Tum Kon Piya – Episode 11

Tum Kon Piya – Episode 11
  • 1 year ago

Tum Kon Piya continues to be a mediocre play in terms of plot however the sleek direction and well written dialogues create it an honest watch. though there’s nothing extraordinary regarding the story however like I same before the actual fact that there are not any obvious flaws within the script create it attention-grabbing enough. This episode centered on Arif’s growing frustration, gradual realization on the a part of Elma’s father that he had created an enormous mistake, Javeria’s re-entry within the show, Ramish dynamical his call and Elma’s failing makes an attempt to win the approval of her female parent.

Ramish’s father felt sort of a victorious man whose ego and pride each had been happy as a result of his son had finally accepted Sunbal as his future married woman. Muzaffar Hassan clearly should have one thing to realize from this wedding otherwise he wouldn’t have tried this tough to create it happen. when his father’s attack Ramish failed to need to try to to something to upset him more and terminated up doing what he needed him to try to to. observation Muzaffar Hassan analyzing his son like he knew regarding life and relationships quite anyone else was rather ironic! he’s a really narrow-minded man World Health Organization thinks that the globe is precisely the means he sees it once truly that’s not the case. For the primary time nowadays it sounded like Mehmood Akhtar wasn’t into his character and was simply reading his lines aloud.

Arif’s confrontation together with his mother visited show that his anger and frustration is growing with each passing day. And like every different man World Health Organization has achieved nothing in life he’s not willing to have his failures. Yasir Shoro was on the far side spectacular during this scene, his acting was spot on and powerful. He has depicted completely different reminder Arif’s character thus well that you just haven’t any alternative however to surprise however his track can develop within the forthcoming episodes. Arif is that the middle kid World Health Organization ne’er got the eye he needed, as a result of his complexes he was ne’er ready to bring home the bacon something in life and currently with a brand new person within the house he feels even a lot of suffocated.

Javeria mentioned that she had been meeting Arif terribly nonchalantly however it tacit that she can be the one World Health Organization has been adding to the means he has been acting late simply to cause even a lot of bother within the house. observation Zarbab’s sister {talk regarding|mention|cite|point out|refer|name|remark|quote|observe|bring up|point out|say|state} her bhabhi like she was a really negative person visited show that though she is usually protestant about the means her mother is along with her son and female offspring in law however at bottom she has an equivalent thinking too. Javeria is back within the image and it remains to be seen however she’s going to impact Zarbab’s life currently.

The scenes within which Elma’s mother in law told her off over and yet again and also the means Waqar Ali told lies to persuade Seema’s khala that Elma was terribly happy in her life were the foremost clichéd components of tonight’s episode. though Waqar Ali had no concept that Sharaft Mohammedan can be thus rude and insensitive however he continually knew that Elma’s in laws weren’t thus hospitable either. The confrontation with Sharafat Mohammedan was sudden and hurt Waqar Ali, one thing that created him regret his call. though there’s nothing new regarding these developments, we’ve got seen them over and yet again in dramas however even then they were shown nicely while not stretching these scenes. the sole half that’s obtaining annoying ar an equivalent quite problems – Elma not turning up for dinner and chai engagements!

Elma continually looked trim and correct before she got married and within the initial a pair of or three days of her wedding however currently it’s sensible to ascertain that the director and Ayeza Khan each set to compromise on her appearance as a result of that’s what true demands. Otherwise we’ve got seen girls World Health Organization bear the more serious section of their life with their hair absolutely curled and titled and while not creating any compromises on their make-up. These realistic touches create the story and characters straightforward to attach to. Ayeza Khan incorporates a pleasing temperament Associate in Nursingd an innocent face that has up to now created Elma’s character likeable even supposing it doesn’t have a lot of to supply.

Although Sharafat begum’s role is extremely typical however i’m sure there ar many ladies out there World Health Organization will relate to her character. Zarbab desires to stay peace within the house and if he should compromise on some things so as to try to to that he doesn’t mind it.

The preview of future episode showed Arif and Javeria scheming to interrupt Zarbab’s wedding and most significantly Ramish overhearing his father expression that he faked a attack (surprise surprise!). This proves one issue that internal organ Kon Piya positively doesn’t bank on unending misunderstandings to require the story forward.

How many of you watched this latest episode of internal organ Kon Piya? Don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding it.

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