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Visaal Episode 3 Review – A Misunderstanding!

Ohkay so, this episode of Visaal was not only interesting but entertaining as well. I am glad that in this drama the writer has refrained from adding some strict & stern characters as seen in his previous projects, it somehow makes all the situations very light hearted & appeasing.

This episode was all about a huge misunderstanding that Akram was a victim of. He obviously frequents Ghufran’s place because he has assumed that Pari is his daughter that is why when Ghufran’s friend started talking about the marriage that too in front of Ghufran, Akram didn’t hesitate one bit & immediately made it seem as if he was ready because he obviously has Pari on his mind.

Taimur ended up succumbing to Shabbir’s pressures & it was obviously because of Pari as he has fallen for her at first sight. Taimur couldn’t really stop thinking about her & he did what Shabbir demanded in order to leave an impression on Pari. Shabbir was obviously very touched & impressed by Taimur’s display of respect & generosity towards him & his colleagues but little did he know that it was only because Taimur had something rather someone else on his mind.

Ghufran’s friend spoke to him about the potential of Akram marrying Naheed. I loved loved loved when Ghufran said that he will speak to his wife first because he trusted her intuition. I must say Hashim Nadeem has written some very dominating & staunch male characters in his previous dramas like that of Molvi Aleemuddin in Khuda Aur Mohabbat & Dhaani’s father in Dhaani but I am so glad he decided to go easy this time & this different spin on male characters has changed the dynamics of the entire drama. Even though a lot of focus has been made on how protective Shabbir is, but despite being a single parent & father, he has never stopped Pari from being herself. Yes, the way he guides her & protects her, shows his concerns as a father but it is beautiful that they both share such a beautiful bond with each other where they joke about things & are more like friends. Also, even though Ghufran is a Molvi, he is easy going & not as strict as they are usually shown in our dramas. The way Naheed gets the edge to fulfill her wishes & the way Ghufran spoke about discussing Akram’s proposal with his wife went to show that he believes in giving the ladies of his family their rights & respects their status as women.

So, Akram got to know that Pari’s name is Naheed. Pari on the other hand also convinced Naheed to say yes to Akram’s proposal so that she could save herself from her cousin who was known for eating Paan. Akram will definitely go ahead with this marriage because he thinks Pari is Ghufran’s daughter, quite an interesting twist!

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & the story is moving forward in a very nice manner. However, I will say that for me it is unconvincing & more like a glitch that Akram runs a shop in Ghufran’s area & everyone knows him but no one has told on Akram that he sports a very different look when he is not with those Masjid people like his leather jacket & stuff? Not sure when this aspect will be covered & when this image of Akram will be exposed, let’s see. All the actors are doing a wonderful job & both Hania Amir & Zahid Ahmed are in their element. Please share your thoughts.

Dramas Review

Tabeer Episode 8 – Review!

Ohkay so, things have been moving forward in Tabeer at a decent pace & the overall story, though not something unique, has been written nicely. It can definitely pass as a decent drama to tune to.

Daadi left but Tabeer had to stay back because of Fawad’s son & she definitely felt lonely because after Yasir, the only family she has is Daadi & with her being gone, Tabeer really had no one to go to. Tabeer asked for Yasir’s bedding & felt peace because there was at least something in this strange new place that reminded her of her husband, that made her feel that it was hers.

Saniya mustered up the courage to see Fawad, it took a lot for her to come out of her shell & see Fawad but just a very brief encounter with Fawad & Tabeer made her realize that there was no place in Fawad’s life which she could fill with her presence as it was already filled in by Tabeer.

I must say Fawad’s nameless mother is really something. I mean Fawad has lost his wife & now because he feels indebted to Tabeer for what she is doing for his son, he wanted to speak to her but her son’s courtesy towards Tabeer made her uncomfortable? She also had this bizarre look on her face when Saniya came to see Fawad. She is one of those mothers who really shouldn’t get their sons married because they are so jealous & insecure. Fawad has lost his wife, the mother of his son & there she is, looking all comfortable & happy that she has her son all to herself now!

This episode was decent but yes, the overall mellow & grim feel of this drama might be a reason why not many people are tuning to it. Waiting to see some spark between Tabeer & Fawad but yes, totally liking that they are taking their time before showing that. Please share your thoughts.

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Lashkara Episode 2 Review – Thoroughly Enjoyable!

Ohkay so, this episode of Lashkara was humorous as well as entertaining. Even though nothing happened much in this episode therefore it can be said that it was an extended version of the previous episode with a few more situations thrown in. The feel & the overall execution of this drama is refreshing & it just draws your attention to it perfectly.

So, subtly & slowly it was highlighted how Bubbly’s family also had their fair share of politics happening between them & the triggering factor which blew things out of proportion was Saima’s proposal which got forwarded to Bubbly. Even though Muneer was ashamed, Kulsoom didn’t seem concerned because for her, it was a validation that she invested her time & energies in the right thing as she got the answer that Bubbly’s future is secured because she is pretty & has a charming personality.

Saima’s parents were clearly upset & her mother especially blamed both Kulsoom & then Bubbly for snatching this opportunity away from Saima. It was nice to see Saima being the voice of reason & trying to advodate Bubbly’s position in front of her mother because yes, Saima was right, whatever happened wasn’t Bubbly’s fault & she didn’t deliberately leave such an impression on the suitor’s family which drew their attention towards her.

Kulsoom on the other hand found solace in Tayi’s suffering because she saw it as karma’s spin on her for looking down on Bubbly & seeing her as a nobody due to her lack of education. Muneer was genuinely sorry but unfortunately, his family is totally opposite to him in everything starting from perspectives to mentality.

Bubbly continued being herself & her attempt of making Saima happy was cute. Though Bubbly manipulates things to her advantage but she still is a sweet person from the inside. It is interesting to see how even though she doesn’t say anything to Sunny on those lines that she is interested in him but also doesn’t burst the bubble by stating the otherwise. It is like Bubbly likes to give Sunny this impression that she likes him but in reality, she only likes his undivided attention.

So, Nazeer ended up giving Bubbly the dress that belonged to someone else, obviously because he couldn’t say no to her. It is funny to see Nazeer thinking that he even stands a chance with Bubbly because right then & there Sunny forced him to wake up & smell the coffee that Bubbly was way out of his league & that she only belonged to Sunny.

Well, Bubbly enjoyed the wedding only to find out that Feeka’s mother Nasreen (Saba Hameed) recognized the suit that she was wearing because it belonged to her daughter. I must say it was interesting to see how Kulsoom was trying to do everything to cover up Bubbly’s blunder, like she wanted to save her from Taya & then Tayi’s taunts because she knew that this thing could escalate into something huge, giving Tayi another chance to take a dig at Bubbly. Kulsoom really takes pride in the fact that Bubbly is beautiful & carries herself well, that is why she made sure to compliment her after she returned from the wedding without even bothering about where did Bubbly arrange that dress from.

Well, Nasreen approached Kulsoom & Bubbly & then said something which caught them off-guard. Nasreen asked for Bubbly’s hand for her son Feeka they both couldn’t believe what Nasreen had just said. Even though the main focus of that scene was on the proposal, I must say I loved the way it was highlighted that Bubbly, despite being afraid, was ready to own her mistake as she didn’t want Nazeer to take the brunt of it. It shows how Bubbly will never deceive anyone or let them be mistreated because of her own mistakes. Though people might see Bubbly for her beauty & outer appearance & even though the entire focus has been on this aspect but I like that the writer has created such situations which give us a chance to learn more about her character & nature.

Feeka’s obsession with Bubbly was funny. Also, now that he has this wealth, it is interesting to see how he is using it to keep his eye on Bubbly. Sunny on the other hand also tried to arrange a selfie but things just didn’t go his way. I must say, I like how all of this is shown as harmless kind of obsession with Bubbly, like Sunny keeps on talking about how others have her pictures or videos but no one sees it as something to be frowned upon, not even Bubbly herself or Sunny who is supposedly possessive about her or even Feeka who sees her as his future wife.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I had a great time watching it. I am keen on seeing the animosity between Sunny & Feeka because they both have called dibs on Bubbly, let’s see who will win her over in the end. Ushna Shah is adorable as Bubbly, Mohsin Abbas Haider has made Feeka look creepily cute & Imran Ashraf is the perfect choice as Sunny, I just couldn’t stop laughing at his Punjabi accent English lesson, lol! Loving the direction & overall situation so far. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Lashkara.

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Khasara Episode 1 – Review!

Ohkay so, the writing of Maha Malik, direction of Shahid Shafaat & the production of Six Sigma Plus; Khasara drama had a decent start. The first episode gave an introduction to the characters & their personalities were elaborated in a great detail that too effortlessly. Though whatever we saw was not something new but overall, the introductory episode was quite convincing in my opinion.

Mohtasim (Mikaal Zulfikar), a business tycoon is married to Linta (Sarwat Gillani), a possessive wife. They both have a son as well & from the surface, their life might seem picture perfect but ground reality is different.

Moanis (Junaid Khan) lives in a small town named Ranipur, he has a wife Sila (Sonia Mishaal) & two sons. Moanis is a dutiful husband & works in Railways.

Moanis & his wife Sila are poles apart. Sila dreams big & she wants her life to be comfortable enough where her husband can support hers & their kids’ demands without thinking twice. Even though Sila does compromise by curbing her desires but she still understands her husband’s perspective & respects him as well. Moanis always finds himself in an awkward position where he has to explain himself again & again to Sila who always has a different take on things. Moanis is practical & humble, whereas Sila finds herself settling for whatever her life has offered to her with a bit of difficulty.

Sila has a friend Areeba who is also married. Areeba is the breadwinner whereas her husband Azhar is jobless. Areeba & Azhar don’t have kids & apart from Moanis, Areeba happens to be another voice of reason in Sila’s life where she tries to guide her, help her in making the right choices & also reminds her

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Visaal Episode 1 Review – A Convincing Start!

Ohkay so, production of Big Bang Entertainment, direction of Ali Hassan & writing of Hashim Nadeem; Visaal is a new prime time drama that has started airing on ARY Digital. I must say, the OST & the promo of this drama definitely gave me Khuda Aur Mohabbat & Dhaani vibes & when I saw that it has been written by Hashim Nadeem, I knew exactly why I felt that way. However, I will say that despite the similarities, I feel may be it is going to be a happier version of Khuda Aur Mohabbat where two people in love will have their happy ending after a lot of hardships, because I could see a lot of tweaking that Hashim Nadeem has done this time around, so let’s see how things roll. First episode of Visaal did set the base for what is yet to come & introduced the characters in detail & though I had a feeling that I knew all these characters from before, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

Akram (Zahid Ahmed) is an imposter who believes in short cuts. He has had a colorful past where he has resorted to a lot such tactics which have landed him in trouble a lot of times but because Akram is like a free bird, he doesn’t take anything seriously as he knows that he can manipulate his way out of every problematic situation. Akram has no family to go to, no parents, no siblings, that is why it feels it is one of the reasons why he has lost direction in life.

Shabbir (Touqeer Nasir) happens to be the only parent of Pari (Hania Amir) & they both share a beautiful relationship with each other. As Shabbir has lost his wife, that is the reason why he feels he needs to be extra attentive & cautious in taking care of Pari because she’s all that he has. It was really nice seeing their friendly relationship where Pari respected her father’s approach of upbringing but also didn’t shy away in sharing whatever was in her heart. Jumman Bua (Ismat Zaidi) happens to be Shabbir’s neighbor & because Shabbir trusts her so much, she comes to keep a check on Pari whenever her father goes for work. Shabbir is the union leader at Railways & earns a decent living for himself & his daughter.

Molana Ghufran (Firdous Jamal) happens to be a Muazzin & care taker of the local Masjid of that area & upon a little inquiry, Akram gets to know about him. Molana Ghufran has a wife Naikbakht (Tahira Iman) & a daughter Naheed (Saboor Ali), who happens to be Pari’s best friend.

Akram has definitely come in contact with Molana Ghufran due to an ulterior motive. He is intelligently manipulative & he is also quite smart to know how he can attain his goals. The way Akram caught Molana Ghufran’s attention was quite amusing & interesting because he knew exactly what he had to say in order to make an impression on him. Akram’s interactions with Dilbar (Saife Hassan), the Paan shop owner as well as his new found friend Doodh Patti were nicely done as they were basically used to give Akram’s character a proper introduction to let the viewers know what sort of a person he is.

Akram couldn’t take the thought of Pari out of his mind & that is why he decided to pay a visit to Molana Ghufran’s house once again. The way Akram found a way in Ghufran’s place went to show how simple & optimistic Ghufran was because of which he easily got tricked into believing that Akram was everything that he said he was & ended up giving him an access to his house.

Overall, this episode was quite intereresting & the drama has had a great start. All the actors seemed to be in their element & the direction was spot on too. Zahid Ahmed seemed to overplay Akram a bit but I feel it was needed especially in the introductory episodes to make a longlasting impression about his character. Hania Aamir was perfect as Pari & every other actor did a perfect job too. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about the very first episode of Visaal.

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