Tum Yaad Aye – Episode 15 Review

Tum Yaad Aye – Episode 15 Review
  • 1 year ago

So. ‘Baitay’ ka psychological issue nahin hai. Baitay’s issue is genetic. Baitay’s first relation and lurrve interest is largely a male version of Baitay. Both Baitay and Ahmer square measure stingy, scheming brats and it does not build a distinction World Health Organization raised Baitay – for Baitay is biological science kay haathon majboor!

Zainy’s constant ‘I am so dangerous, I am thus sorry I even have been so bad’ and so successive instant taking selections and steps with great care that she could hurt Ahmer and build him jealous square measure getting down to get quite annoying. I was surprised once fortified wine really did ‘pop the question’ thus to talk for i believed Zainy’s supposed new rishta would be dragged out whereas fortified wine hid his feelings however it had been sensible to envision him raise her outright to marry him. Ab the proposal and the whole conversation that followed was another issue. Ahmer ka jhoota?! What in the world was that? I mean, I get yes she was infatuated with Ahmer thus her heart has ‘belonged’ to a different and fortified wine wouldn’t be her past love and every one that on the other hand that may be rephrased in an exceedingly thousand alternative ways – however Ahmer Hindu deity jhoota?!! Eeek! I don’t understand however that dialogue simply appeared thus odd, it left a bad style in my mouth. Maybe as a result of mein bhi kissi Hindu deity jhoota paani nahin peeti! Haha. Just kidding – I am a mum of fussy eaters – that ought to justify it all.

So currently Naani, Mamoo, Mehtaab, Abba all have one agenda – Zainy’s marriage to fortified wine. The mahram-non mahram conversation was i-don’t-know-what! I may not believe she didn’t understand the distinction till Naani says to her that she has gained most worldly information over the years however has not hung out on Muslim education. But still! I do not perceive however most are suddenly celebrating the baat pakki tho’ for I didn’t see Zainy provide her consent. However, it appears that fortified wine and Zainy square measure currently ‘engaged to be married’.

Abba, Mehtab, Sherry, Zainy and Novera (is that her name?) are all away on a vacation currently. It is nice to envision a unique side to Abba as even fortified wine points out that he has become a lot of attention-grabbing. Or well, attention-grabbing for he was not interesting the least bit earlier. He is however less rigid and looks to possess taken a better approach to life. Sherry too tries his hand at romance – and falls flat on his face! The whole ‘chaand zameen par a gaya’ is suchhhhhhh a ghissi pitti line, probably additionally as a result of once I consider ‘chaand’ i believe of huge spherical face – doesn’t sound sort of a romantic compliment to ME on the other hand perhaps the comparison is with the sweetness and lightweight of the moon. I can not facilitate thinking tho’ that Zainy makes for a really crabbed and sulky chaand. Zainy does not appear affected by Sherry’s line either associated makes an excuse and walks away.


Ahmer’s wedding preparations are below manner. Beena was willing to take her own life many episodes ago within the name of Ahmer associated currently with the marriage close to it looks as if she force an ‘Ahmer’ on him by lying regarding whether or not she is in capital of Pakistan or urban center. Does Ahmer assume of Zainy once he’s driving as a result of the thought of her created him smile lovingly or as a result of he’s riant at her? He doesn’t appear to worry for her then why the lingering look once he sees her throughout the shooting of his film?

Novera’s well meaning warning to Ahmer backfires and he ends up speeding to Zainy and she or he is currently on walking on air thinking he has feelings for her. I can not believe she needed to use fortified wine once more speech she needs Ahmer to envision however she appearance aboard fortified wine. I know that individuals in lurrve do silly things and she or he remains infatuated with Ahmer and is attempting everything behind the semblance of ‘I hate him’ to create him circle and declare his love for her however to pull fortified wine into this game of cat and mouse she and Ahmer square measure playing? however unfair is that!


I had mentioned earlier that I wanted to see a lot of of Agha Ali and that i am glad he had a lot of screen time nowadays however I hope for his sake that his character has a lot of to supply than simply Zainy’s rebound, carrying his heart in his hands. Seher Afzal as Zainy is brilliant. For someone World Health Organization is sort of new the trade, I find her acting natural and she is ready to portray the stingy and confused nature of Zainy o.k.. I have thought of this 2|a handful|some} of times and haven’t been sure a way to word it properly however I quite just like the distinction of Zainy’s two families. Sherry and Co square measure dependable, serious, and okay maybe boring individuals whereas Ahmer and Co square measure loud, to an extent fickle and vibrant. Although not a fan of Zainy’s temperament i’d prefer to believe tho’ that happiness to each families she has variety of half familial and half ‘learnt’ each varieties of behaviour creating her the manner she is. Yes I know, I am still toying with the thought of my career in psychiatry!

It does seem as if Zainy can pull each crazy antic to get Ahmer’s attention, not caring whose feelings she trods on along the manner. If this is the trail she is taking then she’s going to apparently find yourself alone and hurt and that i just hope she isn’t conferred fortified wine on a silver platter then for her to take! If nothing else, I would have thought what Mehtaab says to Zainy would knock some sense into her about however she has worked terribly arduous for them to be wherever they’re currently in an exceedingly safe, secure household and she should not mess it all up. Zainy herself seems to understand it once she says to fortified wine that if things don’t total between them then wherever would she go? {but then|on the other hand|then once more} she is back to her crazy antics later again. This woman makes no sense in this drama apart from one statement that she has verbalized many times and that i completely agree – she doesn’t be somebody like Sherry! No siree!

How do you all feel regarding this episode and Zainy’s continuing craziness? Would like to hear your thoughts!


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