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Lashkara Episode 3 Review – Entertaining!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Lashkara. It is the sort of drama that is meant to entertain you while still having a strong storyline & substantial characters. The way the personalities of all the characters are being elaborated makes it even more interesting.

So, Bubbly left quite a good impression on Nasreen because of her honesty. Nasreen did approach Kulsoom for Bubbly’s proposal only because Feeka insisted & she being his mother didn’t want to break his heart but the little interaction that she had with Bubbly let her know that she is a kind-hearted girl who would be a perfect partner for Feeka. Feeka continued to be madly in love with Bubbly & despite knowing the sort of image Bubbly has, it still didn’t put a dent on the feelings that he had for her.

This time around, Feeka’s family dynamics got a detailed introduction. Feeka’s family has acquired this overnight wealth because Nasreen got involved in the property business. Feeka’s sister Nikki & her husband Akram finally made an appearance too. Nikki doesn’t hold a high opinion for Bubbly but amusingly she still was pretty ok with the fact that Feeka was fixated with her & that Nasreen had approached Bubbly’s family for his proposal. Nikki’s husband Akram has turned into a supervisor for all the family & household affairs of Nasreen & he is just treated as a worker around the house who really doesn’t have much say of his own. Nikki is the boss in their relationship because she now has a stronger back & Akram is someone who just follows her orders!

Kulsoom wasn’t overjoyed with Feeka’s proposal for Bubbly but still, she was seriously considering it because of Feeka’s wealth & social standing at this stage. Even though Bubbly said no, Kulsoom tried to talk her into this marriage because she being a practical woman could see how it would not only benefit Bubbly but also her brother Iqbal.

I actually got confused & thought Bubbly had a soft corner in her heart for Sunny, that is why she approached him & told him to send her proposal but in reality, she just wanted an escape from Feeka because she really could not see herself getting married to him. Sunny took things seriously & decided to do something for Bubbly but little did he know that a heart break was awaiting him!

I must say, I loved the way Muneer intervened & said no to Nasreen. Even though this proposal didn’t have any such flaws which would’ve resulted in refusal but only because Muneer saw that this was not what Bubbly wanted, he chose to respect his daughter’s choices, which was super sweet & very considerate. Also, in this entire matter, the way Saima took the front seat was a pleasant surprise. I am so glad that there’s more to Saima’s character & personality than just a bookworm who gets rejected every single time. Saima tried to knock sense into Bubbly that if she didn’t want to settle for Feeka then she most certainly didn’t deserve Sunny as well & I guess her speech actually worked because then it was made clear that Bubbly was not into Sunny but was just using him as a scapegoat. Also, the way Saima confronted Sunny was quite interesting too, I really didn’t see it coming. Sunny did put up quite a show at Bubbly’s house but he got his answer which broke his heart into million pieces because he never in his wildest dreams imagined that Bubbly would turn her back on him, that too in front of her family. Also, another interesting being who emerged as Bubbly’s savior was Nazeer & I couldn’t stop laughing at the courage that his feelings for Bubbly gave him because of which he was ready to outbid a strong personality like Sunny. It was amusing but it was adorable as well!

I loved watching this episode & couldn’t really keep a track of time because this episode ended quickly. There’s so much that meets the eye when you are watching Lashkara that apart from brilliant performances every single frame & scene seems so complete & offers you so many details to observe & enjoy. I must say the girl playing the role of Nikki was beyond perfect & totally in her element like it seemed that she was Nikki right from the beginning, that effortlessness & the finesse in her acting & dialogue delivery was phenomenal. I’m keen on seeing her character & how she will contribute to the overall story – really glad with her addition. I must say, all the dialogues are so enjoyable, Lashkara really is an entertaining package. Loving everyone’s performances so far, be it Saba Faisal, Saba Hameed, Noor ul Hassan, Ushna Shah, Imran Ashraf, Mohsin Abbas Haider or any of those supporting characters, they all are perfect. Please share your thoughts.

Dramas Review

Khasara Episode 2 Review – Average!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khasara was just alright. Yes, the story did move forward but I guess it still hasn’t kick started just yet. However, the characters are being introduced in detail which is good!

Linta left quite an impression on Sila & since Sila was so impressed with Linta’s status & everything she had, she forgot to notice how cold & distant Linta was. Sila actually thought that everything that Linta did basically went well with her image & she just didn’t mind it at all. Sila lacks a wisdom & exposure to not see people based on what they have or what their social standing is but because she is in such an awe of everything material, she thought highly on Linta despite the attitude she sported while being Sila’s guest!

Sila couldn’t stop raving about Linta to her friend Areeba but at least Areeba was sane & wise enough to see how cold & rude Linta was. Sila couldn’t stop thinking about all the blessings of Linta & she actually thought that Linta had everything one could wish for; a luxurious lifestyle, a lot of wealth & most importantly a loving husband. Everything that Sila said was right based on the vibes Linta & Mohtasim gave to her but little did Sila know that the same Linta who she thought had everything was suffering from insecurity because of her disloyal husband.

So, it turns out that Linta almost found out what she came for which was a proof of a relationship between Mohtasim & Arzoo but she really didn’t do much & more so, didn’t even let Mohtasim know that she eavesdropped on him & Arzoo. Yes, Linta did insult Arzoo but then again, it wasn’t in line with what a possessive & insecure wife would’ve done upon finding out the truth. It is shocking that everyone in the office knows what sort of relationship Arzoo & Mohtasim share yet no one has told anything to Linta, who also happens to be the boss. I really don’t know why Linta is putting up with Mohtasim & his disloyalty because it was suggested that everything that Mohtasim now has actually belongs to Linta & it’s basically her blessing on him that he has a status that he gets to flaunt, so not sure why Linta has given so much control over herself to Mohtasim?

Sila & kids couldn’t stop dreaming about Karachi & more than visiting the city, Sila just wanted to see Linta’s lifestyle. Not really sure what purpose Azar’s joblessness is serving in the story? Areeba on the other hand is a very nice character.

Overall, this episode was just average & let’s see if it will become interesting in the future episodes. The acting & the direction is definitely good but the overall feel of the drama is not extraordinary or excellent, for now! Let’s see how things roll. Please share your thoughts.

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Laal Ishq Last Episode Review – A Terrible End

After singing praises for this play for many months now, I didn’t want to criticise its end. Hence I watched the episode twice, thrice but cannot say anything better about it. It was a disaster, an illogical, incomplete and very silly disaster. Nothing made sense, no problem got closure and no character reached it’s intended destination. It seemed like the writer suddenly had an idea of a sequel so he lost all interest in this drama or the episodes were cut short due to some reason, because this certainly cannot be the natural progression of such a good drama. It’s like the drama didn’t end, it just died an accidental death.

If we discuss the points separately, all of them will be equally pointless. If Yawar Kamal though that police could solve the matter, why was he the one who had fired at Punar and Munir first. If he had gotten the police involved at that time and made sure that law is not taken into Punar’s hands , the drama would have had a totally different path. And Mehr Punar, the hero was reduced to a bad- mouthed abusive goon at the very end. For a drama that’s named on ishq, it didn’t suit that the hero had used and abused a girl in the name of love and then forcefully married her in the name of revenge. It’s one thing to be stuck in desperate circumstances and totally another to change your intrinsic character and nature. That is a sign of extremely poor characterisation. Aabi Khan has lost all his charm in these three episodes, going from a hero to an illiterate aggressive villain. It’s a terrible thing to show that a supposed hero does not even have basic respect for women or elders.

For the other hero, Arsalan Idrees did a brilliant job all the way but his end was also quite abrupt and out of character. Just a few tears and he was willing to forget Mahi, his love, his wife for whom he was willing to take all bullets. Speaking of cowardice, Rameen also took a very weak and pathetic stance at the end. A girl who thrived on dialogues like sharton par toh main tum say milnay na ayun, tum shadi ki bat kartay ho, and who convinced Farhad to take a stand for his love, becomes so weak that she is willing to sacrifice everything so Mehrunnisa can end the hatred and animosity.  That was not Rameen, infact the whole new generation who had shown that they are different, progressive and openminded, did not bring about the change of mindsets, rather they are all sacrificed for the sake of age old battle.

At the very end, Mehrunnisa played a low blow and said jug jug jeo to Bali before turning and stabbing him with something she must’ve hidden in her shawl, and that was that. There was not even any clarity whether Bali was killed or not, or now that Rameen has been unable to save her father, will she stay Punar’s wife or not? And how will Farhad bear the loss of Mahi? Will they all just forget Mahi like that? So many questions and no real answers…

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Ishq Tamasha Episode 8 Review-Bad Editing!

This drama had a lot flaws in editing which made connecting all the scenes and the ongoing story together very difficult. We already knew that Mehrab will kidnap Mirha by mistaking her for Rushna, all thanks to HUM TV’s unnecessary previews. But the whole kidnapping and the behaviour of lead characters was so frustrating. First of all, Mirha did not scream right away when a man came to their door and was being kind of violent. She waited for him to take her to the car before she tried to chant chachi jaan chachi jaan. Then the worst part was Mirha not recognizing Mehrab. This girl went to his office to call him to a function. Then he again introduced himself to her as Arham’s brother but she still had to ask the maid in his prison because she had short-term memory loss maybe? Then she kept chanting main woh larki nahin hoon. So tell him who you are and maybe try to clear the misunderstanding?

The behaviour of Mirha’s family was (let me write this with extra oos) soooooooo unrealistic. Yes, the mother hates the orphan girl. But it is impossible that a house where a young girl disappeared is so calm that people are just sitting and having tea. Rushna loves Mirha so she was crying. But the other sisters also had a soft corner for Mirha, why were they so normal? It is so impossible for a house undergoing such a calamity to be this calm even if they are blaming the girl.

Mehrab who was introduced as such a sensible character became an abductor somehow and for whom he became a criminal was adorning himself as the dulha and was buying flowers for his future wife. Yes, they have shown Arham to be a person who just wants to have his toy whatever may the means be for getting it. But he could have protested a little knowing Rushna hates him already.

And they have again shown that there will be no nikkah at least for Arham in the next episode. How Mirha and Mehrab’s story will progress will be a thing to watch for!

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Khamoshi Episode 28 Review-Uff!

The episode was nothing short of a headache. Today finally Bee Jaan’s son kicked her out of her own house. The scene was not just painful but disgusting too. Yes, these things are happening in our society but the way Basit’s character took a 180 degrees turn is unacceptable. Basit loved his mother and always respected her opinions but all of a sudden he has become such a pain. Nasreen has succeeded in everything as she sent Bee Jaan to an old age home. Her daughter is finally betrothed to Shahram. All in all, it was a win-win episode for Nasreen.

Arsala has gotten what she was thriving for so badly. She has gotten herself another chance to cry and her self-imposed mazloomiyat was shining brightly in the whole episode. Her constant woh rishta Bee Jaan ki khushi ke liye qaim kiya tha has become annoying to the point of explosion. At this point, Arsala’s character only looks like of a person who gets lucky every time since she never strives for anything. She only cries all the time and waits for some saviour to come and get things right for her, be it Bee Jaan, Tahseen or Shahram.

There is nothing left in Naima’s track. They have brought Atif to Karachi now and in such a huge city he will bump only into Arsala because why not. Naima is waiting for Atif to call her to Karachi while Atif has no intentions of doing that. Naima’s whole dramatic breakdown on Sabir’s death went in vain since people were not buying it. Another instance when Arsala got lucky because the girl does not even bother to do something when her character was being slandered so badly.

The actress who plays Zubiya seems so bored in all of her scenes that one cannot even think of her as evil. She has put zero efforts to make the character look real or obsessed with Shahram. Nasreen is the one who looks like Shahram ki ultimate deewani instead of Zubiya.

The preview for episode 29 is up and it will not be the last episode. Seems like Khamoshi is working hard to become Alif, Allah Aur Insaan 2!

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