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Khudgarz Episode 22 Review – Tragic!

I’m sure no one saw this coming. A few weeks into this drama, quite a lot of viewers started commenting about Junaid’s death but I am sure no one could’ve predicted this about Aairah. This drama took sadness to another level & I am sure this episode must have left quite a lot of viewers heavy hearted too!

This episode focused on how everyone’s life was functioning without Junaid. Munawwar was just depressed because he couldn’t stop thinking about how things went wrong & how he couldn’t do anything to make them right. With every passing moment, Munawwar was reminded of how hard life was going to be because the guilt kept on bringing him down. With Junaid’s death, Munawwar changed as he was forced to re-evaluate what was important in life & he realized that it was high time he reciprocated the love with which Salma treated him all her life. Munawwar not only accepted but admitted that he was a weak man & because Salma’s submissiveness made him feel superior, he always oppressed her.

Munawwar finally got the cheque from the insurance company & all he could think of was how meaningless this amount was because it could never bring back his happiness; both of his sons. Munawwar didn’t have the courage to face Aairah or hold Dua because he held himself responsible for whatever Aairah was going through but because Salma encouraged him, he finally embraced his granddaughter.

Aamir was concerned for Aairah but then again Salma was right, Aairah could never be happy living away from a place where she spent her life with Junaid. Aairah was struggling, she couldn’t cope up with the fact that Junaid was no more. A psychiatrist who did so well professionally was becoming emotionally weak with each passing moment because people around her blamed her for being too happy with her husband. Junaid was her only safety blanket, her only comfort zone & now when he was no more, she just couldn’t stop herself from resorting to those pills which were acting like a slow poison. Aairah knew that after her, Dua won’t be left alone because she will find a mother, a sister, a friend in Abeer & that is exactly what happened. After Aairah passed away, Abeer decided to take care of Dua but despite Munawwar not being in its favor, Salma allowed Abeer. Salma knows that no matter what, Dua will need a mother & a father in her life, which was a space that both she & Munawwar won’t be able to fill.

Finally, Hassan came back only to find out that Aairah was no more. Hassan will now try to do everything to prove his love to Junaid by taking care of Dua but he will now understand how hard it is to he parted with someone you love after Abeer will take Dua away from him.

This episode was realistic & convincing & because of that, it was pretty depressing. Life surely is unpredictable & it is only because of ego, people end up ruining other’s lives & then spend the rest of theirs in regret. While watching Munawwar feeling guilty, all I could think of was how different things would have been if Munawwar hadn’t treated Junaid the way he did, sigh! Please share your thoughts.

Dramas Review

Ishq Tamasha Episode 1-4 Review – Good Start!

Director: Danish Nawaz

Writer: Misbah Nosheen

Cast: Junaid Khan, Aiman Khan, Faizan Khawaja, Kinza Hashmi, Saba Faisal and Furqan Qureshi.


Ishq Tamasha is directed by Danish Nawaz which attracted me to give it a try in the first place. His Sunn Yaara was very good and Ishq Tamasha has also started well. Ishq Tamasha is the story of two couples. The leading ladies belong to a middle-class family. Mirha (Aiman Khan) is an orphan and she lives with her Chachi who is Rushna’s (Kinza Hashmi) mother. Rushna is a happy go lucky spirit. She seems a bit greedy and judgmental as well. She lies a lot too. All she cares about are good clothes, good food and anything with a tag of expensive. Mirha, on the other hand, is the hated orphan who has to do all chores and getting blamed for every wrong thing is also one of her many duties. Chachihates her because her only abroad wala beta Wahaj wants to marry Mirha.

The other family is in total contrast to Mirha and Rushna’s. Arham (Faizan Khawaja) and Mehrab (Junaid Khan) belong to a very rich family. Mehrab handles all the business while Arham only spends money on stupid things and getting the girl.

With four episodes down, the paths have crossed of the above four. Arham has fallen in love with Rushna at first sight. He is ending him ridiculously expensive gifts and is making Mehrab pay for them. Rushna is being her greedy self and when her mother gets to know about anything, she always easily blames it on Mirha thus making life more miserable for her. Mirha is shown as more of a realistic and less of a bechari. She knows there is no one to help her and therefore always tries to avoid problems. But Rushna is there to make her life hell which she is stupidly allowing. She met Mehrab two times and both very dramatically but from the last episode, it seems like Mehrab mistook Mirha for the girl Arham wants to marry.

One thing which I am kind of disliking up till now are the CHEESY phone conversations between Arham and Rushna. They are a bit much to tolerate but the overall story is good. Ishq Tamasha is off to a good start with nice characterization and a good pace. The story is edited well too with not many extra scenes. With a good start let’s see how Ishq Tamasha moves forward and hope it does not become an extra stretchable chewing gum!

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Laal Ishq Episodes 20-23 Review – Still Going Strong

These four episodes of Laal Ishq have taken the drama forward in huge steps and all of them equally engaging, intriguing and yet all the more complicated. For Ansa Mehrunnisa aka one woman army of Laal Ishq, things are downhill since the day she has found out the identity of Farhad and Rameen. First her world came crashing down when she got to know that she had unknowingly engaged her daughter to the man’s daughter whose blood she is thirsty for. Secondly, to her utter dismay, her strength, Mehr Punaar has fallen in love with Bali’s daughter. That makes him leave Bali unharmed not once but twice because of the love that he has for her. The first time, mamoo Munir tried to do his job but Punaar stopped him the middle, which made Bali hurt and hospitalized but not fatally. This was so difficult for Mehrunnisa to grasp that she lost all senses in anger. Her effect was so much on Punaar that he agreed not to leave Bali alive the next time he finds him. He even denies his love for Rameen but she is not going to let him go that easily. She reached the restaurant unexpectedly when he and Farhad were meeting and created a huge scene which ultimately made his brother realise that she had also fallen in love.

Mehr Punar is shown very realistically confused. He has been brought up and raised in a way that his sole reason for existence was to take revenge for Hukum’s murder. Now that he has discovered romantic feelings for Rameen, he doesn’t know how to deal with them. He can’t dissociate her identity of being Bali’s daughter away from her and that makes him swing between a love hate pendulum for her. Aabi Khan has consistently been a star in all four episodes.

Farhad is also just amazing as the calm and controlled one. It’s lovely to see all four youngsters with individual personalities and temperaments being so wonderfully played and acted out. Amongst the terribly emotional Punaar and Mahi and Rameen, Farhad is an oasis of calm and thoughtfulness. He is strong but gentle unlike Punar who is gentle at heart but doesn’t quite know how to control his temperament and all that’s expected out of him. That’s understandable though, since they have been raised by totally opposite individuals and they have the characteristics of their parents in them.

Ansa Mehrunnisa has crossed all limits now and went to the extent of putting metal locks in Mahi’s feet to keep an eye on her all the time. Mahi has suffered so much at the hand of her mother, that she has started requesting Farhad to do court marriage with her, which he is almost willing to do but not quite. Mehrunnisa has even shot one of her maids and injured another one because she saw her helping Mahi in talking to Farhad.

The next time Punar and Munir have gone to kill Bali, Rameen comes in front of his father and Punar is helpless in love. He simply shoots at Bali’s feet and this time mamoo Munir also stops and follows Punar home.

On seeing that she is losing a battle, Mehrunnisa gets Mahi engaged and insults Jajji and Rameen when they come to request her for Mahi’s hand. Jajji and Farhad seems to be the only two who are feeling everything, hence they have that tragic expression all the time. The others, including Bali himslef are an example of if you think, life is a comedy. Despite their trials, they still see humor in all of it and that makes Laal Ishq a very interesting watch in an otherwise sad story.

It was very refreshing to see Zahid’s entry as such a good human being. Just by being egngaged to Mahi and that too wrongfully, he fully listens to her and wants to help her. He is such a positive character. Now that Mahi and Farhad are all set to elope secretly with Zahid’s help, Rameen tries to take Punar into confidence but he becomes Mehrunnisa’s son once again and gets really angry at the suggestion of Mahi and Farhad’s court marriage.

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Woh Mera Dil Tha Episode 1 Review – Refreshing!

Written by: Faiza Iftikhar
Directed by: Mohsin Ali
Produced by: Wajahat Rauf & Shazia Wajahat
Schedule: Every Saturday 9pm

Let me start by saying the no one writes love stories better than Faiza Iftikhar because her characters always have depth and variations, they are easy to connect to and are most often either likeable or unforgettable, the story is always free of clichés and is gripping as well as unpredictable. My number one reason for tuning into this show was that it has been written by Faiza Iftikhar, number two was that Sami Khan is playing the lead and number three was the production house. Sami Khan has given the viewers some of the most outstanding performances this year, he has been constantly experimenting and has been making his presence felt in every project he has worked in. Even when some of the dramas he was a part of this year didn’t have much to offer, Sami Khan continued to impress. His portrayals are always faultless and completely different from one another. Madiha Imam and Sami Khan make the perfect on-screen couple as well therefore especially after watching this episode I have high hopes that this will turn out to be another unforgettable love story.

This first episode opened with Naina (Madiha Imam) rushing out of the house to meet her boyfriend. The first conversation between Naina and her mother revealed a great deal about the family dynamics in the house. While Naina’s mother doesn’t like controlling her, her father is completely opposite. The introduction to Zaid’s (Sami Khan) character couldn’t have been more interesting since the entire scene suggested that Naina was Zaid’s girlfriend but the fact that she was actually going to meet Arham (Furqan Qureshi) came as a pleasant surprise since otherwise this entire situation wouldn’t have been easy to relate to. The bus scene was brilliantly directed and was really amusing. Zaid and Naina are cousins but there are some serious differences between the two families because of which they have to keep their feelings for each other secret and there are little chances that their parents will ever give them their blessings.

Tonight’s episode also covered the family ties in Arham and Zaid’s house. The fathers in all the households are more strict than the mothers. Zaid has big dreams and was shown complaining about the state of affairs in his house. Zaid is outspoken and anything but perfect which makes his character even more interesting.

This episode was entertaining, the pace and editing was perfect and the performances of the leading cast gave it the edge it needed. Madiha Imam looked beautiful and she completely owned her character. Furqan Qureshi fit in perfectly in Arham’s role and Sami Khan made sure that he translated Zaid’s crude personality accurately on screen. Sami Khan was definitely the star of the show tonight. The situations and the dialogues were right on point and they were executed superbly too because of this, the episode overall had a good flow. This first episode was also lighthearted although it seems like things will get serious as the story progresses.

How many of you watched the first episode of Woh Mera Dil Tha? Do share your thoughts about it.

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Khamoshi Episode 24 Review-Low IQs Spotted!

Dragging it to hell beautifully explains the situation with Khamoshi. It is (maybe was) a good script which had the potential to hook people to the screens. But quantity is winning over quality lately and we saw another episode which is just not easy to understand. This episode has so many cringy scenes that the ones with Iqra Aziz crying over Atif seemed bearable. Arsala has proved to be a bad influence on Shahram as the boy has totally turned into a Khamosh Larka in every front of his life and has lost his backbone which he used to have in the initial episodes. The pretend and guess got too dragged today as now Arsala was getting an engagement ring over telling Bee Jaan the truth because apparently, Bee Jaan who puts up with all the tantrums of her own family is so faint of heart that she will not be able to tolerate little Arsala not getting married.

The sudden entry and reactions of Nasreen and company showed that either they have very very (very to the infinity) low IQs or they are suffering from some kind of obsessive disorder and need sudden treatment. She started yelling at Arsala, she insulted Shahram as well as Bee Jaan. She blamed Shahram to be a shallow person who has fallen for Arsala ka husn. Basit who seemed like a reasonable person in the start also played along and was stupidly rude towards a boy who had just paid for their luxury vacation. As for Zubiya she has the same Sara syndrome, Sara from Humsafar suffered from. Her bohat jald humara rishta hone wala tha was both absurd as well as surprising. Shahram’s reaction towards this crazy family was strange. He transformed into Arsala who just tolerates everything and doesn’t answer back.

Naima is still consistent with her problems as well as her mother who just has forgotten that she has two other kids too. Forget about Arsala, she doesn’t even care about Guddu. Sabir is still whining over what he has done to Arsala’s life and is also asking for forgiveness.

This drama had a decent script, good lead couple, an excellent negative Naima, in short, it had the potential to stand out but the makers have made it another Alif Allah Aur Insaan where you start wishing it to end. Ending today’s review with the hope that the show will end before Arsala ki Khamoshi is transformed into Bee Jaan ki Khamoshi!

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