Mann Mayal- Episode 14 Review

Mann Mayal- Episode 14 Review
  • 1 year ago

Mayal is as wholesome as it gets- (bro)mance is in the air and Salahuddin and Jamil have a good thing going… This was an episode of revelations. Jeena (Ayesha Khan) made an appearance as someone who’s been eyeing her boss for a very long time. I expected a far classier role for a lady who certainly dressed the part. Instead, we saw a wide-eyed, obsessive teeny bopper-esque female who has very little to contribute except staying late to ensure her boss has a steaming hot cup of chai… Personally, I love chai but I can’t for the life of me understand our nation’s fixation with chai. Be it the larger-than-life K Jo inspired adverts or our dramas pushing chai to the forefront of every storyline. Seriously, what’s up with the chai? I’m sure Salahuddin can get himself a decent cup of chai- Sattar Buksh anyone?

Mubarak ho! Bia Ki shaadi hogayi. Poor Bia. She wasn’t important enough to get a few seconds of footage as a bride. Shaadi ke bad Bhi she was more concerned about Mannu… Chick needs to move on… And thankfully, she’s moving on and away! Salahuddin spends his hours either working or stalking Mannu. Will our writers please just stop sensationalizing stalkers and the likes. No matter how good looking you are, you shouldn’t stalk someone. And certainly not someone who’s been married for years, has a child and another on the way and has voiced her indifference time and again. Salahuddin- you blew it when you had the chance. Now please, get over yourself. Using Jamil as his informer (a licky boom boom down), Salahuddin keeps track of Mannu’s doctor’s appointments, sleeping patterns, aur toh aur even how much Mikael loses to gambling! When his spider sense rings the alarm bell, he has Jamil masquerade as a servant (isn’t he a servant/ friend/ business advisor/ love guru)… Jamil is a jack-of-all-trades. He seems to have mastered just about everything.

There’s no shortage of bloopers but Salahuddin handing over his credit card at the hospital and arranging for a doctor and a room for himself was plain silly. Yes, Salahuddin has money now but does he also have Harry’s magic wand? The more I see Gohar Rasheed, the more I’m cringing at his very poor acting. Those close-ups only make things worse. Mannu’s “Tum Phir khelne lagtey” moment was one where I could imagine my Nani going “Mein Sadqay”… Mannu doesn’t want to break free from her invisible chains and Mikael is getting unbearable with each passing episode…

This isn’t a love triangle, it’s a twisted take of people who are destined to remain miserable and alone… Jeena pines for Salahuddin who longs for Mannu who wishes Mikael would come around… Jeena’s sudden appearance and obsession seems too out of the blue, couldn’t we have taken at least a few minutes to discuss her background story and why she’s so hopelessly devoted to Salahuddin?

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