Zinger Burger Recipe Better Than KFC

  • 2 weeks ago

Chicken Fillet
Knoor Crispy Fried Mix
Red Pepper
Black Pepper
Lehsan Powder (optional)
Maida (Wheat Flour)

Chicken Marination
Marinate a chicken fillet with 1tbsp knor crispy fried mix and let is rest for 2 hours in fridge.

Breading Mix
Take 250g Maida in a bowl and add 2tbsp knor crispy fried mix, 1tbsp red pepper, 1tbsp black pepper, 1tsp Lehsan Powder(optional). Mix all well.

Zinger making Procedure
Roll the chicken fillet in bread-mix again and again and after chicken get covered with flour on it than deep the fillet in a bowl with iced cold water for 2sec. Roll it again in the bread-mix till it again covered with flour. Now Deep Fry it in hot cooking oil.

Zinger Burger

Take a bun, add lettuce or salad leave, add young’s salted mayo and put fried zinger fillet on it than add young’s red chilli mayo, put burger cheese on top of that assemble the burger.

Eat Fresh and Healthy Fast Food at Home…..

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