Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 10 Review

Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 10 Review
  • 1 year ago

so, this episode showed some slight progress in the story. Even though this episode was slow, I found it justified considering however they required some time to indicate the various emotional states that Haadi was rummaging, however I feel like Uzma got plenty of inessential screen-time and half the items she aforementioned didn’t leave an impression the maximum amount as they ought to have.

Mahnoor got the answer from Waqar that she was awaiting. I think Waqar doesn’t believe trifling. I thought he’d actually look forward to Gaitiara’s confession and would possibly furthermore back out from the commitment that Mahnoor thought he created however he didn’t do something of that kind as a result of in my opinion, he doesn’t respect his relationship with Mahnoor at all, because if he had associate iota of respect for this relationship and conjointly for Mahnoor, he wouldn’t have said all those things to Gaitiara simply the night before once he finally determined to propose Mahnoor. I think rather like for Mahnoor, her relationship with Haadi didn’t carry much importance, similarly, for Waqar, his relationship with Mahnoor doesn’t carry much importance too and I say that as a result of even once Mahnoor labeled Waqar on to do the work needed to proceed together with her divorce, Waqar spoke to Gaitiara eagerly and stealthily. If Waqar had respected Mahnoor (which she clearly isn’t entitled to), he would’ve told her straight away about United Nations agency this special student of his was, what she was like and how she would possibly have fallen loving with him as a result of this can be specifically what Haadi did once he received a confession letter from Uzma.

Once again, there was a lot of concentrate on ‘mard and mard Hindu deity bacha’ bit however i’m positive the author here has tried to use this nomenclature in humor as a result of sometimes folks attribute self-concern and inessential show of anger and authority to outline the traits a person ought to and should possess. By showing a ‘man’ like Haadi, the writer here is attempting to convey that will be} what a person can be like, United Nations agency has nothing to do with ego and who believes in granting folks their desires although it means that crushing their own dreams and walking over their needs, which most of times doesn’t favor a man like Haadi however there’s nothing wrong in being like that. People aren’t acquainted with these form of ‘mard’ and don’t sometimes encounter men like Haadi too, that is why the Aneesa kept on telling him to try to to things he doesn’t believe like slapping Mahnoor, just in order to prove his manfulness, which once once more he ne’er resorted to as he is aware of and has this sense of self-affirmation that he doesn’t got to do all this to prove that he has some authority and power to rule over a feminine simply because he’s a male and should fade the mental attitude that the society endorses. This is also one in every of the explanations why Mahnoor ne’er saw Haadi as a person, just as a result of he forgave her mistakes and had the bravery to apologize for the items he ne’er was chargeable for, Mahnoor thought he wasn’t an ideal ‘man’ as a result of he was too faint and mild, that is why when she saw Waqar, she assumed that he was a perfect man that she was awaiting all her life and due to be with. Mahnoor will notice out in time that Haadi was additional a person than Waqar is as a result of being a person also can mean being honest, sincere and kindhearted, which Waqar positively is not and Haadi is!

I must say, for a father of an solely kid and female offspring at that, Ikhtiyaar Sahab is a bit too cool-headed and relaxed. He now perceives the feelings Uzma has or maybe if he doesn’t understand, he most certainly doesn’t mind seeing however his female offspring takes care of the one she cooks for. However, I must say i favor the link that Ikhtiyaar Sahab and Uzma share and it won’t be too long once Haadi can be part of their very little family too as Ikhtiyar doesn’t appear to mind the emotions Uzma has for him.

Honestly speaking, throughout this episode I couldn’t stop thinking however things can amendment from currently onward and how the lives of each Mahnoor and Haadi can be reversed. Haadi is going through a heart-break and has suffered enough pain but he can perceive that everything happens for a reason and {there can|there’ll} come back a time in his life once he will impart Mahnoor for walking out of his life. Where Haadi’s life can take a turnabout for the higher, Mahnoor life will conjointly take a turnabout except for the more serious as she has unwittingly driven herself to hell. She thinks just as a result of Haadi walked out of her life quietly, she has scored a big win however she could be a fool to believe that things are going to be drum sander and easier rather like Waqar aforementioned ‘1 mahine ki mohabbat’ forced Mahnoor to require such an enormous step, so she positively is in for a ride and can see her worst nightmares materializing and things slippery off from her hands in spite of however arduous she’s going to try and hold onto them. I am sure the approach Mahnoor has affronted the love Haadi had for her, Waqar will insult the love Mahnoor has for him too. The way Mahnoor has hurt Haadi’s feelings, Waqar will hurt her feelings too. Also, I am sure the approach Mahnoor two-timed on Haadi, Waqar will cuckold on her too with Gaitiara and I can’t wait to see however she’s going to be left alone and miserable.

Overall, this was a decent episode however a little on the slower facet. I like Haadi for the honesty he endorses and displays in spite of how dire true is. I feel bad for Aneesa as a result of she is aware of that things have messed up success and she will not undo any of that. I am glad that they need used the primary 10 episodes to achieve the sport changer and currently we’re moving into the second section of the story wherever the roles are going to be reversed. Let’s see what do they have future for us. Please share your say about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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