Teri Chai Mein – Episode 9

Teri Chai Mein  – Episode 9
  • 1 year ago

“Mujhay yeh dekh kar khushi metal rahi hai keh meri beti ab samajhdar metal gayi hai, metalshyar ho gayi hai”. Wah, Chacha – you have got no idea! Chacha has determined to require his spouse and son Tahir and move out of the country for the ‘shame’ king has brought upon them is simply too abundant connected. He offers to require Zara on however she declines, citing exams and her university here as her reason however whether or not that’s her upmost priority or the revenge arrange she has hatched – we have a tendency to area unit none the wiser, and apparently neither is Chacha.

I have to mention everybody during this play is kind of gaga with the concept of their own janazzah. Faisal’s oldsters raise him for the last time to decide on between them or Mehwish and though he pleads with them to not compel him to create the selection – he chooses Mehwish along with his father then asserting they are doing not would like his ‘sahara for his or her janazzah’. Seeing a deep in thought and visibly upset king, Mehwish announces that if he decides to depart her besieged from his oldsters then he shall see her janazzah. Mehwish’s 1st husband and son have already had theirs. Seriously – enough!

So, with Faisal’s oldsters and brother out of the country, we have a tendency to area unit left with the happy (not) trio – king,Mehwish and Zara. i’m wondering if this is often the last we have a tendency to see of Faisal’s family or can they re-emerge later. king appears to be developing a soft spot for Zara currently and though he doesn’t appear romantically inclined within the least (well for now) i’m unable to fathom what he means that once he keeps locution to Mehwish that ‘mera bhi haq hai Zara par’. for certain he doesn’t mean as a stepdad?! I mean, affirmative technically that’s their relationship currently however – um, awkward!! He will appear to be taking gratification Zara a little too so much with the entire dress situation then the frozen dessert.

Mehwish feels one thing is amiss, rather one thing is up and instantly assumes the worst. She minces no words and wastes no time in creating a scene once she accuses them. I couldn’t believe she conjointly maltreated Zara and also the accusations she flung at them. Her words on the lines of what doable reason will these 2 need to be defrayment any time along created Mehwish herself appear thus tiny and awkward. Not decision making Mehwish for her call to marry king here. i’m simply troubled to know the character of this girl UN agency looked as if it would be a far additional likable girl – before she married Faisal! Her perspective and relationship with Zara is incredibly abrupt and cold. She perpetually whines to king over however Zara treats her and that i am glad once king aforesaid to her that had she not checked out however she herself talks to Zara. Mehwish on behalf of me at once is that the most attention-grabbing character during this play. a lady UN agency looked as if it would be associate freelance, assured and mature woman is bit by bit turning into somebody simply giving into insecurities and changing into a whining, jealous and not terribly admirable girl at now.

Faisal on the opposite hand appears to be suddenly all there for the cousin-german that he barely aforesaid quite a hullo to earlier. Zara feels that things area unit setting out to move on to her arrange which apparently being her solely purpose in life at once, satisfies her.

Bring on the ‘twist’ of the episode. Mehwish maa nahin ban Sakti. I cannot facilitate it. i actually would like the approach everybody learns most regarding one another with the constant eavesdropping, will everybody simply somehow say their ages too? however previous is king? however previous is Mehwish that she was abundant younger than her ex husband however abundant older than king nonetheless the mother of young (or older) children? what quantity older is Faisal than Zara? Aargh! thus, once king projected wedding to associate older girl UN agency has older youngsters – he hoped to begin a family of his own along with her. Since Mehwish has lost the ‘sparkle’ in her eyes, isn’t ‘dressed up’ all the time associated currently cannot bear an heir for king – can she begin superficial to be less fascinating to him? I hope this is often not the track this drama is taking currently for it jogs my memory spookily of Adhoori Aurat(penned by a similar writer) during a approach however I even have a sense this is often what could happen. i might like to be proved wrong although.

I have not watched Maria Wasti during a play for an extended time thus i’m unsure whether or not she has continuously acted like this or whether or not i’m finding it exhausting to tell apart between her and Mehwish however there’s one thing missing here. somebody facilitate ME out please? Such a relief to not have Saboor Ali weeping her eyes out or intensely making an attempt to wreck her cartilaginous structure. to date i prefer the pace of this drama and hope it doesn’t begin to pull. i’m wondering if king can disclose to Zara and wherever that will lead. On a lighter note, unsure however well Zara can do on her exams for quite finding out and scheming, she appears to be creating endless cups of tea – then some!! once king came home early from work and drawn up Zara i assumed – I bet he’s planning to enkindle a cup of tea again!

Still trying forward to next week’s episode and what any twists and turns and tantrums consequent episode brings. however did you guys feel regarding this episode? Would like to hear your thoughts!

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