Mein Sitara – Episode 9 Review

Mein Sitara – Episode 9 Review
  • 1 year ago

This episode of Mein Sitara definitely gave American state one thing to look forward to however it wasn’t as spectacular as i used to be expecting it to be. So way each episode of this drama has been terribly convincing and amusive however this explicit episode was slightly dissatisfactory. Saba Qamar was exceptional in tonight’s episode and Sitara’s love and sincerity towards Jharna and Farhad has positively been shown in a specialized manner except for the primary time Jharna’s character aggravated American state. Jharna is a confident and intelligent lady, instead of sitting reception and getting jealous of each heroine Farhad works with, she should be out there operating with him on the sets therefore that there’s no space to be uncertain. It would are nice if Jharna failed to start sceptical her husband just and it might are even higher if she doubted Farhad supported what she saw or felt herself rather than being attentive to a helper share her own purpose of read on the link between Farhad and Sitara.

This episode opened with Sitara showing her talent on the sets once again – this point she was even additional assured than before. Adnan Shah Tipu’s character is Associate in Nursing attention-grabbing addition to the drama. He owned his role in this episode though he got little screen time – i love this man as a result of his talent and flexibility. Right from day one the film is being shot on the same sets. Some outdoor shoots may have broken the monotony. We detected Farhad mentioning these shoots however they were not shown. I hope that the next song are shot on either a replacement set or it’ll be shot outdoor as a result of currently it’s like they’re creating the entire film on one set. Sitara has finally opened up to Farhad and she or he clearly looks up to him as a result of he’s her mentor currently. Farhad has also accomplished that he was terribly wrong concerning Sitara and offers her opinion and feelings additional price.


I was eagerly looking forward to the meeting between Sitara and her oldsters, I definitely expected this union to be a very little additional dramatic and emotional. It was surprising to ascertain Sitara hospitable them with open arms. She felt sorry for them and wanted to assist them out. Sitara forgave her parents instantly, which was not wrong however positively not one thing i used to be expecting. The parents still don’t care concerning their girl, they only wish the cash. Sitara knows that however even then she feels as a result of she is in a far better position than them so she ought to facilitate them. Although this whole scenario was contrary to my expectations however it went to show that Sitara got most love and acceptance within the house she was raised in this she was ready to forgive them long before they came to go to. Sitara’s conversation with Farhad additionally showed that she did not expect them to go to her even now!

Jharna’s conversation with Sitara in that she apologizes to her for creating her a region of the globe of films visited show that her expertise had schooled her that this wasn’t extremely the proper life. Like I said before Jharna’s insecurities square measure obtaining annoying currently. For how long can she persevere doing this? The preview of future episode urged that Farhad is ‘fascinated’ by Sitara and Jharna desires her out of the image. Also, Naseem Dil Ruba will produce additional misunderstandings between Jharna and Farhad. Jharna is a very gullible lady, she believes everything people say to her particularly once it involves heroines United Nations agency square measure operating along with her husband. She does not trust Farhad however sadly she trusts everybody else.

The scene between Jamal and Naseem Dil Ruba was very attention-grabbing, I found the ‘dafa ho jao’ bit terribly amusing!!

This episode belonged to Saba Qamar (Sitara) nevertheless once more. Right now i’m solely fascinated by Sitara’s journey. Also, I am waiting to ascertain how Sitara responds to Farhad’s ‘compliments’ within the next episode. How can she be ready to continue operating within the trade once Jharna desires to urge her married? even supposing Farhad’s interest in Sitara was quite apparent from the preview however even then i’m hoping that there’ll be nothing like that between these 2. Mein Sitara continues to be a very intriguing play, it definitely offers American state one thing to look forward to each week.

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