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Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episodes 24&25 Review – Power Of Revenge

These two episodes were quite interesting and did not feel unnecessarily dragged at any point. The whole point was to show how Amber is driven by the fire of revenge and how she is willing to move mountains to make sure all those who did wrong by her and her mother are made to suffer as much as these girls did in their childhood. This is a very sensitive issue where you would not be able to discern the difference between right and wrong. On one hand, she is being sneaky and revengeful. On the other hand, she has years and years of lost childhood and happiness robbed from herself and her sisters and they can never be replaced.

Good riddance to Ahmed. After using a few episodes to show that he was no good and has become very stubborn, mean and thoughtless and almost criminal, his story has ended by him being shipped off to Dubai for his uncle.

Obaid and Anila and Sadiq are still struggling in their own dysfunctional little family. The child is related to Anila by blood but he is such hard work and she is a very selfish woman. So Sadiq keeps on worrying and intervening but to no avail. How the cruel and hard hearted Sadiq who was so harsh for his own daughters is such a caring one to his disabled son is beyond me. Maybe it is guilt or maybe he truly is so fond of sons that even a mentally challenged one would do.

Anum is moping after she has made the decision to leave Dr Jawad but like all those who decide to please others, she is very resentful and forlorn at heart and expresses her anger at various points. Most of it is directed at Amber whom she mistook as her enemy in all this.

The essence of the episode was Ahsan and Amber’s relationship. She has spoken at length with her mother and sister she but obviously that was not going to earn her rewards, as Naheed is certainly not going to let her marry someone whose parents disapprove of this union right from the start. Naheed is perfectly talking sense and she is totally correct in her stance, but it did not dampen Amber’s spirits. She has forseen that no matter which way they go, if they involve their parents, it can quite ugly and they would not be allowed to marry. Hence, she acted defiant, partly because she did not want Naheed to be able to stop and because she has made up her mind. It is not a very sensible decision but under Amber’s current frame of mind, it seems like the only good option; that she lets them stay angry and go and marry Ahsan. Only then will Sadiq and Anila get a dose of their own medicine and get to know how oppression feels like. She has proposed to Ahsan to get the nikah done in the court.

We will know in the next episodes what happens to Sadiq when he confronts his own daughter in the house, so stay tuned…

Dramas Review

Khamoshi Episode 17 Review-Senseless!

Khamoshi went totally senseless in this episode both in plot and the emotions expressed. The proposal from Shahram obviously was going to have a very negative effect on Arsala’s life in Bee Jaan’s house and that is what happened too. Nasreen and Zubiya who were introduced as manipulative characters in the drama behaved so irrationally. Why did they throw Arsala out? Because this way not only Shahram will hate them more, Arsala could have an open chance to go and marry him. Zubiya all of a sudden has the insecurity about her looks. Basit finally bowed in front of his wife and spoke against Bee Jaan. Bee Jaan also was behaving very senselessly in this episode and it was boring to watch her like that because she is also the most rational person in the drama after Shahram. Why was she trying to convince Shahram to not go after Arsala when she wanted to see both of them together.

Arsala’s “Main un se itni nafrat karti hoon jitni kisi ne kisi se nahin ki hogi” was plain stupid. She is a girl whose parents abandoned her even before she got married and she was hating Shahram for trying to help her and proposing her? She did not hate Atif until the very end and also gave many chances to her sister who was calling her characterless but she started hating Shahram for proposing her. Also, she did not go back and did not even try to call them. She already knows they are after her character and still she disappears for no reason at all. Zubiya and Nasreen are the ones who threw her out and there is no reason to not tell the others about this situation.

Shahram is the only character whose mind did not go off at writer’s hands in the episode. He is functioning properly and is leaving no stone unturned to get to Arsala. He even openly told Bee Jaan that she does not care about Zubiya and Nasreen. He has also gotten the NGO name where Arsala is right now but since its Khamoshi, he may not get to her in the next 2 or 3 episodes or so.

Naima has started her wicked tactics with her mother in law too. And her and Atif’s track has gone too boring to watch. All I wanted was to change the channel whenever she comes up on screen because there is nothing new there, not even the dialogues. The same wicked wife and the same whiny husband.

Looks like the next episode will also just be a drag in the story with Naima going off with allegations on Arsala (again!). Stay tuned for more!

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Umm E Haniya Episodes 1&2 Review – Interesting Start

So this week we saw this new drama called Umm E Haniya. It is certainly a promising one but had its flaws too. There are mainly three families at play here. First one is Romi’s who has a very supportive father played by Hashim Butt and a very typical and strict mother played by Rabia Noreen. Then there is her fiancé Kamil’s family who is also her bhabi’s brother. Wasim Trimzi is playing the role of Kamil. The third family is Rohan’s who is a close friend of Romi’s. Daniyal Afzal is playing Rohan and his deceased wealthy father had forcefully gotten him engaged to Rohan’s sister’s nand but he is in love with his secretary Saba. This has created a deep conflict between him and his mother and sister who are not willing to accept Saba at all.

Neelam Munir is a great choice for the protagonist of this story. She is giving perfect expressions for a girl who knows and respects her family values yet wishes to pursue her dreams as a cricketer. Thankfully, she is not like those liberal feminists who are rude and obnoxious to prove gender equality. She is a sweet girl who genuinely believes in the power of her dreams and wants to work hard for them. She does not want to let marriage and being a girl come in the way of her aspirations, and it was really encouraging to see her father and fiancé totally supportive of her decision despite her mother and future mother in law’s narrow mindedness. That’s all very realistic since it’s usually the women who are stopping other women from reaching their full potential.

The other characters however are not very convincing. Because so many stories have started all at once, only Romi’s seem refreshing. Rohan and his family are all quite lame and so is Saba. The actors playing these roles also seem to be doing a halfhearted job. Despite the enormous wealth Maham and Rohan’s dad have left them, the siblings have not had too much of an upbringing, which is quite evident from the way their mother’s personality is shown. It was good to see Saba growing a spine in the later part of the play otherwise we would be left surprised what Rohan saw in her lovestruck eyes and quivering lips. Good for them to start a life away from the scornful and terribly mean Maham and her mother.

The plot that Maham was immediately divorced because Rohan married Saba was outdated and done to death already. It seems all the families in the drama do watta satta since Kamil who is Romi’s fiancé is also her sister in law’s brother. But maybe they are showing this level of conservatism to show how Romi will take such a big decision to adopt that abandoned child in such orthodox environment.

All in all, it seemed an interesting play with an interesting start. Just hoping that the supporting cast will improve their acting in future episodes.

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Shayyad Episode 13 Review – True Love Never Dies!

Saad and Hani finally met in this episode and the way this reunion was covered was absolutely flawless. Apart from some of the scenes which were stretched yet again, this episode as a whole was filled with meaningful scenes which gave the viewers an insight into what all these characters were going through at the moment. The background score was intoxicating throughout and the flashback scenes yet again were used effectively. The opening scene of this episode was detailed and covered a great deal from Saad’s first impression to his final judgment about what kind of a relationship Salar and Hani had.

Saad and Salar’s meeting, Saad knowing the truth even though Hani tried her best to hide it, Hani’s time alone and Tania’s rising curiosity were the highlights of this episode. The opening scene showed why Saad felt the need to go and see Hani right away; he could tell that there was something wrong when he heard his mother complaint how Hani did not stay in touch with her family any more. Saad’s mature approach this time around showed just how much he had changed. Although he still loved Hani just the way he did so many years back and he could also tell that Hani wasn’t happy with Salar but even then he did not get too emotional. Hani’s body language and expressions said a great deal about how she felt when Salar touched her; this was definitely not love but she was really scared of this man. The scene in which she entered her room and remembered all the beautiful moments she had shared with her best friend but reacted very differently when she came across Salar’s portrait was one of the most brilliantly directed and beautifully written scenes of this episode. When Hani made that sketch she was head over heels in love but now when she looked at it, it was almost as if she realized how wrong her opinion about this man was. The few scenes which covered Salar’s behavior towards Hani after their marriage couldn’t have been more to the point yet they managed to get the message across quite clearly. Also, Saad’s observation when he entered Hani’s house and few of his dialogues said a great deal about his accurate assessment about Salar’s personality. Sadia Khan performance was up to the mark tonight which made it easier for me to connect to her character. Uzair Jaswal has been underplaying Saad’s character right from the get-go which makes it even more likeable.

Tania had no idea that Hani was the love of Saad’s life therefore their conversations were quite interesting. The fact that Saad did not even mention Hani to Tania all this time went to show that he was never close to Tania which makes me wonder how long this relationship will last. Tania loves Saad the way he loves Hani therefore it won’t be surprising if she is willing to do whatever it takes to make him happy. Tania’s character is an interesting addition to Hani and Saad’s track since she is quite likeable. Mahpara’s scenes once again showed how she felt every time she met Shehryar or perhaps every time someone was getting married! The scene covering Shehryar and Mahpara’s meeting was stretched a lot and it didn’t have anything new to offer. While I understand Mahpara’s character and it has always made perfect sense but so far it doesn’t have a bigger role to play in the picture and her scenes always focus on one aspect of her personality.

Shayyad has managed to achieve what Bin Roye couldn’t by translating the story of undying love on screen in an impressive manner. These two plays have some similarities but Shayyad is a clear winner because of its solid storyline in particular as well as characters which are easy to connect to. Saad and Hani’s love story gets more interesting and intriguing with every passing episode and you can’t help rooting for them.
The preview of the next episode showed how Hani’s married life actually was like. Waiting to see more of Nauman Ijaz and can’t wait to find out what Saad is going to do next!

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Aangan Episode 12 Review – A Meaningful Drama!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting episode of Aangan. The pace is great & since the writer has so much to tell & convey, you really never get bored because so much is happening for everyone to relate to. I enjoy watching Aangan, definitely for direction, acting, characters & situations but also for the fact that you can’t really keep track of time while watching its episodes. It sure is a treat to watch with everyone excelling in their respective jobs!

The highlight of this episode was Hajra & all that she said & did. Firstly, she steered Zaitoon clear of the misunderstanding that she had about Hajra’s pregnancy. Though that conversation was amusing but the best thing for me was that the moment Hajra found out that both Abba Jee & Zaitoon had no idea about what Hajra & Sajjad were expecting, Hajra hurried in informing Sajjad about it so that he stops feeling bitter about his parent’s ignorance which actually was their oblivion!

I loved the conversation Hajra had with Faseeha. She not only tried to tell Faseeha her perspective but also told her to stop judging Zoya because for her both Shaina & Zoya were the same. Hajra very well knows what her position is in the house & what everyone expects from her. It is like Hajra has tuned herself to fix things for everyone without them even knowing because she sees it as her responsibility. Even though Aqdas told his mother that he won’t be getting married to Zoya, he still didn’t hold back in letting her know that her reasons for refusal were unconvincing!

I found Laila’s offer to gift Zoya her jewellery really sweet. Even though she felt a little sad when she heard Rubina’s plans of saving her jewellery for her kids, she immediately snapped out of it & told Zaitoon what she had on her mind, which was beautiful.

Oh well, Zahid is giving Laila a hard time. Obviously, since Zahid is so used to making excuses for not working, he is nitpicking & magnifying every little detail to earn himself a termination letter but Laila is still putting up with him. At least Rubina is the voice of reason in their family unit & she once again reminded him of his responisibility which he had towards Zoya, since now her wedding was in talks.

Aqdas’s proposal not only made Zoya happy but his guidance & support also served as a boost of confidence, because of which she decided to publish her stories using her own name. It showed that Zoya actually wanted someone to put faith in her & just a few conversations here & there with Aqdas did it for her. Zoya could obviously feel the change in Aqdas’s tone but Shaina told her that everything was going to be alright. No matter what the circumstances are, Zoya & Shaina’s discussions about everything are a treat to watch. Finally Faseeha gave up & agreed for Aqdas’s marriage with Zoya. It was sweet that she accepted the fact that Zoya made her son happy & she decided to curb her dislikes.

Another highlight of this episode was a small but meaningful conversation between Hajra & Sajjad about Laila & Asim, where Hajra told Sajjad to ask whether Asim has had his tests done or not. I am sure this aspect was deliberately but rightfully added by the writer because this thing is prevalant in our society where everyone blames a woman for the delay in having a baby but everyone gives a clean chit to the man. It sure was a nice addition to the set of messages this drama imparts!

Well, the preview of the next episode suggested that hardships are far from being over for both Aqdas & Zoya. I really can’t wait to see that loud & vibrant wedding which we are shown in the OST. Sadaan & Afrah’s scenes & conversations are a bit too repetitive. Even though they get a very limited screen time but since Afrah’s proposals is all that they talk about, it makes their scenes unnecessary. Irsa Ghazal is the star of this show & it is commendable that she has given such a perfect treatment to Hajra’s character, not sure if anyone else could’ve done a job so well. I love Iffat Omar’s acting too & Uzma Hassan is doing a wonderful job as well. I really enjoyed watching this episode & can’t wait to see more. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan.

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