Review Udaari Episode 22

Review Udaari Episode 22
  • 1 year ago

Mein victim nahi survivor banu gi, mein bechari aur mazloom nahi banu gi. Mein mazbut hu, taqatwar hu……In at the moment and age once our writers and producers ar bent showing becharis in dramas it’s really refreshing and provoking to observe a personality that refuses to be a bechari even supposing she has been through way more than several different leading girls UN agency ar become becharis for no reason. Also, all the dramas thus far that have controlled this terribly sensitive issue have advocated that a victim ought to shut one’s mouth as a result of sharing the reality with anyone in any respect won’t get her any solutions however can solely boost her troubles. we tend to saw Rameen’s own mother in Chup Raho asking her to remain silent regarding the problem as a result of if she spoke up then her fiancé would refuse to marry her and her brother in law (the rapist!) can divorce her sister! In Sangat even the counselor UN agency was given the task of guiding Ayesha, told her that she shouldn’t share her ordeal with anyone and as a results of that right until the top Ayesha’s mother didn’t even apprehend what happened to her! conjointly, in most of those dramas whenever the reality came out the victim’s life ne’er modified for the higher. Things got worse for Rameen and Ayesha each once their spouses recognized the reality. Udaari sets new standards in some ways and that i cannot praise the team of Udaari enough for causing out a message that’s not solely new however really enlightening. It isn’t terribly simple showing things in dramas that aren’t wide accepted by the society and to inform the story of a rape victim in such the simplest way that it queries the clichés and taboos hooked up thereto.

Zebu’s confidence stood out quite anything during this episode. the explanation for this confidence was that Brahma may clearly see currently what required to be done. She really believed that she was a survivor, somebody UN agency couldn’t modification her past however had the bravery and also the power to bring the person UN agency profaned her to justice. The scene outside the court {in that|during which|within which} she aforementioned she wasn’t nervous in any respect was a awfully powerful scene which showed that a victim ought ton’t be the one UN agency should feel nervous or vulnerable. Hina Altaf’s acting was undoubtedly on purpose in tonight’s episode. She represented all of Zebu’s feelings bright.

The scenes within the court particularly and every one the developments in tonight’s episode normally were coated cleanly. several of the queries that were within the mind of the viewers were conjointly answered during this episode. The role of Kashf foundation was conjointly highlighted aptly; while not their facilitate it might are terribly troublesome for Brahma to urge justice. The pressure from the inspiration can play a polar role in golf stroke pressure of leader Iftikhar. The modification within the perspective of the decide and most significantly the manner Imtiaz’s demeanour modified once Brahma walked within the court were all minor details that visited show however things rotated solely as a result of the victim selected to talk up. Ahsan Khan a bit like each different episode compete his role effortlessly. Sammiya Mumtaz’s expressions and Sajida’s tries to quiet Brahma showed that she couldn’t do something to prevent Brahma at this time.

This episode sent a transparent cut message – once a rape victim manages to muster the bravery to require a symbolize herself, things do turn. Also, the victim is that the solely UN agency ought to decide whether or not she needs to penalise the assaulter or keep quite and also the people that ar related to her shouldn’t take that call on her behalf. Brahma wasn’t able to step forward few weeks back as a result of for the past numerous years she was told by everybody round her that she shouldn’t tell anyone what had happened however Arsh’s oral communication together with her modified everything. Farhan Saeed is another actor UN agency has been really spectacular during this serial.

Udaari deserves five stars for breaking stereotypes and taboos. It conjointly deserves heaps of praise for giving out all the correct messages loud and clear. This episode particularly was alright directed, written and acted out. it might are image excellent if the director set to cut down Ins e Yazdan’s scenes all at once. Sheedan may are the one UN agency asked Brahma however she felt before the trial.

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