Mera ‘Baby’ Miladay – Episode 14 Review

Mera ‘Baby’ Miladay – Episode 14 Review
  • 1 year ago

Uff! Double uff! Triple uff! Mountains of uff! Oceans of uff! Galaxy of uff! I paused this episode a few times while look it simply to induce a chance from it as a result of it had been such a yawn! And what within the world is that this ‘lucky charm baby’ business?! thus Mushq has landed herself an area within the ‘home’ of this terribly vibrant madam WHO to this point has unbroken Mushq faraway from her shady dealings. She considers Mushq her lucky charm and doesn’t wish to impose something on her however at an equivalent time will not want her to go away. Mushq has befriended a girl WHO visits Madam’s house and is seemingly a modiste (or is she the friend of the seamstress?). Her constant references to her father and then Jumman Chacha insisting Dabbu attend his girl’s wedding provides the impression that this lady is Jumman’s daughter.

Fahd is moping around like a unhappy puppy. He really did not have a lot of to supply nowadays except he’s adamant he cannot live while not Mushq and his mother is adamant he can live while not Mushq. Finit. There was so a lot of speculation last week over that scene wherever Mushq is running with somebody and 2 goons in their pursuit – was all simply a dream. A nightmare. Whatever – however was not real. Like I said – uff!

Zeba’s issues in life Hindu deity ek he resolution hai– Ali’s expulsion from faculty. Na Ali faculty jaye Na sara waqt Zeba uss Hindu deity uniform G-string rahay, iron karay aur shoes polish karay. Seems like even the acquiescent girl is being dealt a harsh hand in life or is it owing to Mushq’s actions that her sister is suffering. I would not be surprised if that’s what the author is attempting to indicate here.

Dabbu and Striker have turned into character and Dr Watson and try to search out Mushq and Fahd. It amazed ME once king set out to seem for Mushq in metropolis while not AN address and currently Dabbu is doing an equivalent, heading off to Lahore to search out king – with none address. Surely it is not that simple to simply ‘find’ people! appears like they’re going to be spared the journey although because the episode ends with them deciding to move to Nooriabad to Jumman Chacha’s daughter’s wedding wherever i think they’re going to come upon Mushq.

Mushq’s track record of consenting to ‘old men’ marriages is distressful. I know, I know – koi aur bhoolay Na bhoolay, I have not forgotten that wretched Qureshi. Is she truly willing to marry baray saeen primarily based upon her religion in Madam? will she very trust Madam that much? Or is she gaining her trust thus she could kind AN escape arrange.

I honestly do not have much to mention regarding today’s episode. This drama is beginning to bore ME to a small degree currently particularly with this ‘madam-baby’ track currently. Dabbu’s supposed meeting with Mushq that we square measure all anticipating to happen at the nikkah event ought to have taken place last episode or at least positively in today’s – however no! i’m finding it terribly laborious to stay my interest alive here and would like to simply stop look so watch the remaining episodes in one go – i’m positive i might be way more diverted that way!

I will say that the author did create an additional effort with the names of the characters although. Dabbu, Mushq, ‘baby’, Bebo (that is what baray saeen called the ‘Madam’ didn’t he?) and Orya! Orya! Haha. Oh well, at least his name really reminded me we’ve got run out of Oreos reception so ought to add that to my grocery list! I don’t even wish to sit down and marvel what is going to happen next as a result of I spent the previous couple of episode reviews curious that and also the story is sitting stagnant.

Is it just ME or is this drama losing the miscroscopic charm it had? Even Faisal ibn Abdel Aziz al-Saud Qureshi’s scenes square measure failing to create a bearing. Would love to hear your thoughts! Will Dabbu finally meet Mushq and facilitate her escape – until next week then, baby!

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