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Nazr e Bad Last Episode Review – Finally!

Ohkay so, these two were the most poorly directed episodes I have seen of any drama so far. Even though I know that I don’t have much know-how of the direction but just watching these episodes made me cringe because they were directed so poorly. I am not sure what the director was thinking while opting for shortcuts, it showed that he was told to push himself to the limit & then things completely went out of his control as even he couldn’t keep things ‘normal’. I think I have lost count of how many loopholes were there in these last two episodes, like it was so evident that the director himself lost the interest in this drama & just wanted to wrap it up halfheartedly. Considering these were the last episodes, the director should have put his heart & soul to end this drama properly but he just ended up cutting the corners in almost every single situation.

Even though I am glad that they didn’t opt for a different ending for Parvez but did everything make an impact? No! Nothing seemed to leave a mark or make an impact as it should have because they dragged the drama to such an extent that it completely lost the charm & also the purpose which the team had when they started off with this drama. There were so many situations which could’ve been avoided & the director could’ve added some coherence between the scenes to make things work but everything ended up looking like it was thrown together & was turned into an episode.

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Parvez started facing the consequences, his mother was unwell, his sister got divorced & the youngest sister resorted to immorality. In the previous episode they showed that despite losing everything, everyone in Almas’s family didn’t change & were still being their nasty selves. Humera apologized to Nusrat but didn’t mean it. Parvez promised that he’d leave everything behind but still chose to listen to that psychotic 2 faced Baba & even brought his child for sacrificing, in order to please the other species. Even Almas didn’t reflect on the fact that everything her family was going through was a result of her own deeds. I think out of all the things they have shown, the sickest of them all was showing Humera conceiving a child with her ex-husband & then blaming it on her mother that she is responsible for what she was going through? Like seriously? This scenario could’ve been avoided & they could’ve just ended Humera’s track by showing that she got divorced & that’s it. To send her back & then to suggest that she fell pregnant after her divorce is sickening & disgusting to say the least!

Anyways, Maham was all over the place & to be honest, there was so much yelling in the last episode that I literally watched half of it on mute. I have seen worst dramas than Nazr e Bad but every time they ended, they didn’t disturb me but Nazr e Bad is an exception, not that it has anything to do with showing such a horrific ending of most of the characters but just the overall treatment that was given to all the situations, like it was so poorly directed that I actually felt I was wasting my time on it! Seeing Do Muh Wala Baba dancing on ‘Nainon Mai Sapna’ to smote himself during Parvez & Almas’s conversation was so amusing, like what changed in such a brief moment that he realized he was on a wrong path? It is amusing how he was sporting the ‘power of makeup’ trend throughout this drama, which Nikkitutorials started on YouTube, like now when I think of it, his entire presence in the drama didn’t contribute to the story in any way let alone his makeup!

So, I must say Almas’s paralysis was just as ‘convincing’ as the direction of this drama was, like I have never seen a patient suffering with paralysis being out & about like Almas. Almas not only visited Parvez in jail but hovered around Nusrat’s place & zuban to phir bhi ruki nahi! The funniest thing was using some other girl & putting a Naqaab/Veil on her to show her as Abeera? Like couldn’t they bring that actress in for that scene where she goes to meet her brother? Also, that scene didn’t seem necessary because Parvez wasn’t in contact with any of his family members & to see them visiting him one after another in jail was amusing, like how did they find out? Abeera was shown to be quite liberal with her dressing & styling to why would she resort to Naqaab in the first place?!?!?!

Shazia ended up rescuing Maham’s baby & in the next scene, Maham was seen hugging the wall in stead of her son? Anyways, the way Shazia howled over Parvez’s condition was disturbing, like in stead of worrying about Parvez’s life, she should be seeking forgiveness for driving her own sister to death! Anyways, Parvez died, Almas was left alone, Humera’s life was ruined & Abeera…whatever!

I just can not imagine that this turned out to be the fate of the drama that I couldn’t stop praising in the beginning. The director actually showed what he was capable of by directing the initial rather first half of the drama to perfection but not sure what went wrong in the end that everything ended up looking like a glitch & a work of a novice director. The writer had a complete grip on the story but even he lost the plot, I am sure this has everything to do with the producers because in this day & age, everyone is well aware of the fact how good dramas are dragged & stretched to make the most of the rating & the revenue it generates. I am sure the moment the producers meddled with the thought process of the writer & the director, that’s where the drama lost its charm & its purpose. I wish the producers had kept their greed aside & had allowed the creative people behind this drama to run its course because then it would’ve made such an impact & had conveyed the right message across. It was so evident that they even tried to make something out of Maham Parvez’s love story but after seeing the backlash, they decided to punish the culprit but when all of this was happening, the drama was losing its grip & no wonder why the direction went from being bad to worse! Even though they have ended the drama on a right note, the fact that they even considered showing someone like Parvez in a positive light goes to show what the producers these days can do for the sake of ratings, where they don’t care about what’s right or wrong & do not shy away from showing twisted things to sell their drama!!!

Sara Khan acted brilliantly throughout the drama, like she is an eye-candy so I am glad that she was a part of every other episode otherwise it would’ve become quite difficult to tune to Nazr e Bad. Fazila Qazi did a commendable job. Ali Abbas did well too. The supporting actors were good but that can’t be said about their characters. The only supporting character & actor that I enjoyed was of Aneesa/Hajra. Azfar Rehmanw was convincing as Parvez. Sakina Samo was good in the initial episodes but she became intolerable in the 2nd half. I remember when I used to watch this drama & everytime I would think about its ending, I always felt that I will end up praising it so much but now that it has ended, I am feeling meh, like I don’t think they delivered what they promised in the beginning, like by the end when Parvez was dying, I wasn’t even bothered to look at the TV screen as everything seemed annoying in stead of convincing or interesting but anyways, I am glad it is over & they did the right thing by showing Parvez & Co. reaching the end they actually deserved. Please share your thoughts about this journey called Nazr e Bad.

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Pukaar Last Episode Review – A Happy Ending!

Awww the last episode of Pukaar was sweet & I liked the way everything was addressed. I am glad that despite the extremely slow pace & the over dosage of flashbacks, Pukaar got a complete ending where all the things were given a proper closure without leaving a room for anything to be covered!

One of the best things of this episode was an end that Zamani met. She was made to pay for what she did – better late than never! Sultan & Tashfeen mourned the loss of their son Fahad & did realize that he never wanted to become a part of this political system that Sultan was running in his hometown. It did end up being the reason why Fahad died & both Sultan & Tashfeen knew that. It wasn’t surprising that Tashfeen showed up for a couple of seconds in this last episode because her role wasn’t important – just like her character. I also feel that Jia Ali was wasted in this drama & failed to leave a mark despite trying really hard.

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Sultan assured Samra that Qasim belonged to her. This was his way of apologizing to her for all that she went through in his house where he just couldn’t protect her from the atrocities thrown her way. Rehan Sheikh did the best he could with this one dimensional character of Sultan but then that’s expected from an actor of his calibre.

It turned out that Laali Ma was basically aik bezti ki maar but having said that, it is worth mentioning that in a very brief conversation it was nicely elaborated how young widows in feudel setting are usually treated, where their urge to get settled again is suppressed & they are expected to become the torch bearer of family’s dignity. I also liked how Laali Ma admitted that she could not tolerate a girl who questioned her every step of the way, who was basically a newly wed – something which does tend to make ladies like Laali Ma envy their newly married daughters in law. Everything that Laali did was basically a reflection of her jealousy against Samra & then a chain reaction of everything that she herself endured when she got widowed, but it was good that she admitted & apologized for everything but I wish Samra had insulted her earlier so that this drama could’ve ended earlier too!

Finally, Samra overcame the guilt that she felt right from the beginning of her relationship with Sarang. Samra continuously labelled it as a betrayal against Fahad but then, even though dramatic, the entire scene was nicely done where Fahad communicates with her & talks her out of getting divorced. Even though they made it dramatic but it still had a touch of reality to it that those departed do tend to guide their loved ones through dreams!

Finally, Samra said it. I liked that they just didn’t end the drama by showing that Samra chose not to get divorced, in fact she worded her feelings & was the first one to admit that she was in love with Sarang. Obviously, he gave her plenty of reasons to fall in love with him & I am glad she did. Their chemistry was amazing & it was nice to see how comfortable Yumna Zaidi & Zahid Ahmed looked with each other on-screen.

Even though the story of this drama was predictable right from the beginning, there was something that kept the viewers coming back to it. I honestly believe that 16-18 episodes were enough for a story like Pukaar because the content wasn’t new. The unnecessary usage of flashbacks & extremely slow pace did at times made this drama a task to tune to but I will let it slide considering all’s well when it ends well. For me, the best thing about this drama was Sarang’s character. It was nice to see a positive soul with a positive outlook on life in the middle of so much of negativity. Zahid Ahmed did the best he could but I so wish he hadn’t just sat on the makeup chair without an input allowing the so-called MUA’s do their own thing because they well & truly messed his look with unnecessary amount of makeup which did affect his character’s personality – thanks to a well-written, well-conceived character & even better acting that Zahid Ahmed was able to save himself as well as Sarang. Yumna Zaidi did really well in terms of acting but now when the drama has ended, I don’t feel any connection with Samra’s character & I am happy at the happy ending only for Sarang’s sake. Anyways, please share your thoughts!

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Meri Gurya Episodes 3 & 4 Review – Highs and Lows!

These two episodes gave further insight into the personalities of all the central characters and their relationships with each other. It was just as disturbing as the first two episodes because it was shown in detail how a paedophile’s mind works. Dabeer’s scenes were the most frightening element of these two episodes. Mohsin Abbas Haider has once again nailed a character which isn’t easy to translate on screen. However, I must say that because lately we have seen a few really good dramas which highlighted the mindset of such sick people you can’t help but compare this drama with Udaari in particular and Dabeer’s character with that of Imtiaz. While Imtiaz was a more clever person who knew how to manipulate others and his personality characteristics definitely fit in more with the general profile of such criminals, there are certain aspects of Dabeer’s personality which are difficult to understand. It was shown that Dabeer always liked playing with dolls and still owned dolls, I am wondering how does this aspect of his personality fit in the whole picture and why is it considered “not normal” for a little boy to play with dolls. I feel that it would have made more sense if he kept these dolls to allure little girls as opposed to showing that because he played with girls as a child there was something wrong with him since he was little. I could be wrong but that is the impression I got from this scene.

Overall however the writer has intelligently conveyed how such people get all the details they need and the fact that this is someone who is really close to the family also hits home. In these two episodes, Dabeer made up his mind that Abida was going to be his next victim and he did whatever he could to get all the information he needed to execute his evil plan. All his interactions with Abida were terribly frightening and when Abida went missing I found myself hoping that she was still alive. I am glad that the writer didn’t rush things and I also hope that Abida is somehow saved in the upcoming episodes too. In these four episodes, Abida has been introduced as a sweet girl who unlike her sisters goes to a madrassah because the education there is for free. Although, she is the third girl her grandmother never wanted and wished she was a boy but she is also the one who is relatively closer to her since she doesn’t go to school and isn’t “liberal” like her sisters. The child actress playing Abida’s role has played her part really well. Sania Saeed’s acting as usual has been effortless and effective. She is convincing and likeable as a mother who does whatever she can for her daughters under the given circumstances. Safeena’s character is likeable but Sonya Hussyn’s hairdo and overall outlook isn’t up to the mark. This character could have been far more impressive had it been translated on screen differently. Having said that, it isn’t difficult connecting to the kind of relationship Safeena and Abida share and the genuine concern Safeena has not just for Abida but for everyone else too. Big Bang should give up this hairstyle for good, it didn’t look good on Saboor in Meeras and it doesn’t suit Sonya either. The production house is coming up with better stories but the supporting actors and the overall feel of their plays needs a makeover.

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Although Safeena wanted Dabeer to divorce her whenever he could but now she has realized that she can fulfill her dream while being married to him therefore she has decided to make this relationship work. Dabeer’s withdrawn attitude around her made perfect sense. He was constantly planning his next step and thinking about all the information he had gathered so far. Safeena could tell that there was something wrong with him but she could never even imagine that the person who she thinks needs help, actually needs to be put behind bars. Dabeer mentioned that Jahan Ara’s father used to teach him Quran and he said so in a meaningful manner. I am wondering if he went through a traumatic experience in the past!

In this episode the viewers saw that Abida’s phupo Jahan Ara will ultimately end up “assisting” Dabeer without knowing it. Shehnaz’s close relationship with her daughters has been well established in these four episodes therefore it will be heart-wrenching watching her suffer in the upcoming episodes. The preview of the next two episodes was confusing and it was difficult to tell whether or not Dabeer will be able to execute his evil plan, which is definitely better than knowing exactly what will happen next! So far, Meri Gurya has been a decent watch and I am waiting to see how the story moves forward in the upcoming episodes. The way this drama shows that a murderer and rapist could be a seemingly harmless neighbor is yet another reminder that parents should not trust anyone with their children. Although, Udaari and Muqabil both gave the same message but I do feel that these things should be shown on television repeatedly since there are times when parents tend to overlook such aspects.

How many of you watched these latest episodes of Meri Gurya? Do share your thoughts about it.

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Ishq Tamasha Episode 18 Review-Revenge Begins!

This episode has started Mehrab’s revenge spree against Rushna and one more thing it has established is YES! RUSHNA IS SUPER EVIL. Rushna got to know about Arham’s death in the very start and has no reaction to it. She was still indulged in her chocolate covered dreams. Mehrab has also become a constant confusion now. Not letting Rushna’s mother bring breakfast is his idea of taking revenge for his brother’ death? He didn’t even confide in his Phupho who has also suffered an immense loss. Her decision to leave Mehrab was the sanest scene in the whole episode.

Mirha bechari kya kare? Thanda paani pi maray! Yes, Mirha’s situation just reminded me of this nursery rhyme. She just started dreaming about her saviour (kidnapper) Mehrab and all her dreams were shattered in a second. Mehrab’s scheme of sending her back is also non-sensical. Pressurizing your wife to send Mirha back is not going to get Mirha her reputation. And Mirha was s settled in Mehrab’s house. Parr ye bhi Rushna le gayi!

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Rushna is a mature girl who knows how to scheme, trap boys and insult anyone. So, she must behave like that too. Her whole behaviour after reaching Mehrab’s house was like that of a child. She had no interest left in Mehrab who was her dream prince. All she wanted was to redecorate and wander around the house. Most annoyingly, she did not even ask Mehrab that why his family does not know about their marriage? And why there are no preparations for a Walima. Rushna is still not miserable. She is still scheming and being a jerk. Hopefully, in the next few episodes, we could see her regretting her attitude.

The whole Palwasha episode is super-weird. The girl is a very good actress indeed but she is too young to get scoldings for Gajras and have affairs with her cousin who is too grown up for her I must add. Aqeela really needs to take a hold of her daughters. They are literally messing up the balance everywhere. And it is high time that Wahaj starts taking practical decisions instead of lounging around and throwing unnecessary sarcasm!

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Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka Episode 3 Review-Whateven!

This drama started like a high-speed roller coaster and deteriorated at the speed of the lightning. In just three episodes, the makers have forgotten what they were trying to go for. It started as a love triangle where two brothers fell for a single girl. Then we saw the scenario of adoption come into play. The adopted boy sacrificed his love for the sake of his mother’s satisfaction.

Dania is the worst I would say. First, you went blaming only Zaryab for the whole ordeal. She didn’t even try to take matters into her own hand. Then she is seen blaming Armaan. Armaan at least stuck with what he was going for. He divorced the girl and doesn’t want anything to do with her. But now the bechari Dania wants to keep living with a man who has divorced her. What kind of culture or mentality is being promoted here? Even if they wanted to show Dania as a bechari, they could have shown her ordeals after the divorce. But she is living with her ex-husband, making parathas for him. Like WHAT EVEN???

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Zaryab and Armaan’s encounters are too childish to bear too. When you have already openly said woh tumhari biwi hai, then at least complete the conversation. And Armaan, a guy who divorced a girl in a second and has no regards for the society is waiting to talk openly about it with his brother. Why is he not cleaning up the mess? He didn’t ask Dania when he was divorcing her. So, why is he waiting for her approval to announce it?

The mother’s character is also so poorly etched out. She is trying to make Dania behave as Armaan’s mother or nanny rather than a life partner. At the same time, she is concerned about Zaryab’s marriage. If you loved Armaan so much and you knew he is such a sensitive soul, why you married him off to his brother’s girlfriend in the first place?

Moreover, the performances are so bad throughout this episode. Alamdaar needs serious work on his dialogue delivery as well as his expressions. Even Hareem seemed lost in all her scenes. The lack of depth has literally destroyed this drama in only the third episode.

Yes, many would say I have come harsher on it but they are showing a girl who wants to live with her ex-husband which is ridiculous!

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