Review Tum Kon Piya Episode 24 – To Err Is Human…

Review Tum Kon Piya Episode 24 – To Err Is Human… 2
  • 1 year ago

This episode had quite an few developments to its credit that ar step by step resulting in what looks like a gratifying ending. with the exception of Zarbab and Elma’s track all the opposite developments were terribly convincing. though Sharafat Mohammedan complete her mistakes associated was rueful even within the previous episode however she didn’t have the courageousness to raise Elma for an apology. Hina Bayat’s performance tonight was terribly powerful and he or she most definitely was the star of the show tonight. after you ar willing to forgive somebody like Sharafat Mohammedan then it means the actor, the author and also the director have managed to realize their objective. I wasn’t solely willing to forgive Sharafat Mohammedan however her scenes were conjointly terribly emotional. The credit for this goes to Hina oath quite anyone else. The son she forever protected and looked out for the foremost isn’t willing to pay a penny on her and would a lot of rather see her die. She needs to examine her female offspring quite anything within the world however that’s conjointly impossible. The scene during which she hugs Elma was the simplest scene of this episode. Elma didn’t instantly hug her back till Sharafat Mohammedan asked her to forgive her.


Even once everything Elma went through due to Zarbab’s scatterbrained behaviour, he’s still not willing to require responsibility for his actions. though Elma has stood by him through thick and skinny nevertheless he still thinks she isn’t adequate. Elma aik buhat achi lrki hai measured additional like approval of her character and temperament than a compliment. Also, he’s still meeting Javeria on regular basis – she is his escape – and he didn’t say a lot of to her once she aforesaid all those things regarding Elma. though I actually have forgiven Sharafat Mohammedan however it’ll take plenty additional to create Pine Tree State forgive Zarbab. He doesn’t worth Elma and is cheating on her too, that’s unforgivable! Elma is just too nice for her own smart so I don’t see her feat Zarbab. i’m curious however he can redeem himself. Zarbab’s affair (or no matter it’s) with Javeria was quite surplus since it is ne’er an honest feeling after you ought to watch wives’ on screen forgiving their husbands for cheating on them. Zarbab is already imperfect to the core so this extra-marital affair wasn’t required to point out he wasn’t committed to the current wedding.

Arif is step by step headed towards a fateful ending that is quiet certain unless the author has one thing totally different future for U.S.A.. Yasir Shoro is another actor WHO has been good as Arif. Also, his character is incredibly well carved out. You perceive Arif’s complexes through his actions and dialogues.


Although Neha was my least favorite character during this play however it absolutely was smart to examine her steering Ramish’s life within the right direction and for a amendment not whining regarding however terrible her apya’s life was! Sunbal and Ramish each merit a contented ending.

Overall, breadbasket Kon Piya continues to be terribly diverting and every week it offers Pine Tree State one thing to appear forward to. It isn’t fairly often that you just relish reviewing a drama that is additional of a guilty pleasure however i’m completely enjoying reviewing this play as a result of there are not any loopholes within the story. The preview of subsequent episode showed Javeria enjoying the shadi card once more and a confrontation between Ramish and Arif.

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