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Khamoshi Episode 28 Review-Uff!

The episode was nothing short of a headache. Today finally Bee Jaan’s son kicked her out of her own house. The scene was not just painful but disgusting too. Yes, these things are happening in our society but the way Basit’s character took a 180 degrees turn is unacceptable. Basit loved his mother and always respected her opinions but all of a sudden he has become such a pain. Nasreen has succeeded in everything as she sent Bee Jaan to an old age home. Her daughter is finally betrothed to Shahram. All in all, it was a win-win episode for Nasreen.

Arsala has gotten what she was thriving for so badly. She has gotten herself another chance to cry and her self-imposed mazloomiyat was shining brightly in the whole episode. Her constant woh rishta Bee Jaan ki khushi ke liye qaim kiya tha has become annoying to the point of explosion. At this point, Arsala’s character only looks like of a person who gets lucky every time since she never strives for anything. She only cries all the time and waits for some saviour to come and get things right for her, be it Bee Jaan, Tahseen or Shahram.

There is nothing left in Naima’s track. They have brought Atif to Karachi now and in such a huge city he will bump only into Arsala because why not. Naima is waiting for Atif to call her to Karachi while Atif has no intentions of doing that. Naima’s whole dramatic breakdown on Sabir’s death went in vain since people were not buying it. Another instance when Arsala got lucky because the girl does not even bother to do something when her character was being slandered so badly.

The actress who plays Zubiya seems so bored in all of her scenes that one cannot even think of her as evil. She has put zero efforts to make the character look real or obsessed with Shahram. Nasreen is the one who looks like Shahram ki ultimate deewani instead of Zubiya.

The preview for episode 29 is up and it will not be the last episode. Seems like Khamoshi is working hard to become Alif, Allah Aur Insaan 2!

Dramas Review

Woh Mera Dil Tha Episode 5 Review – Difficult Decisions!

Tonight’s episode of Woh Mera Dil Tha was interesting overall with the exception of a few scenes which could have been chopped down. The story is unpredictable but some of the supporting actors are unbearable! Thankfully the leading cast is doing their job well therefore they keep you coming back for more. Naina overheard her father talking about the mistakes he had made when he was young and why he accepted Zaid as Naina’s life partner. His reasoning made perfect sense but he has no idea what is actually going on. This scene could have been better if it was wrapped up quickly, such scenes are tedious to watch if the dialogue delivery is too slow.

The most entertaining part of this episode was watching Zaid work out a plan to get himself out of this situation. His family was quite content with this proposal even though Zaid painted a grim picture of how terrible his future could be if he got married to Naina. These dialogues were hilarious and Sami Khan was beyond brilliant throughout this episode. Zaid’s lack of interest in Naina not only because she is Arham’s girlfriend but because he doesn’t like her one bit makes this entire scenario even more amusing. Both of them cannot stand each other yet they are in this situation which is beyond their control. The only reason why they cannot reveal the truth is that Arham doesn’t want his father to find out what is going on. Tonight, Zaid really was looking out for his own interest more than anyone else’s when he suggested that Naina and Arham should elope. Right now, it seems like he just wants these two out of his life because there is no other way to escape the situation.

Arham’s scene with his father was difficult to watch because the actor who is playing his father’s role cannot act to save his life! Although the entire conversation was written well but it is difficult to take things seriously when the performances are so weak! This scene clearly showed that Arham’s father wasn’t going to give his consent no matter what therefore later on when Zaid suggested that they should secretly get married, Arham for the first time was willing to go along with it. This time around Naina was reluctant because after listening to what her father said, she knows how badly he will be hurt if she does something like this.

The scenes which showed Naina’s father thinking about how he had raised her could have been chopped down and this episode overall could have been even better if it focused on the leading cast more and few of the scenes were not stretched. I am waiting for the time when the focus will be entirely on these three characters since their story is appealing and the performances are up to the mark as well. Sami Khan once again was the star of the show, he never fails to impress!

The preview of the next episode didn’t give away too much therefore it is impossible to predict what is going to happen next! Zaid, Arham and Naina have my undivided attention and I can’t wait to find out how their story unfolds in the future.

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it.

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Dramas Review

Noor ul Ain Episode 10 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Noor only focused on what both Noor & Khizar went through when their family members turned their back on them!

Khizar decided to speak to his mother for the last time but she remained persistent that she was not going to go to Noor’s house again in order to solve this matter. She chose not to budge because this was her way of teaching Khizar a lesson & telling him that he shouldn’t expect anything from her!

Well, Ghazala finally decided to come clean & let everyone especially Noor’s mother know what was in her heart. Ghazala owned what she did & called it her revenge. She obviously is mistaken & holds everyone else responsible for whatever happened with Shumaila.

Qasim thought Noor will stay back & won’t go with Khizar until he brings his mother but Noor’s decision shocked him to no end. Noor decided to stick with her decision without even bothering about what it was that her father wanted & she thought shedding a few tears will earn her the forgiveness that she was after but obviously the way she has shattered the trust of her father, she really shouldn’t expect anything from him.

Well, Noor got hospitalized because all of this was too much for her handle & then she went to Khizar’s friend’s place because Khizar the genius has also left his house. Taaliyan!

Honestly, while watching this episode, I thought that even though the director has directed this drama to the best of his abilities, it still is lacking that Sarmad Sultan Khoosat Factor, why? Because the script is so so so weak, like there is practically nothing in this drama to offer to its viewers & then give them something exciting to talk about. Sajal Ali & Imran Abbas have done their best too but then again, the characters of Noor & Khizar have zero personalities so their performances aren’t doing much for the viewers either. Anyways, please share your thoughts.

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Dramas Review

Zun Mureed Episode 7 Review – Bitter Realities

Tonight’s episode just like the previous one had many important developments to its credit. The writer showed the consequences of the step Tabbasum had taken from different angles and everything was shown realistically with the exception of the fact that Tabbasum didn’t mention her children even once. The most pleasant aspect of this drama is that even with all the opposition which Tabbasum is facing, she never questions what she has done. She is still very sure that she did nothing wrong and is not shown regretting her actions. Nadia Khan’s acting tonight was relatively better but her styling and make-up once again looked completely out of place. This drama has raised some important points and it has done so impressively. This episode opened with Sajjad struggling with only half of what Tabbasum was doing on regular basis. Bi Jaan continued to give everyone a tough time because she is convinced that it is her god-given right to dictate to everyone! Even though she can see that Sajjad cannot cope but she is still pressurizing him to divorce Tabbasum. Her expressions in the last scene however suggested that she had come up with a different plan!

Many of the scenes in this episode showed how “common” it was for men to hit their wives and how most people still failed to comprehend why was the state involved in this matter. Since this drama was written a few years back therefore it shows how difficult the execution of this law was in the early years of its implementation. The scene at the police station showed confusion and even though the officer incharge wanted to make a good example of this case but he wasn’t getting the support he needed and the law itself was not clear. This goes to show that the state has a huge responsibility when they make such laws public. Sajjad’s meeting with his lawyer was also important because he suggested that Sajjad should apologize since there was no other way out. Basically, both these scenes suggested that the only way out for Sajjad was to apologize and bring Tabbasum back home therefore even with the lack of clarity the FIR guaranteed that Tabbasum had some degree of protection. Omair Rana has translated different shades of Sajjad’s personality superbly on screen. So far Sajjad also doesn’t feel any regret, his ego won’t allow him to reflect upon his actions and he is also surrounded by people who give him wrong advice.

The scene in which Marium was wondering what happened to her brother’s perfect life was one of my favorite scenes from this episode! It was ironic how she contributed so much to this tragedy yet she blamed it all on someone’s buri nazar! Khalid Anum and Hina Bayat both are absolutely phenomenal in their respective roles. Their realistic and convincing performances makes it easier to understand their characters. The actress playing Fari’s role and the actor who is playing her class fellow’s role are standing out like a sore thumb. Their performances and their overall look is distracting to say the least! Tabbasum and Fari’s relationship however is heart-warming. The child stars have also done complete justice to their characters. You feel for the kids more than anyone else since they are the ones suffering the most. Shamim Hilali has played her role superbly too.

This episode brilliantly covered the role of the media during such personal upheavals. We see our channels making the most of tragedies worse than this one only to get viewership. This negative aspect of freedom of speech and independence of media needs to be highlighted and tonight all the scenes covering the role of media did so impressively. Even though these media personnel tell the public that they are helping the victim but that is not the case. It is all about ratings and personal gains.

Zun Mureed is turning out to be a game changer in many ways. This drama deals with domestic abuse in a brand new way. It sends out a clear message which is easy to understand – it is not okay for men to hit their wives, there is nothing ‘normal’ about it and a wife has the right to protect herself without being accused of being disloyal if something like this happens! Kankar was the only other drama which highlighted this issue in a similar manner but Amna Mufti’s take on the issue is different because it also involves the state and legislation apart from many other things. The miscasting has definitely affected the overall impact of different situations. The drama overall would have been perfect if some of the cast members gave a more solid performance.

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Haara Dil Episode 1 Review — A Beginning

So written by Rabia Razzaq directed by Furqan Adam and produced by Mastermind Production ‘Haara Dil’ is Danish Taimoor’s third production of a drama serial. The play is all star studded including names like Dainsh Taimoor, Hiba Bukhari, Mahmood Aslam, Shehryar Zaidi, Shaheen Khan, Rabya Kulsoom, Rameez Siddiqui and Seemi Pasha.

The first episode aired on Aplus yesterday and included it’s fair share of cliches and climaxes. Hiba Bukhari plays the role of a middle class, responsible and somewhat straightforward girl Momina who is of age and her mother Shagufta played by Shaheen Khan like every other Pakistani mother can think of nothing but finding her daughter a suitor. Mahmood Aslam who is playing Momina’s Dad’s role (Abraar) is very supportive of Momina’s decision to further study and even of her relationship with Arham which is played by Danish Taimoor who happens to be the son of her father’s best friend Afaan (Shehryar Zaidi).

The status difference between Momina and Arham’s families is as clear as morning sky but it doesn’t bother anyone much except Arham’s mother Amtul (Seemi Pasha) and his sister Areej. The episode basically revolves around Momina and Arham (of course the leads) who struggle to understand what the future holds for them. The play can be a bit Bollywood-ish at times with all the use of slow motion and urrti zulfain aur hawain.

Arham’s mother dearest is portrayed as a very authoritative figure who is very blunt almost callous at times. She wants Arham to marry Anoushay who is her friend’s daughter and of course complements their family status (cliched right?). Moving on Arham is adamant that Momina is the only woman who can actually make him happy and to him nothing else matters he finds a confidante in his father Afaan who understands and respects his sons decision but constantly reminds him of not making promises if he can’t keep them.

The first episode was quite on point we’re quickly brought to Areej’s Mehendi where the two families finally meet but I have no idea where both dads were probably hanging out someplace cool with no drama since they are the only ones who can see through the extra-ness of it all. Amtul is obviously very derogatory towards Momina’s family and Shagufta being the lady that she is says nothing in return but Abeer (Momina’s younger sister) who is another character as cool as the dads played by Rabya Kulsoom reminds Amtul Aunty that she can not treat people like that.

There’s a lot of drama on this mehendi when Momina arrives and her dubbata catches fire because of all the diyas at the entrance (that she conveniently fails to see) and Arham comes to her rescue tho the ost in the background really is beautiful but one can not help but notice the clicheness of this scene. Areej and Amtul obviously snap because of this incident and there’s another fiery exchange of words between Areej and Abeer and finally Momina speaks as well after which she walks out of there which upsets Arham meanwhile Amtul gets drowsy and almost falls and well drop scene.

Shagufta reaches home and talks to Abraar about how clear Amtul’s stance on Arham and Momina’s marriage is so it is about time that they start looking for some other rishta for Momina. Anyway if any of you haven’t seen it already I won’t spoil it for you because the episode ended with a twist and at least I could not see it coming.

Overall the play has a great ost, casting is good and I especially liked Rabya’s performance as Abeer. The dialogues are powerful at times like the time Afaan tells Arham “Jo rishtay khushi dete hain wohi dil ke sabse ziada nazdeeq hote hain” ahhh I felt that. The story comes of as predictable in the beginning but I am guessing there’s a lot to come. So fingers crossed.

Do share with me what you thought of the first episode.

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