwar & Hassan wronged him & before they could apologize, he left!

Well, the lawyer told Munawwar which left him embarrassed. Munawwar taunted Junaid for the money he spent on him but now he got to know that Junaid even after his death paid him back for all that he had done for him. Junaid gave Munawwar back everything that he spent on him & he left this world having a clean slate without owing anything to anyone!

This episode was so so so heart breaking & the spot on direction took every emotion a notch higher too. Amina Sheikh, Sami Khan, Ghulam Mohhiuddin & Mansha Pasha acted phenomenally in this episode. Uf it was so emotional, still can’t get over it. The discussion that the readers had under previous episode’s review showed how deeply this drama, its story & its characters has affected everyone. It is commendable that the team of this drama succeeded in portraying reality in such a convincing manner that we all were reminded of our loved ones who are no more with us! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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Khamoshi Episode 23 Review-Desi Friend-zoning?

So the episode opened with a similar sequence we saw in Humsafar. Our beautiful Arsala was enjoying the rain shower while the handsome Shahram was standing there and enjoying seeing Arsala have a good time. Then yes our girl asked him to sense the feels of Baarish which he did like a good boy. Here I want to write it in capital letters: ARSALA SMILED THE SHARMEELI WALI SMILE AT HIM! And I like many of the innocent viewers thought ke Hassi Toh Phassi (in this particular case of course). But no, she wants Shahram (and us) to suffer even more. Arsala is clearly giving out signals that she wants to be with Shahram and then she starts blaming him like he is trying to kill her or something. Her concern regarding her family is acceptable as per the story but a girl like Arsala who never even blamed Naima for what she did is blaming Shahram for no reason.

Bee Jaan is meddling again in both of the leads lives and wants to see them together. And to make her happy Arsala and Shahram are pretending to be hone wale dulha dulhan which is absurd. She is Bee Jaan and not a 3 year old whom they are trying to fool. Arsala at least should come up with her true feelings in front of Bee Jaan so she could help her with the whole situation. But no they will play make-believe for 3 or 4 episodes because why not?

Naima and Shehnaz’s situation is incomprehensible at this point. Arsala does not come home anymore. She sends money on time and still they keep blaming her for whatever turmoil Naima is facing in her marriage. Maybe the dialogue writer ran out of more lines and consequently Naima is stuck with Main tum se bohat mohabbat karti hoon and Maine humare liye bohat se khawab dekhay thay. 

With the last episode being a good progress, I was hoping to see the story move forward. They should have made Arsala come to terms with her feelings for Shahram so they could go for the whole family fiasco which would follow. Khamoshi has been a big victim of dragging storyline. Let’s hope the next episode will solve the Zubiya plot and Arsala will finally admit that she likes that bechara khawar hota hua larka too and maybe stop friend-zoning or Bee Jaan-zoning him!

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