Review Dhaani Episode 09 – Interesting Episode!

Review Dhaani Episode 09 – Interesting Episode!
  • 1 year ago

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani was alittle slow however it absolutely was fascinating. it absolutely was additional sort of a continuity of the scenes from the previous episode as a result of the things were still revolving round the same issue and that was Dhaani’s proposal. i favor the simplicity within the feel of this drama as a result of it makes things appear quite casual nonetheless pleasurable to observe.

Dhaani and Sameer’s relationship is flourishing. Sameer is finding himself doing things that he has ne’er done before and even he himself ne’er unreal that he would do, like awakening early morning solely to ascertain Dhaani. Sameer irks at the mention of Maya particularly once somebody links her name along with his, as a result of for Sameer she is simply a disciple however everybody around him, as well as his relief will see that Maya is soft on with him and even their folks aren’t oblivious of Maya’s feelings for him, however, the sole one who fails to ascertain that’s Sameer himself as a result of he has ne’er felt that manner for Maya. Sameer thinks his personal life is separate and there’s no place for Maya in it however his family thinks the alternative. Sameer remains in such a section wherever he doesn’t need to return out of his temperature, that’s why the manner he showed up late for the inaugural ceremony of his and Maya’s project along was a transparent depiction of his attitude. Riyasat and Rehan suppose that this fashion, they’re going to not solely be able to pressurize their youngsters to step into sensible life however also will be able to bring them nearer however they’re mistaken as Sameer is much additional inquisitive about Dhaani than something or anyone else at this stage!

Dhaani remains not understanding that she is asking for all the difficulty on herself. she will be able to fool Bee Jee, {she can|she will|she will be able to} delude Raja and she will be able to have all the support of Shaani however she’s going to ne’er be able to persuade Kaleem as a result of if he finds out what she is upto, not solely his trust on his female offspring can shatter, however it’ll compel him to require a step that Dhaani won’t be able to undo. Dhaani likes being with Sameer and quite that, she looks overawed at his manner, that’s why she isn’t thinking things through and while not even realizing, she is obtaining a little an excessive amount of concerned in him. Dhaani’s feelings square measure viewing a little additional clearly that she has started feeling Sameer, however i’m still uncertain regarding Sameer’s feelings for her, like is he really serious regarding her or he’s simply aiming to apprehend her as a result of he’s fascinated by the concept of however a lady from such a background is thus distinctive and totally different.

Kaleem appreciated Amjad’s approach and found him associate honest one who was mature enough to admit his mistake and walk an additional mile to rectify true too. Everything that Amjad same created him seem like a pleasant and real person and it absolutely was imperative that Kaleem found his apology earnest as a result of this is often what Kaleem resonates with the foremost. Kaleem himself is like Amjad, UN agency believes in honesty and conjointly believes in simplifying true, that’s why everything that Amjad same was enough for Kaleem to understand that he wasn’t lying and he was desirous to earn his apology. I even have a sense {that may|which can|that can} be Kaleem can find yourself obtaining Shaani married to Amjad as a result of I feel that Dhaani will retaliate and she won’t settle for what her father will opt for for her, clearly she won’t say that she is inquisitive about somebody however she’s going to spin true in her favor. I do feel that Shaani would possibly succumb to the pressures as a result of she is much additional easy minded than Dhaani.

Raja remains plagued by a sorrow and that’s why he was unable to concentrate and do things that he loves. However, I relish being attentive to Raja and his friend’s conversations, they’re written nicely and herald some light-heartedness to the drama. The note at that the episode terminated created Pine Tree State feel that Dhaani can make up some bother or could also be Raja can determine regarding Sameer, and honestly speaking, I hope to ascertain one thing happening a minimum of as a result of it’s time to maneuver things forward and show United States of America what Sameer is formed of and what he will or can do if he finds Dhaani in an ungainly scenario.

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