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Sanam Jung Exclusive Wedding Pictures

Sanam Jung Exclusive Wedding Pictures 50



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Wedding Bells For Aiman Khan And Muneeb Butt!

Young couple Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have been engaged for some time now. The couple is loved by their immense fan following are always seen supporting each other. From celebrating birthdays to attending events, Aiman and Muneeb are seen together countless times. The couple is going to tie the knot soon and to-be-bride Aiman was seen looking for a wedding dress along with sister Minal Khan. Here are some pictures of a try on by Aiman:

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Hope they have a time of their lives. Wishing Aiman and Muneeb all the luck for this new adventure!

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Javeria & Saud with their Kids in USA

Javeria & Saud with their Kids in USA

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Stunning Mahira Khan At UK Asia Film Festival 2018

Pakistani super actress Mahira Khan, who is currently in London to attend UK Asian Film Festival, received the ‘Contribution to Film and Activism’ award at the opening ceremony of event.

The UK Asian Film Festival commenced on March 14 and is scheduled to continue till March 25. The festival aims to celebrate 20 years of independent South Asian cinema by hosting a 12-day season of film screenings.

Mahira was also seen at the London premiere of Cake the Film which starres Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed and Adnan Malik. Cake is the first Pakistani film to premiere at the prestigious Leicester Square.

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Irfan Khan Suffering From Brain Tumour! Sharing His Pain

The famous Bollywood actor Irfan Khan who is known for his outclass acting and satire, has shared this unfortunate news with his fans on his twitter account that he is suffering from brain Tumor and will be travelling to abroad for his treatment.

Irfan shared that it was very hard for him and his family to believe this that he’s suffering from brain tumor but the love of his family/friends/fans around him has given him hope. He posted on his twitter account.

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In another tweet earlier this month with his followers revealing that he’s having some rare disease. Irfan said that he hopes to be back with more stories to tell. Irfan revealed that he will have to fly abroad for treatment and he also clarified that contrary to rumors “neuro” is not always about the brain and googling is the easiest way to do research.

His fans and friend within Home Town and Across the Country are praying and wishing for his wellness!

We hope for the speedy recovery and let’s hope for Irfan Khan to go through the treatment process successfully. InshAllah he will recover and rock the entertainment industry again

Stay tuned to ReviewPk for more updates and news!

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