Teri Chah Mein Episode 14 – Bachna Ae Haseeno, Lo Faisal Aa Gaya!

Teri Chah Mein Episode 14 – Bachna Ae Haseeno, Lo Faisal Aa Gaya!
  • 12 months ago

And I should write….what? I mean, seriously, what? I sat through this entire episode in a daze, but then no, daze would mean I actually felt something, some shock, some surprise – I did not feel much of anything! I think the only time I may have perked up was the story of Chicky and I tried to see if there was a hidden comparison there and maybe that was the most entertaining part. Was Chicky Amber and the big cat Mehwish and the Daddy cat who came to the rescue Faisal? But no, that does not seem right so maybe Chicky is Zara and big, evil cat Mehwish and Daddy cat Faisal? Bit better but no, that seems odd too. Man, this whole drama seems odd!

So, Faisal has brought a sotan on Mehwish who is besides herself with rage and well, hurt. She tells Amber to not have any fanciful ideas and that Faisal has married her only out of hamdardi, a waqti hamdardi jo samander ki jhaag ki tarah baith jaye gi. No sooner have the words left her mouth than Faisal shows up to defend himself. So basically, Mehwish has a go at Amber, Faisal rescues her, Zara grins like a Cheshire cat, Amber moans about how she did not mean for this to happen – this scenario multiplied by 3 – episode over. As far as Faisal’s household goes.

Zara’s new neighbour was given more screen time in this episode. It is quite clear that Faizan and his daughter will make their way into Zara’s heart and I wonder if she will end up marrying Faizan out of love or as a means to escape or a bit of both. I waited for Zara (or anyone) but figured it would be Zara, to drop the little detail to Amber of how she had been engaged to Faisal earlier. Amber’s horror made me think she may think the trio were all crazy but all Amber could think was how wrong Mehwish was to marry her daughter’s fiancé. True, Zara is not to blame for those events but how about reflecting on how Faisal eyed his taayi who was also his fiancee’s mother. But no.

If there is anything to talk about in this episode, it is Faisal’s attitude, his personality, his stance, his mindframe! Yes, Mehwish due to her insecurities created a distance between herself and Faisal but Faisal has latched on to that as his free ticket to justify his marriage to Amber. Aap nay mujhay majboor kiya, mujhay apnay aap se duur kiya – the way he threw those lines multiple times made me cringe for he makes it sound like not only that this is all Mehwish’s fault but that it is absolutely right that if there is a distance or misunderstanding between a couple, rather than give it time, patience, some effort – you marry the first woman who pays attention to you. Also, the way he expects Mehwish to accept Amber in her house is so odd. Firstly this is really not his house. Yes, Zara has allowed them to stay there but for him to be throwing his weight around is so off the mark. What Amber said actually made sense to me about how they find an apartment and move in there rather than living with Mehwish in the same house!

Which brings me to the crazy bit. Yes okay, lots of crazy bits in this drama but well this one is really the prize. Faisal vows to not ever leave Mehwish or Amber. When he says to Amber mein tumhara saath kabhi nahin choroon ga and she smiles happily I let out a snort because really, with Faisal – how is that reassuring?! Sure he will not leave her, or Mehwish, or wife number three, or four, or fiancé number 1. He will leave nobody, he will just gather his flock and throw them in each others’ faces!

I get this is a drama. A drama which sometimes may have a message for its viewers, and sometimes not. At times characters which you can relate to and at times not. Although it does not happen that often in reality, or maybe it does, but there may be households where both wives are expected to live with each other. Even as Faisal puts it wearily to Mehwish about how she should just get over the fact he has remarried and move on. But these characters in this drama! Mehwish, a confident mother who falls prey to her insecurities and lashes out at her daughter, not shown to remember the son who died in front of her eyes. Faisal, woos and marries Mehwish (I will bang my head against a wall if I have to mention again what his double rishta was to her before this one) and then baray mazay se floats off to Amber. Amber, bechari (sarcasm dripping here) torn between love and guilt. I mean, who are these people? I thought Faisal was madly in love with Mehwish. Now he very easily claims that love was incomplete and he knows what was missing was Amber. This guy is either very smooth or very flakey….I would like to go with flakey!

I hope the writer is not trying to show Faisal as a bechara here either because that is not working for me. Rolling his eyes at a demanding, unreasonable Mehwish while Amber is the picture of understanding and big heartedness. Mehwish trying to win back his love while Faisal is sticking this marriage out because he is a decent (?) guy. The fact that these characters have gotten under my skin makes me accept grudgingly that Maria Wasti, Farhan Saeed and Saboor Ali have acted quite well. Saboor Ali especially has really toned down her over acting and her switches between taunting her mother and then showing up with juice and food in the next instant made me laugh.

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