Tum Yaad Aye – The Besharams! – Episode 18 Review

Tum Yaad Aye – The Besharams! – Episode 18 Review
  • 1 year ago

Oh my! plenty people puzzled why Mehtaab was thus quiet concerning her past and currently that the reality has begun to unravel, i’m unsurprised she was thus mum concerning it. I do but suppose that there’s a lot of to the story and can not write off Mehtaab because the villain simply however however what a remarkable twist for once if she very was the one guilty here. positive failed to see that coming!

Ahmer, along with his ‘let ME take your til and place it in my pocket’ and ‘hide your khushboo from the world’ is deep deeeeeep infatuated with Zainy. Please don’t hate ME for ridiculing those ‘romantic’ lines for i’m a romantic in spite of appearance and fall for all the brooding, ‘eyes that talk volumes’ and even sigh occasionally at the age recent ‘mein tumharay beghair nahin reh sakta’ however this til and khushboo business had to high the ‘Cheesy Lines below The gloss of Romance’ charts!! And despite the fact that Munib Butt failed to look terribly convincing oral communication those lines and appeared on the verge of riant himself, it appears to figure although for though Zainy keeps telling Ahmer that she will not be with him, she still loves him and is commonly lost in thought pondering the moments she has spent with him.

Nigar and Novera – what a combo! Novera is just like the match that may set the situation that’s Nigar off – she simply must realize the correct moment to mention what she has got to say {and then|then|so|and thus} let all hell break loose! I found it screaming once Zainy says Novera includes a crush on fortified wine and once she tells her off for telling her for the umptieth time however lucky she is was so spot on. i ponder why Nigar has not Sabbatum Novera down for a one to one for Novera positive as hell appears like she’s able to spill the beans and so some! Nigar isn’t proof against Zainy’s aloofness and neutrality within the whole wedding preparations and doesn’t mince words sharing her thoughts with fortified wine. Zainy has set that she will not play together with her parents’ ‘izzat’ any longer and can marry fortified wine thinking this is often the correct issue to try and do.

Ah, the bombshell! i’m still cautious of this latest development. Phuppo and Tayi’s spoken language appears to counsel that Mehtaab had wronged her initial husband and he unbroken quiet and forbid his family to speak concerning what happened. Ahmer listens in on the spoken language and upon a quest through his dead Chachu’s case he finds a brown envelope that appears to carry plenty of answers. thus did Mehtaab leave Zainy’s father for Yusuf Kamdar? Really?! i believed the total ‘besharam aap, nahin besharam aap’ may finish with Mehtaab slapping Zainy however it failed to return to it. the planning Yusuf gave Mehtaab and Zainy although gave the impression to counsel there is also some truth in what Zainy is accusive her mother of however we’ll have to be compelled to wait and see. i believed it odd that Mehtaab stepped out once Yusuf asked her to. Why might she not have finished off her spoken language with Zainy on a correct note instead of running off once Yusuf referred to as her? i ponder what Zainy’s father had written therein letter? Was it one thing that he did that created Mehtaab leave him and so marry Yusuf or did she truly leave him for Yusuf? Somehow I realize it arduous to believe that Mehtaab and Yusuf were romantically concerned whereas Mehtaab was married To Zainy’s father and that i suppose there’s a lot of to the present than what we’ve been told to this point on the other hand World Health Organization knows? I suppose the story can unfold eventually.

Zainy had been acceptive, though impartial together with her forthcoming wedding to fortified wine however it appears that currently armed with this ‘truth’ she’s going to not marry him as she clearly says to her mother. Next week’s promo shows Phuppo and Tayi’s look at Zainy’s house ‘demanding’ her hand in wedding and Mehtaab oral communication she would rather kill her female offspring than comply with this wedding. Umm, ok. even as this drama appears to settle into a sluggish pace, one thing comes up and therefore the pace picks up once more. I had not expected this twist in Mehtaab’s character and am wanting forward to seeing what happens next.

I know a number of United States don’t appear to love Munib Butt’s acting however I even have not seen him in the other play and to ME, he appears excellent because the impulsive, immature Ahmer. i like however Seher Afzal has delineated her character wherever she feels she is that the one being wronged and ‘judged’ and wherever she isn’t evil however we tend to see what a confused, spoilt woman she is. The claustrophobic labyrinthine internet of relations will appear to boost its head in each different episode, like Yusuf’s comment during this episode concerning Zainy currently being not solely a female offspring however female offspring in law still thus she ought to be additional careful concerning maintaining the ‘izzat’ of this house – uggh – however however this drama has a lot of to supply in terms of story, pace and acting and keeps my interest alive.

Seems like Zainy can get her method and marry Ahmer and that i saw a photograph thusmewhere on Facebook of Novera in bridal garments and sitting with fortified wine so feels like she could get her wooer too. however what then? What did you all create of this episode? Would like to hear your thoughts!

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