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Zun Mureed Episode 3 Review – Highs and Lows!

Tonight’s episode of Zun Mureed focused a great deal on the issue of domestic violence from different perspectives; the role the society plays, the reason why men think they are entitled to do so and how such men react when they feel that the state’s intervention might stand in their way. This episode also gave further insight into all the main characters. Sajjad’s expectations from his wife and most importantly his failure to understand that none of this was Tabbsum’s responsibility yet she was bearing the burden because she wanted to help him in whatever way she could continues to be the main reason why Tabbasum is already being abused in a certain way. In the opening scene of tonight’s episode, Sajjad threatened to hit Tabbasum only because his sleep was disrupted. So far, he has been shown as someone who puts himself before everything else and although he claims that he doesn’t care what anyone says but he gets brainwashed too easily. Instead of understanding Tabbasum’s situation and helping her out, Sajjad blames her for everything that goes wrong. Omair Rana has been performing brilliantly, his acting is always effortless and right on point.

Tabbasum’s conversations tonight revolved around domestic violence in some way or the other. While she got really upset when a man at the butcher’s shop ignored the fact that she was first in line and the butcher too attended to him first, she fails to question how her own husband manipulates her on daily basis. Her conversations also showed once again just how sure she was that Sajjad would never hit her even after what he did primarily because he apologized. I liked the way the writer explained what kind of men hit women and termed them as individuals who were mentally sick. This was especially important because most often when a woman is domestically abused she is judged more than the person who her husband. Also, very often women stay silent because of this reason. This thinking is so rampant that there are also women who might feel that their husbands have the right to hit them because they provide for them and are superior to them.

This drama shows how a man who values his wife is called a zun mureed and one who dominates her is a real man! Tabbasum’s mother in law never had a happy marriage therefore she doesn’t want to see her daughter in law enjoying the comforts of a healthy relationship hence she takes pleasure in her pain. While no one in the family can see what problems this woman faces on daily basis, they are not happy with the fact that her husband bought a car for her. Ironically Tabbasum might end up paying for this car herself too. Nadia Khan’s performance tonight was strictly okay, there were times when her expressions were over the top but overall so far her performance is far more realistic that it is in Aisi Hei Tanhai. The character has been etched-out really well and I hope that Nadia Khan will be able to do justice to it in the upcoming episodes as well.

Overall, this episode raised some important points but there were some scenes which could have been even more impactful if they were translated on screen more convincingly. The preview of the next episode definitely gave me a reason to tune into this drama next week too since I am waiting to find out what turn the story takes once Sajjad hits Tabbasum and she decides to go to the police.

Dramas Review

Pukaar Episode 6 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode introduced us to the life Samra will be living in Fahad’s home after him & they surely made this episode quite convincing because the direction & the acting of Yumna Zaidi was spot on!

Samra clearly had an idea that her life will be difficult in Fahad’s home, that is why, while talking to her mother, she named it as a ‘punishment’ that she chose for herself but as the time went by, she started to realize that no matter how much she grieves, there was no one in this house who sympathized with her.

Laali Ma took the responsibilty of torturing Samra to no end & ironically, she was shown to be a God-fearing woman but when it came to being compassionate & courteous, she lacked these traits completely. Laali Ma gave Samra’s mother a clear indication that she wouldn’t allow her to take Samra back with her & even though it was hard for her to accept, she gave in. Samra’s father’s concerns were portrayed nicely too because in those brief encounters that he has had with Fahad’s family, he clearly understood what sort of people they were & that is why he was upset that they stopped Samra from coming with them.

Laali Ma started making it obvious to Samra that there were very strict rules that she had laid for her which she had to abide by but I loved that despite mourning the loss of Fahad, Samra didn’t just completely forget who she was & continued to reason with Laali Ma & made her speechless!

Samra’s friend tried to further put things into perspective so that she could convince her to leave this place as soon as possible. Aimen dreaded that if Samra must’ve fallen pregnant, she would never be able to come out of this prison all her life. Well, Samra actually became pregnant which means now Fahad’s family will have even a stronger hold on her. It was nice to see Zulekha & Samra’s bonding, at least there was someone who sympathized with her. Also, I found it unconvincing that Tashfeen was nowhere to be seen & didn’t bother visiting Samra even once. Tashfeen did inquire about Samra from Zulekha but in general she has given full authority to Laali Ma to do whatever she wants with Samra which is irrational!

Overall, it was a decent episode. The preview suggested that Samra’s problems are far from being over because now Fahad’s father would want her to contest in the elections, obviously it will guarantee him sympathy votes in this case, let’s see what Samra’s reaction will be. Even though this episode was good & everything else was shown convincingly, I am taking a star off because I don’t agree with the ‘white’ outfit that Laali chose for Samra & also the way she suggested that Samra should be given limited food. It’s about time to break free from these irrelevant norms & it is sad to see them being unnecessarily reinforced in this drama. Please share your thoughts.

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Akhri Station Episode 5 Review – Losing Its Appeal

As much as we were all waiting for Sanam Saeed’s story in the play, it was quite poorly written and acted. I think part of the appeal in initial episodes were the new faces with their innocence and natural feelings evident from their unseasoned performances. There was nothing like that with Sanam Saeed playing a role similar to Kashaf (though Tehmina is much more negative and depressed) and Mikaal Zulfiqar in yet another long suffering, well meaning and clueless kind of a husband. Seeing Mikaal watching these roles is like newscasters reading the news.

So what we saw was that Tehmina has been raised by a single father because her mother committed suicide in front of her. She has since then become a depressed and paranoid person. Now why her apparently well educated and comfortably rich father did not get her into therapy instead of finding a husband to miraculously transform her to a sunny happy person is beyond me and basically ridiculous. This notion seriously needs to change in our society. It’s high time parents seekers competent psychologists to treat their disturbed kids’ issues rather than finding normal clueless human beings and making them bear the brunt of their bad parenting. Frankly, the sympathies for Tehmina were overshadowed massively by those for her husband who is suffering this for no fault of his own. Tehmina needs treatment and that is not shown happening in the entire episode. Maybe there will be something of these effect in the next one.

The other story that is now started simultaneously is that of Nimra Buccha. She is as usual her flawless self as the poor helpless wife and mother whose husband is not unable to earn a basic living for their household. They are in extremely tight circumstances and he is not willing to compromise on his ego and work for people who treat him like some low life. He is not able to face reality head on and deal with it, so that leaves her with the burden of earning as well as household responsibilities. She has now found work as a maid with a rich women who is about to deliver her child and needs help. How this will transform their lives and finances remains to be seen..

please share how you feel about this episode;

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Aangan Episode 19 Review – Entertaining!

Ohkay so, this was yet another enjoyable episode of Aangan. I loved how they got over with the wedding & then started focusing on all the customs & norms that are taken care of once the wedding function takes place!

Naashta was the prime focus of this episode & rightfully so because this is one such aspect which is quite emphasized upon at larki wala’s house. I loved how Hajra woke up early & started preparing for the stuff that she had to take to Zoya’s place while also making sure that everyone at home also gets fed the breakfast.

Wedding happened smoothly but again Allauddin jumped in & made sure he won the argument when it came to deciding Zoya’s haq meher. I am sure he didn’t do it for Zoya sake but only to show his position in this family but it was nice to see Faseeha agreeing to his demand without saying anything, it showed that Aqdas’s family was wholeheartedly & respectfully welcoming Zoya in their family. Faseeha’s in laws continued to be unreasonable & they didn’t even mind the fact that Zoya was a newly wedded bride who came to Aqdas’s house for the first time. Zoya was right, since she is used to this chaos, she felt at home & it was sweet how she even admitted it so honestly in front of Aqdas.

Well, it seems Zahid & Asim are cooking something but I am sure once the secret will be revealed, it won’t be too shocking, but I am interested to know what they are upto, any guesses guys? Because honestly, I am blank & can’t really wrap my head around what they both must be taking care of.

Laila & Zaitoon’s conversation about Bilqees Kainchi was quite funny. Laila actually wanted to know more about her equation with Abba Jee & it was so sweet how Zaitoon honestly shared every little detail with Laila.

So it seems that Hajra wants Sadaan to get married to Aqdas’s sister. Hajra really is not budging when it comes to accepting Sadaan’s choice. Not sure what Sadaan will have to do in order to convince his mother.

Anila & Allu’s conversation about Naashta was quite funny. Even after so many years, it is amazing how Allauddin remembers every little detail of his wedding & especially all that stuff which he can use to remind Anila of how her family members fell short of their responsibility. I must say I love Hajra for her honesty & bluntness, even though she absorbs so much but when she has to give it back, she just goes for it. Anila spoke so highly of how she is better than so many ‘nands’ out there but Hajra didn’t let her have any misapprehensions & immediately reminded her of how lucky Anila was for having a ‘bhabhi’like her. Spot on!

I enjoyed this episode & I liked how things were all over the place, it was a perfect depiction of how everyone unwinds after a family wedding is over. Please share your thoughts.

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Haalim Episode 11 – Review

Wah! Is the perfect description for this episode. Maza aagya sach main.. Number 11 “ Waqt Kay Us paar”…..who would have imagined all the events to turn out this way. Let’s get started Haalims..The episode again began with a weird dream of Taaliya where she is in her era that is the new Malaysia and that basket. I couldn’t connect anything from her dream maybe something from her ex-husband, her wedding stuff or something. It needs a lot of brainstorming but I am more interested in the first dream to be materialized.

I really want to talk about our favourite the ideal person in this novel Wan Fateh Ramzel first because there are some shocking revelations here.( Eyes popping out)

Fateh Ramzel

The most unexpected response from Fateh Ramzel just marked this episode for me.He finally said it yes he did and guess what’s that? He needs Taliyah and kudos to Taliyah’s confidence that she had in her vision that one day this” Mr. Needs Nobody” will need her. The jail part where he had to chose between his life and Taliyah he clearly chose the later it was also quite surprising for me but cute.

I must give credit to the political nature of Fateh Ramzel that even in front of Taliyah’s Father he had the guts to put his point first and that’s the true nature of this inspiring man.

Honestly, it tore me when I read that he was physically tortured ..Ouch
Aryana’s appearance and that potion drinking event was full of suspense but I have something to ask as well wait till the end of review.

Shehzadi Tasha

We move next to our Shehzadi Tasha who had some really amazing feasts and courageous steps to her credit that must be highlighted. The first one was the island, apart from being the most courageous moves taken by her I was repeatedly reminded about Fateh Ramzel’s prediction about Taliyah’s dismissal. She is smart and yes she is right wo apne liye akeli hi kaafi hai. In that Island everything marked the intelligence of Taliyah except that choari parts where she couldn’t resist and our Shareef Adam scolded her Lol.

The most emotional part for me was Taliyah’s come back from the Island and her care towards Fateh Ramzel…The girl is head over heels in love. Fateh Ramzel’s questions of what she will do after he will leave her hurt her but she courageously hid the pain and smiled. Such a brave girl! Taliyah’s steps to bring all the Slaves to pressurize her father were impressive and that was a smart move as u say in politics.

Shareef Adam

Adored his care for Taliyah in the island and of course his concern because he always thought Taliyah will go back alone and he will be stuck forever..Lol but deep inside he trusts Taliyah and that was amazingly put forth when he lets her go back. Pyaara insan Adam!

Loved the message of always having a pen and paper with you because after all he is a moarikh he must have it but the Islamic history portrayed made the whole scene much more meaningful and beautiful. So guys write if you can and if you don’t you truly are wasting Allah’s gift.

I didn’t know Adam was soft hearted to a limit that he wouldn’t kill the beast who was ready to kill them. Apart from his soft heart it was his training that taught him never to hurt them but to free them is the best option to get rid of their danger. Great message of humanity !

Now let’s talk about the most important event of this episode that potion part…
The suspense it created left me thinking even when ALL of them safely reached to their era.

The words of Fateh that Adam and Taaliya always put him first because they always thought he is above them.( Fan fever)

The appearance of Aryana and her sadness.

All these words kept the reader anxious as we all knew Taliyah’s father wouldn’t have left them without taking something back.ThankGod that Shart was also revealed in this episode otherwise the whole month would have been so anxious for us.

So Our Beloved Fateh Drank that Liquid because he thought that it was the best option at that moment but I don’t think so. Here is why

1- Fateh thought of drinking the liquid because he had nothing to lose. He was the way he was a Leader the only thing which changed for him was his feelings for Taliyah and he compromised on that.Fateh thought of not letting Taliyah drink this because if she did she would forget all the lessons and live the same life but even When Fateh drank this Taliyah’s father was satisfied it means there is something he knows that Fateh didn’t. For me if Taliyah would have drank this she would forget everything and she would have again chased that treasure and boom back to her father so in this case her father would have let Taliyah drank it But he chose Fateh and the reason was Taliyah’s lust for power will bring her back so there should be no one stopping her from coming back. But I think even if she had drank it she would have gone back. Why Fateh? Can anyone explain.

2- The time when Fateh revealed everything to Adam showed that he wants Taliyah to stay with her But he took a promise from her to never go back even for him.

3- Even Fateh knew that Adam loves Taliyah still he wants her. Do u think its selfish of him?

4- Do u think after reading that email Taliyah would go back for Fateh Ramzel?

5- After knowing that his heart has the same old hateful feelings for her would she forget all the moments she lived with him?

Or Taliyah’s father knew that for Fateh Ramzel She would come back because he knew Fateh used to say bad things about Taliyah ( A chor) yet he protected her ? just a thought

Last question what is that Aakhri samndari safar of Taliyah…Was it a truth?

Can’t wait for the new episode. I hope you all enjoyed the episode and the review as well.
Keep me in your prayers.

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