Review Dhaani Episode 08

Review Dhaani Episode 08
  • 1 year ago

Ohkay so, this episode was a small indefinite amount bit slow however I still fancyed look it as a result of this drama has created American state type a reference to all the characters that I fancy seeing them on screen and I enjoy look what they’re upto. i favor however things area unit moving forward with every passing episode and each scenario is roofed nicely.

Like any involved mother, Bee Jee created Kaleem acutely aware regarding the very fact that he has 2 daughters who’re approaching the age of wedding, so he ought to be paying heed thereto side of their lives too. despite the fact that Kaleem comes across as a really stern and rigid person, for the primary time we tend to saw that rather like each alternative amorous father, the thought of his daughters effort him once their wedding created his eyes bust. Kaleem may not say or specific, however he loves his daughters a great deal and he’s continually involved for his or her well-being. Shaani is mature thus i’m positive she won’t place her father through hardships, however as so much as Dhaani cares, i’m positive she isn’t solely aiming to suffer alone, however she is going to build everybody round her suffer too and i’m dreading that moment the foremost as I’ll hate to envision such amorous and caring individuals obtaining hurt as a result of Dhaani’s mistake of falling for a man like Sameer.

Maya is over the moon that Sameer and she is going to be operating along and running a business along however Sameer doesn’t appear interested. i’m stunned that even once Sameer has given her such clear signs, Maya is popping dead set be quite half-wit World Health Organization can’t extremely see that he’s not into her in the slightest degree. despite the fact that Dhaani has been making an attempt to hide her feelings, however she is at the stage wherever she desires to explore the globe that Sameer belongs to and that’s solely as a result of Sameer. Sameer makes Dhaani’s heart flutter and she hasn’t told Shaani regarding it however this is often the explanation why she appearance forward to his phone calls and hasn’t came his phone to him even once talking regarding it time and once more.

Bee Jee organized a proposal for Dhaani however simply because they couldn’t show up, Kaleem World Health Organization already was trying to find associate degree excuse turned their negligence into a reason for refusal of their proposal as he still isn’t mentally able to marry his female offspring off. Raja clearly didn’t take the news well however I most definitely didn’t see it returning. i assumed Raja was simply demoralized as a result of he thought that nobody cared to inform him regarding the proposal as a friend however the particular reason that created him unhappy was as a result of he himself likes Dhaani to associate degree extent that he desires to urge married to her. it’s truly quite nice to envision that despite the fact that Raja has had feelings for Dhaani, he has ne’er created it obvious or he has ne’er created Dhaani uncomfortable. He simply enjoys being round her and he’s snug in feeling her from a distance. The scene between Bee Jee and Raja was quite emotional. Bee Jee is aware of that Kaleem can ne’er settle for Raja’s proposal for Dhaani as he doesn’t hold a high regard for him, however being his mother, she conjointly might perceive Raja’s heart-ache as a result of he would lose such a pleasant lady like Dhaani.

Dhaani has taken a step additional into this relationship, wherever she is prepared to fool everybody in her family with great care that she will pay time with Sameer. Sameer is fascinated by Dhaani except for currently Dhaani is in awe of that a man like Sameer is giving her such a lot of attention. I still am undecided regarding Sameer’s intentions as a result of is also for him, Dhaani is simply a deviation except for Dhaani, Sameer is that the initial guy World Health Organization has given her the eye that she as a woman likes, so is why even at this stage, Dhaani appears a lot of fascinated by this relationship as a result of she is swing everything on the road to be with him.

Overall, this episode was very nice however a touch on the slower aspect, however, I still enjoyed look it. i really like the chemistry between all the actors, it’s like they need extremely lived along as a family and that’s why their bonding comes across as real and heart-felt. The direction of the drama has been wonderful too and the acting of all the actors yet. i really like the usage of the OST as a result of they don’t bank an excessive amount of on that and simply use it once it suits things the most effective. Please share your thoughts regarding this episode of Dhaani.

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